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Hagiograph, sorry to hear you are having so much trouble with your ear. Iv been having continual ear infections since November and know how you feel. Before November I never had an ear infection in my life. My last ear infection was the third week in June and my hearing has still not returned to normal so you just have to be patient. Normally 7 to 10 days into the ear infection your ears should start to pop and crackle, this is the fluid behind your eardrum breaking up somewhat. At this stage you should start to feel a lot of the pressure in your ear release. Depending on how much fluid remains behind the eardrum it can take anything up to six to eight weeks to drain completely. Your hearing can be dull for sometime but should return to normal. At the moment when I swallow my ears are crackling so I know there is fluid still lingering. Gradually your hearing will return. Maybe best to ask for a steroid nasal spray as one of the most frequent causes of ear infection is a blocked eustachian tube and the spray is really good at clearing the tube. This is my problem and I cannot seem to get the eustachian tube functioning properly again which then causes another ear infection. I would return to your doctor and ask him for the spray. Good Luck. Andrea :)

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