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I have had tinnitus for around 3 months now, although I am an optimistic person, and my optimism and research helps me keep hope that we will find a cure, and it will be soon.

My tinnitus I believe started not long after I got over a really bad cold, all my ears were popping and clogged up. The worst cold I had in my life I think! The tinnitus actually sounds like some sort of old TV, that high pitched noise you get from it. Very annoying, although I really try not to let it bother me. During the day while i'm working or outside I don't really hear it at all. At night its a different story however, but so far it's only affected my sleep once or twice for about 2 nights since I've had it.

I went to ENT and had a Tympanometry test and a hearing test. The Tympanometry showed that my left ear was abnormal, and also hearing was excellent on the right ear, and good on the left (just slightly lower than it should be). The ent doctor said he seen fluid in the ears and can take upto a year to go! so I'm still a little hopeful.

Unfortunately I don't believe i'm allowed to post research on this forum, but there have now been ANIMAL models of TINNITUS developed, and this will I am sure greatly improve our chances of a cure in the near future. We have also new and excellent imaging which will aid developing drugs or methods to reduce or eliminate it.

Remember that 30% of the soldiers coming home from Iraq are suffering from tinnitus, 50 million or so americans have it, around 10 million in the UK. There is money to be made by curing tinnitus and we will see more focus on this condition I assure you. For those that suffer for it for decades now, it seems hope is lost. But technology today is far more advanced, and research is only accelerating.

We will all beat this ;)

for dealing with anxiety and depression take fish oil (omega 3), Vitamin D3 and magnesium. Also try Zinc, in deficiencies extra Zn might help. The others will boost your mood.


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