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[QUOTE=lib;3453466]absolutley! yes the middle ear muscles can spasm causing all these symptoms.[/QUOTE]

Lib - I've got crackling in both ears, its caused by swallowing, opening and closing my mouth wide, yawning and sometimes head movements. My doctor says its ETD, but its been 3 months and I still have the problem. The clicks are short and sharp sounding. Does this sound like ETD or a myoclonus to you? What tests do the doctors do to differentiate? Things that make me think its ETD are it started when i had an ear infection and cold 3 months ago and apparently ETD can take a long time to resolve. Things that make me think its myoclonus, the sound feels / sounds to me like its originating at the ear drum, its a sharp snappish crackle type sound like crinckling newspaper. There are no other ETD symptoms like pressure problems and i can do valsalva easily. However I'm not sure its myoclonus as its not affected by sounds, and only occurs when i actively swallow, or tense muscles in the ear area. Let me know what you think and what I should tell teh ENT to check next time i see him.


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