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I am also a PET sufferer, mostly on the right side, and have been for the past 8 years. I have tried many remedies, including having a tube placed in my ear last summer which was of no help at all. I have found that caffeine and alcohol tend to make it worse, as well as times when I am very thirsty or have just exercised. It reallly drives me crazy. The only way it goes away is when lying down. It's also strange because it usually only bothers me until about lunch time and then once I've eaten lunch (not the same effect with breakfast for some reason) it will typically go away until the next morning, unless I work out or drink caffeine. I have also noticed my nose runs a lot when it is acting up and have often theorized that it may be allergy related. I am a thin female that loves to run, and also take hormone therapy (not contraceptives but estrogen and prometrium to regulate my cycle) and all of these I believe to be risk factors, or so I've read and heard from various doctors. Does anyone have any advice or new remedies that you've heard of? Do you take any sort of hormone replacement or birth control?

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