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I had surgery around February to patch a hole in my left ear, your usual tympanic surgery. I regained perfect hearing in that ear that lasted, oh, maybe 2 months. It was a great time. Sadly, I noticed my ear started getting that all too familiar "plugged up" sensation occasionally, then disappearing after a moment. Those moments became longer until I was back to where I started, hearing-wise before the surgery.

The doctor put me on nasal sprays and decongestants for a while, but they had little to no effect. There does not appear to be a new hole, there does not appear to be water according to her. Sometimes I get this "wave"-ish sound, rather like placing a seashell next to your ear. I had this pre-surgery and I always thought it indicated water.

The only thing different I notice now, since my hearing left after surgery, is a sort of fluttering in my left ear, or rapid popping. It appears sporadically, but usually when I'm driving (windows closed), especially at night. It can be a little uncomfortable, and could be a little painful now and again, but it's more annoying that anything else.

Basically I'm wondering what you all think, and any theories and advice you can provide me.
I'm considering my options now and wondering what I can do. I mean, I did have perfect hearing in my left for a little while after surgery, I'd like to think I can regain it somehow. I suggested a permanent drainage tube put in my left ear, but my doctor doesn't think it's fluid that's blocking my hearing.

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