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I am having a very simulair problem. My ears feel like I have pressure in both of them as if something is bearing down on my head. I've had this since Feb. 2006, when I just woke up one morning to a feeling of completly stopped up left ear. I was very alarmed at that point because I had never even had an ear ache in my life and I am 37! Anyway, after going to the ER that day, was told I had an ear infection and probably fluid behind my ear drum. It took about 2 weeks to get completly back to normal hearing and rid of that stopped up feeling, but, still, I have the feeling of fluid in my ears and they feel different than they use to. I also noticed about 2 months ago that I couldn't yawn with my open opened really wide because my jaw on the right side is kinda stiff. So, after doing some of my own research, because my doc was of no help, I read about TMJ and I opened and closed my mouth in the complete quietness of the house, and sure enough, my jaw makes a crackling noise on the left side. So, I press on it gently in front of my ear and it is sore there! How could a doctor miss this? I tell ya, I just am so sick of doctors this day and time. We basically have to find out whats wrong with us, and go in and tell them!!! What's up with that?

Anyway, I would see another doctor if I were you for a second opinion and possibly do some research on what to do about this ear fluid problem you're having.

I am having a physical Thursday and will be talking to my doctor about my ears, if she allows me.
Hi andrea, It seems to me that the Dr.s don't know what to do with us do they? There is a cheap cold medicine made by Walmart that I take when it is really bad. When I take it it pops my ears so I can hear again but it lasts a second or so......then goes back out. It is like Eustation tube collapse. That is how I describe it to people. A few times on the cheap cold medicine I have heard things almost normal so I know that is what is bothering me. I was on a plane about ten years ago when this all happened and I had terrible nose bleeds the day after. But it has been so long I can't remember why or what made this happen. I have a two year old and he has a disease in his colon, well he was very sick this past year and I had to really research things and went to his Dr with a new type of medicine and sure enough it worked for him. So I guess we will just have to research this ourselves. I really haven't thought about it I have just been living with it. But lately my allergies really are acting up so I am in pain. I changed allergists and told him about my problem. He told me to take an antibiotic for three weeks which I did. It helped but after I stopped it it went right back. I think I do have tinnitis. I hear weird things in this ear and when I sleep if I sleep on my good ear I can't hear a thing. So I will research this now that my son is better dealing with that for two years took alot out of my time. So hopefully now I will get an answer on this. Do you also feel like where your nose drains into your throat that it is sore and swollen in there? It hurts there and all across the sinuse above my eye down my ear to my neck. Sometimes worse than other times. IT sounds like a wave of water is constant in my ear. well if your tube works I might have to try it......Linda -florida

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