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Hi there was just reading through your comments and hope that someone can maybe give me some help. My story begins exactly a year ago when I noticed my head felt stuffy and my ears a bit plugged. After three weeks of going to the doctor they diagnosed an ear infection and gave me antibiotics. At this point I had a hissing in the effected ear which the doctor assured me would clear up as soon as the infection settled. One year on and six ear infections later Im in a much worse state that I was last year. I still have the tinnitus which is now much worse. I also have continual squeltching and popping when I swallow. Every time I have had a cold or the sniffles it has gone straight into my ear and caused another ear infection. Every time my hear has become more and more congested to the point where it never fully clears. It has been fourteen week since last infection and still my ear sounds sticky although I dont have the same pressure that I had previously. When driving down hill my hear clicks when I swallow and sometimes pops. After seeing two ent consultants privately, using decongestants, antihistamines, steroid drops and sprays Iv been told the only thing that will help is a tube in my ear as there is too much infection to clear up on its own. Im scheduled to have the op on the 17th October and am terrified. Audiologist has said that my hearing is perfect no conductive loss at all or nerve damage which is surprising for the amount of infection I have had in such a short space of time. The diagnosis eustachin tube dysfunction! I can sympathise with anyone going through this as its terrible. Can anyone give me advice as to what to expect after the op. How will I feel with the tubes in? Has anyone else got tinnitus with this condition and what prognosis have you been given for the tinnitus. My doctor and ent consultant have said that mose cases of mucous based tinnitus resolves when ear goes back to normal but Im really worried as Iv had this a long time. The tinnitus is the worse aspect of this for me as I find it very hard going. I would appreciate any help that you can give me. Andrea :dizzy:
Hiouchi, thanks for your reply. Going in on Tuesday to have the tube inserted, feel a bit better about it now. thanks. Just hoping that once the tube gets doing its job the tinnitus will go away. Did you have recurrent ear infections? If so did they leave you with a blocked ear for weeks to months afterwards. My ear is still popping and squeltching from last infection 16 weeks ago. Sometimes when I swallow its as if a little air bubble forms in my ear and I know I need to pop my ear. Not as bad as it used to be where it would completely block for a long time when this happened, it normally pops within a few minutes. Contstantly when I swallow my ear pops and it sounds like there is fluid or something in my ear, like when you have had a cold and your ears have been a bit stuffed up with catarrh. The tinnitus is the worst thing for me. Thanks for replying. Andrea x:dizzy:
Hi, I have been suffering with these same symptoms for 10 years now. When I first had the full feeling in my ears I was told many different things. I had hearing tests done and was told I had otosclerosis. I had the operation on my one ear. ( this surgery is very painful and you are awake through the operation) . the ear I had the surgery in wasn't the one that caused me pain but since I had more hearing loss in that one they, did that one. Well I have never had the surgery on the painful ear becasue to me it is not what is bothering me. I have the poping and crackling and a painful eustation tube all along my face and down to my neck. I had the CT scans etc.....but I was told all different things. Well I do have allergies and I have been treated with antibitotics and it will help but as soon as I am off of them the pain comes back...I am at the end of my rope. I do not know what else to do. There are cold pills that helps pop my ear and make me yawn and stretch it, but then it will come back and I do not want to addicted to cold meds. How are the tubes working? I had an ENT poke a hole in my eardrum to release the pressure but then it just came back. I thought about the tubes ....keep us updaed on how they are working for you please.....
Hi andrea, It seems to me that the Dr.s don't know what to do with us do they? There is a cheap cold medicine made by Walmart that I take when it is really bad. When I take it it pops my ears so I can hear again but it lasts a second or so......then goes back out. It is like Eustation tube collapse. That is how I describe it to people. A few times on the cheap cold medicine I have heard things almost normal so I know that is what is bothering me. I was on a plane about ten years ago when this all happened and I had terrible nose bleeds the day after. But it has been so long I can't remember why or what made this happen. I have a two year old and he has a disease in his colon, well he was very sick this past year and I had to really research things and went to his Dr with a new type of medicine and sure enough it worked for him. So I guess we will just have to research this ourselves. I really haven't thought about it I have just been living with it. But lately my allergies really are acting up so I am in pain. I changed allergists and told him about my problem. He told me to take an antibiotic for three weeks which I did. It helped but after I stopped it it went right back. I think I do have tinnitis. I hear weird things in this ear and when I sleep if I sleep on my good ear I can't hear a thing. So I will research this now that my son is better dealing with that for two years took alot out of my time. So hopefully now I will get an answer on this. Do you also feel like where your nose drains into your throat that it is sore and swollen in there? It hurts there and all across the sinuse above my eye down my ear to my neck. Sometimes worse than other times. IT sounds like a wave of water is constant in my ear. well if your tube works I might have to try it......Linda -florida
Hi Linda, I think it would be worthwhile for you to have the tube inserted. I cant imagine how bad it must be to have struggled with this for 10 years. With the tube in place I have no pressure and I can hear outside noises crystal clear unless there are a lot of people talking at the one time I find it more difficult to hear then. My hearing is muffled because of the perforation in my eardrum with the tube but its coming back slowly. They say to give it two months to heal. I have no pressure in my ear now with the tube but the tinnitus drives me mad. I would have thought that your own doctor would have suggested a grommet as I think apart from trying the various meds there isnt anything else they can do. They say if the tube is sticky or damaged it can take up to two years to return to normal and the grommet acts as a spare eustachian tube in the meantime. To have this for ten years I think would suggest that yours is damaged and perhaps the only way to go is to get a t tube inserted which is a long lasting tube. I know someone who had to get this carried out and hes great now although he had some problems at the start. I think my problems started after I have flown home from Spain with a head cold and blocked ears. They never seemed to be the same after that but I had also have my ear syringed before flying so it could have been either of these but when I returned home my head felt really bunged up and I had pressure in my ears. :dizzy: I will keep in touch with you about the tube and let you know if things settle down. Andrea :wave:

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