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Ok, this is gonna be really long, so just bear with me if you can. I have been having problems for at least 3 yrs now and my doc has finally come to the conclusion that I might have otosclerosis. I started having problems with my ears always feeling like they need to be popped, (like I'm on the top of a mountain), probably about 2 or 3 yrs ago. I went to the ear doc and he said that I had retracted eardums and put me on nasal spray. It didn't feel like it helped much, but when i went back the doc he said the eardrums were back to normal. Well, that feeling of needing to be popped never went away and actually got worse over the next 6-9 months. It got to where I was always opening my jaw really wide to get a little relief. (When i open my jaw really wide, I hear and feel this crackling popping noise, and it feels like it opens my ears a little. But only for a second. So I end up doing this over and over...) And It felt like my ears were hurting inside my head. The whole area around my ears and my jaw joint would hurt and ache. Went back to the ear doc and this time during the exam he put his hands on my jaw joint next to my ears (TMJ) and told me to open wide. He said that I had TMJ disorder and that's what was causing my ear problems. He referred me to a TMJ Specialist two hours away. Saw him, he said that I grind my teeth at night and gave me a nightgaurd and things started getting a little better as far as the pain was concerned. But my ears still felt all screwed up, like they need to be popped. The TMJ doc said sorry, can't help you there. So I dealt with it for a year, to see if the gaurd would starting helping more with the ears, but it didn't. Finally went back to the ear doc again a few months ago and he did hearing tests and said that I have some hearing loss that might be from Otosclerosis, but that I also have signs of eustation tube dysfunction. He put a cut in my right eardrum, to see if I needed tubes and the ear felt better as soon as he cut it (release of pressure as soon as the blade hit it). So he put in tubes and my ears really didn't feel much better 2 weeks later. They still felt like they needed to be popped. So he put a patch over one of the tubes, to see if I wanted them out and it felt horrible! I didn't realize how much the tubes had helped until he did that! So I defenetely have some eustation tube dysfunction and want the tubes to stay in. He also did another hearing test with the tubes in and my ears and I still have hearing loss. And my ears still feel like they need to be popped all the time. So now he is sending me to an ear doc at Stanford University, who specializes in Stapoid Surgery. I am scheduled for surgery July 13th. My ear doc isn't for sure that I have otosclerosis, but he said this doc should be able to figure it out. Sorry this is soo long, but does anyone with otosclerosis have any of these symptoms? I am getting so frustrated with this!
I am having a very simulair problem. My ears feel like I have pressure in both of them as if something is bearing down on my head. I've had this since Feb. 2006, when I just woke up one morning to a feeling of completly stopped up left ear. I was very alarmed at that point because I had never even had an ear ache in my life and I am 37! Anyway, after going to the ER that day, was told I had an ear infection and probably fluid behind my ear drum. It took about 2 weeks to get completly back to normal hearing and rid of that stopped up feeling, but, still, I have the feeling of fluid in my ears and they feel different than they use to. I also noticed about 2 months ago that I couldn't yawn with my open opened really wide because my jaw on the right side is kinda stiff. So, after doing some of my own research, because my doc was of no help, I read about TMJ and I opened and closed my mouth in the complete quietness of the house, and sure enough, my jaw makes a crackling noise on the left side. So, I press on it gently in front of my ear and it is sore there! How could a doctor miss this? I tell ya, I just am so sick of doctors this day and time. We basically have to find out whats wrong with us, and go in and tell them!!! What's up with that?

Anyway, I would see another doctor if I were you for a second opinion and possibly do some research on what to do about this ear fluid problem you're having.

I am having a physical Thursday and will be talking to my doctor about my ears, if she allows me.
Wow... I am glad I read your post. Here is my story.

I've had this problem for the past 2-3 years, and last year was the ultimate worst. At least, 5-6 times I had to go into Urgent Care (like an outpatient mini-ER clinic) in our suburb because the pain was so excruciating in my ears. And, the pain alternates between both ears. So for me, I have it in both ears.

Crackling, popping, ringing, and such pain to the point where I am not able to swallow or even talk/open my mouth at one point. The ER doc had to give me a shot of pain killer to stop the pain, then sent me immediately to the ENT doctor to see what was going on. He said I had some type of ear infection going on at that time. Only, I had had 5 before that at this time- and the previous year, the same amount and the Z-pac doesn't seem to cure it; just stabilizes it because I get it from time to time for a day or so and then it goes away before I go to make a doctor appointment.

I am to schedule an appointment with an ENT for a consult about osteo surgery if I am a canidate or not due to severe hearing loss (doubtfully)- I really don't want to have it done. Scared.

Hope they can find out what is going on with you.

Yes, I did have the muffled effect for awhile. It goes away, slowly. (Seems like it took at least a week for me...) No, I didn't have ear infections. I used to get them really bad when I was a kid, but I seemed to outgrow the infections. But I have that popping sensation that you talk about. My ears crackle and pop when I swallow or open my jaw. Oh yah, and I guess I actually do have some tinnitus. It's not too bad, so I must have gotten used to it. It's like a roaring sound in my ears every now and then. My tubes didn't really help the crackling and popping, my ears used to feel like they were being sucked in almost (negative pressure from the eustachian tubes being blocked), and they have helped a lot with that. Anyway, good luck with the tubes. Keep me posted and I will do the same if I have any changes. Oh yah, are your tubes regular or are they t tubes?
Hi, I have been suffering with these same symptoms for 10 years now. When I first had the full feeling in my ears I was told many different things. I had hearing tests done and was told I had otosclerosis. I had the operation on my one ear. ( this surgery is very painful and you are awake through the operation) . the ear I had the surgery in wasn't the one that caused me pain but since I had more hearing loss in that one they, did that one. Well I have never had the surgery on the painful ear becasue to me it is not what is bothering me. I have the poping and crackling and a painful eustation tube all along my face and down to my neck. I had the CT scans etc.....but I was told all different things. Well I do have allergies and I have been treated with antibitotics and it will help but as soon as I am off of them the pain comes back...I am at the end of my rope. I do not know what else to do. There are cold pills that helps pop my ear and make me yawn and stretch it, but then it will come back and I do not want to addicted to cold meds. How are the tubes working? I had an ENT poke a hole in my eardrum to release the pressure but then it just came back. I thought about the tubes ....keep us updaed on how they are working for you please.....

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