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please help. I don't know what to do about this anymore. Does myoclonus produce autophony ? I don't know if I truly have PET ...I get it it my left ear a few hours everyday. Also throughout the day I get both ears feeling tense and like they want to clog...not sure if these are spasms...but that's all I can constantly remains uncomfortable to swallow as it feels like the E tubes are almost clogging ..then eventually in the evening my left tube...produces autophony...kinda also feels like the muscles that wiggl;e the ears are remaining taught....I have no idea how to approach this as it just feels like I am going nuts with this. I had a cold 5 weeks ago and life has totally changed for the worse....I stopped smoking 5 days ago too as that might be aggravating my situation. Really I can't take this ear stuff. I am a composer and have stopeed as this makes things way to difficult. My doc said it was PET...but based on the fact that I could put my head between my legs to temporarily make it go 5 secs...he said take premarin nose drops if it continues....I have an HMO...and no jobs at present so I can not see private docs...and I have had it. I look at symtoms on the internet some make sense some don' one is the same...describing symptoms are different....I took some anti-anxiety med...and it seems to help for a short time...then the muscles in the ear..seem to start tensing somehow...By the way all the same symptoms before I quit I can't attribute the stress to that....this is pretty of the worst things that could happen to aguy who needs his make a living....anyone with long time experience and the knowledge of exactly what tests to ask the doc in one session with him...;please respond. I only get 1 visit with this ENT ear specialist feb 1rst through the HMO and I wan to make it count I realize this could be a very long process. thank you

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