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Hi Everyone, me again,
Zinging in my opperated ear so bad last night, I couldn't sleep. Also if I bend forward slightly it goes into a loud crescendo! Also bad sinus, so I've had some Sinucons and a last night also some nasalspray because my nose blocked up. Glands just below my chin on the side was also crackling a bit. So I phoned the Doc, today just to hear if the tinnitus going worse is normal or not, maybe it's fluid or something? I am very carefull to not get water in my ear so it can't be that. Maybe it's just my own earfluid. My ear also feels closed. He said it would open and close the whole time but it's doing nothing. Anyway, they said I must rather come in tomorrow morning so he can check it out. Will use the opportunity to ask what I am allowed to have for the sinus/stuffy feeling.

Hold thumbs!
Hi everyone,

First of all, boy am I glad I found this board after days of googling!!! I'm 23 years old and have suffered hearing loss in both ears since I was 19. The loss was so gradual that I finally noticed its impact when I realised I couldn't catch clearly what my lecturer was saying in class. I can no longer hear someone if he/she doesn't face me when speaking and most of friends pointed out that my speaking voice is getting softer. I got really depressed (esp when people look at you funny when you answer their questions wrongly or when you keep asking them to repeat what they're saying) and this started to affect my self-esteem. It was then that my family encouraged me to seek medical advice.

Last month, I visited an ENT specialist and he told me that I have moderate hearing loss equally in both ears and from the pattern of my loss, he confirmed I have ostosclerosis. After crying buckets over this revelation :D , I heeded my doc's strong advice and underwent the stapedectomy procedure last Mon (Jan 29th) on my right ear.


I went through the surgery under general anaesthesia and woke up feeling like crap! I had moderate pain but was extremely dizzy and nausea (esp when I tried to turn my head) and and the right part of my tongue felt numb. For the first three days, I was dizzy from the pain meds and I can't talk well (my jaw feels tight) and I can't chew my food w/o feeling discomfort in my ear. Finally on the fourth day, I woke up in the morning with no ear pain and dizziness. Yay!

However one problem that I have is my constant burping and belching since the op. Each time I burp, I can feel something moving in my ear (no pain) but it feels pretty scary. I'm scared my eardrum or the piston will move!

Today is the 8th day after op. I just had an appointment with my doc today and he told me everything looks fine. Pfft, I didn't get to ask him my burping problem since he was so fast! :-(

So far, I can't really hear much with my operated ear (right ear). If I close my left ear, I can only hear the radio or tv when the volume is turned up really high and it has this weird muffled echo and hollow sound. Yikes! Doc told me the packing would be removed next wk and I really hope my right ear will not worsen!

So that's it. So far I'm only on my sinus medication, braving the crackling, ringing and sometimes the sound of my heartbeat in my operated ear. In the mean time, I'm really glad I've found other people in this board who've had similar experiences as mine. At least I won't drive myself crazy over all this worrying alone. Hehe... Goodday everyone!

Hi all! This past wk, I was helping a friend with a webdesign project and was too occupied to think about the ear! *gasp*

Today (15 days post op), the doctor removed my packing and everything suddenly seemed so loud esp the smallest noises. I came out of the doctor's room and realised that the ENT centre was very noisy! I actually cringed from the crackling noise when a guy next to me was flipping through his newspaper.

I haven't had any proper test yet but I snapped my fingers on my operated ear and it was louder than my unoperated one! (thank God, both were the same before op.)

The echo in my ear is more pronounced though but the doctor said that was normal. I confided him about my sneezing and burping. He told me the piston he placed is secure and sneezing with my mouth open shouldn't be a problem. Burping is ok too. So far, he said my ear drum has healed and everything looks good. No lifting heavy objects and no water in the ear yet. Next up is my hearing test in 6 weeks' time.

Thank you so much Carol, Noeli and Andy for all the good wishes and advice ya'll have given me. Tomorrow, I'm signing the contract for my first full time job after graduation. Let's hope all goes well.


Just wait until you eat with someone that "smacks". OMG - That sound got in my head just like the paper crackling sound did to you. Whoever thought these things would be so loud, huh? On the same's cool to be able to hear them.

Yes, once the ear drum completely heals, the loudness and distortion will clear up. I'm 4 weeks post opp today and the last week and a half have been incredible in the increase of the clarity of sounds. Remember - up to 6 months for hearing to completely stabilize.

Good luck with your new job and keep us posted on your progress.

More later,

(36 days post op)

Welcome Dave and Shaydad!

Dave, don't worry. Your eardrum is still healing and it's "opening" and "closing". So there are times where your hearing sounds poorer. It will take time for the ear to heal and stabilise while hearing continues to improve for the next 3-6 months.

Luciano, I do have stitches on my outer ear! My doc made an incision to widen the ear canal.

Carol!! I'm so happy for you. Your results are amazing! I can only hope to achieve such improvements in my upcoming test. *fingers crossed*

I don't know what happened but my operated ear started doing that crackling noise again the past two days during bedtime. I started panicking, thinking something's wrong with the eardrum but I guess maybe it's still healing. I have no problem with dizziness but sometimes there's some fleeting pain that last for a few secs.

My ear pops a lot these past week and opens more. Things aren't as loud anymore and I think it's stabilising (I don't have to cover my ears when I shut the creaky door). One problem I'm experiencing is the direction of sound. In the doctor's office the other day, I heard someone call my name loud and clear but I can't distinguish the direction of the sound. Hmmm...

Thanks Twillia for the input on avoiding water. I would have to agree the vaseline cotton ball and tape method has worked the best. I have shoulder length, thick-thick hair. My husband washed it one day, but his rinsing abilities were limited, so found it easier to just lean my head to one side in the shower and wash it myself.

So, I'm on day 5 post-op now. My ear has been very plugged up the last two days, but the doctor told me this was normal. My first appt with him is Wednesday, one week after surgery, so curious to see how it's healing and if he removes anything. I'm guessing I have the dissolving packing. My ear drum tore during surgery (apparently I have very thin ear drums) and he mentioned "extra packing", plus he had to do a graft to help it close (he took this from the jaw muscle that runs right behind the ear, so in addition to stuff in my ear I also have 5 stiches running right behind it - lucky me).

Other stuff - dizzyness only during fast moves, but much better. Never had taste issues. Yawning produces more crackling and popping than sneezing, so wonder if I'm yawning too much.

Hope everyone else is doing great and hearing more and more.
Forgive me, I am new at "message boards" and learning as I go.

I am a 52 year old male and had a stapedectomy on my left ear approximately 5 weeks ago. Aside from minor discomfort for the first few days following the surgery (I only needed Tylenol to manage the pain), all has gone fairy well. The bubbling and crackling noised I experienced took a little while to get used to and have now subsided. I had previously had severe ringing (a high-pitched frequency) in that ear prior to surgery and I do have considerable relief from that though it is still present.

So five weeks after surgery the hearing in my left ear is fluctuating (sometimes it seems to coincide with my pulse; other times it may stablize for a few minutes to a few hours, then it starts fluctuating again). Has anyone else experienced this fluctuation so long after their surgery; and if so, how long did it take to finally stablize. The worst part of this is sometimes it seems to get to a point where it is "in between" (meaning in between low volume and high volume) and at those times everything I hear sounds distorted (buzzing like a broken speaker). These episodes are not too often, and I have noticed that when my hearing does momentarily stablize (stops fluctuating) it is always at the "high" volume side (which sounds pretty good to me).

Anyone who has experienced this fluctuation of hearing, please respond. This is driving me nuts (I find it to be worse than the ringing that I experienced for almost 25 years).
Hello everyone!

I had my left ear done 6 months ago and it was the best decision I ever made.

For those of you having the surgery or trying to decide, just do it. You have a few days of misery and a lifetime of good hearing.

The first day you will NOT be able to do much. Even if you are a busy body, your body will not let you. Go ahead and pop in a movie or watch a good talk show but believe me you won't even make it through the whole thing without falling asleep. Sleep will be your savior for getting you through the dizziness.

Make sure you have someone around to help you get around. You will walk a little sideways at first.

Stick to liquids!!! Even though I tried to have tomato soup for dinner (5-6 hrs after surgery), it still came back up. Water and juice stayed down fine. The next day I could eat normal.

You will experience popping/crackling in your ear. It is a weird sensation and kind of startling but very normal. It feels like your ear is FULL of water.

Don't try to move your head quickly or sit up fast, this is an invitation for dizziness. Though you will be dizzy no matter what, I found that just closing my eyes and taking a deep breath seemed to help.

If you are one of the lucky ones to have improved hearing right away just note that some sounds will be very magnified and most everything will be muffled. Even your own voice will sound loud in your head. I couldn't talk on the phone for a few days because my own voice was too loud. I had to whisper. Other sounds that I found VERY loud and quite annoying was the lawnmower, my husband would mow and I would tell him to hurry because it was too loud. Wind, yes I said WIND! Actually hearing it was such a treat but when it would blow in my ear it would be so loud I had to move away from it. Having the car window down a little was a big no-no. The dog barking, I yelled at my dog so many times to stop barking. Normal sounds like voices and the tv were fine. Just being able to hear the tv was WONDERFUL!!! Before the surgery when I would be home alone I would sneak and put on the closed captioning. I didn't want anyone to know I was doing this because I was embarrassed about it.

By the 3rd or 4th day my dizziness was gone. By the fifth day I was well enough to stay at a cabin for the weekend with my family (this is where I heard the wind for the first time). I still took it easy but I was no longer dizzy.

The loud noises lasted about 2 weeks. Now my hearing is normal

I had the metallic taste in my mouth for a couple weeks and some foods had a weird taste/sensation to them. The left side of my tongue would feel kind of buttery (that's the best I can explain it). Like I had to much butter or cream on my tongue. Some foods tasted weird, like spaghetti, milk, ketchup. I've lost sensation to sour things on that side only. Now all foods taste normal, except sour stuff I think that may be gone for good....but oh well. I don't have the buttery feeling anymore either. One thing that has lasted is when I touch my ear it makes my tonge tingle......weird I know.

I put surgery off for many years. I am so happy I decided to do it. After about 2-3weeks you're normal again with full hearing. I no longer have to be embarrassed, avoid conversation with friends and co-workers, I missed so many good stories and jokes, I no longer have to fake laugh pretending like I heard the joke, I was so sick of saying "what" that I just started saying yes, ok, nod my head like I heard the person. People have ask my friends why I was ignoring them. I'm done with that!!!! People don't expect a 27 yr old to start losing her hearing so a lot of people just didn't get it. Even when I told them I couldn't hear them they still didn't understand. I REALLY could not hear them it wasn't just a figure of speech. This was the best thing i've ever done.

JUST GET THE SURGERY! You'll thank yourself!

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