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I have had mild Tinnitus for several years but hardly noticible. About a month ago after being exposed to lound noise it came on like gangbusters in my right ear. I have been dealing with it and went to the Dr. today, had been waiting for a month for the appointment. I didnt expect anything to help but wanted to rule out any other causes. The ear dr. had an me take a hearing test which also confirmed hearing loss mainly in my right ear and some in me left. The tinnitus was in my right ear and the last few days was pretty good, some of the sounds during the test were painfull and now I have that high hissing noise in my left ear. Is it possible they damaged my left ear during this test. I am so discouraged, I had really worked to get my mind around this and now the left ear is the one that is the worst. My right ear after a month is just a mild sound but his new thing in my left ear is about as bad as the right one used to be. I specifically asked the person giving the test if it would aggrevate my condition and was told no. Love to hear from anyone in the know about this particular situation/
I didnt get much sleep last night , finally able to doze off at about 5, got up at 8 and when I took a shower the water sounded like broken glass. In the past it was always comforting in that I couldnt hear the ringing with the water running. The hissing volume has stepped up and it seems like its about where it was a month ago when this first started and now I'm hearing some in my left ear at a much less volume. Im hoping that this increase is only temporary. If I had it to do over again there would have been no hearing test, as it was pretty much a given that I had some hearing loss with my condition. Im reality what did it accomplish other than to bring this on. I really would appreciate any input from anyone with similar expereinces.


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