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HI ALL............

I had my right ear done yesterday...

Had to be there at 9:00am. Did all the pre-op stuff..blood, chest xray and EKG. Then went to waiting area for about 2 hours.

Went to pre-op room, got iv, talked to doc, they marked which ear to be done and then they gave me something in my IV to "Relax" me.

That's the last thing I remember until I was in recovery room with the nurse shaking me trying to wake me up. Last time, I was awake in the OR for about 20 minutes before they knocked me out, so not remembering even going in OR room was kinda of wierd.

Anyway, about 2 hours in recovery she said you have to eat something, drink something and go potty, then you can go home. Within 15 minutes, I did all 3 and left.

No dizzy at all, nothing like last time when I couldn't move my head an inch without wanting to puke. No pain at all either. Car ride home was pleasant cause I wasn't hugging a trash can this time.

Came home, went to sleep and slept for 4 hours. Got up, ate, went back to sleep.

About 4am, the pain hit and woke me up. I got outta bed to grab pain pills and discovered that the big dizzy's had hit too.


So, took drugs and promptly went back to sleep.

Right now I can't hear anything out of that ear that is in a normal tone. Can't hear snapping or anything except really Loud noises - they are getting through - rumbling and echoing and rattling the old head.

Last surgery I heard conversation immediately, distorted but I could hear. Can't hear chit this time yet. BUT...last time I had basically no hearing in that ear pre-op so it was a super dramatic improvement.

This ear (right one) was my "good" ear since it wasn't near as bad as the left so the doc said any change would not be apparent until swelling goes down. I understood that, but wasn't ready to not be able to hear anything!.

Oh well......BUMP. The first of many as you all know.

ok...Ima go back to sleep.

More Later..


ps. Hope everyone else is doing ok.
Hi all,

Today is day 14.

Back on day 7, my ear opened up right after I posted. Since then, it's been crazy.

It opened most of the time now. I can hear good, but it's still a little distorted. I am now noticing some taste issues but it's not bad and the left side hadn't ever stopped with the metallic taste, so now the right side of my mouth matches. :dizzy:

I have had no dizziness since day 4. I have been back at work for 3 days and have had no problems at all.

Here's the things I've heard that I never knew about.

Birds - Did you know different birds make different sounds? I have heard up to 4 different kinds of birds at once making different sounds. It was odd at first, now it's really cool.

Footsteps - did you know you can hear your own footsteps? I was walking through the kitchen on day 7 and I thought there was someone behind me. It really scared me because I knew I was home alone with the doors locked. Turned out, it was MY FOOTSTEPS. Of course, then I kept walking back and forth, giggling that I could hear em. Was too funny.

Refrigerator - It hums!! I opened it up and stood there trying to figure out where the hum was coming from, then I realized it was the motor. That was really wierd.

I have heard lots and lots of new things but these were the memoriable moments this last week.

Oh - and I can hear my BF whisper in my ear :) :) :) :) :)

BTW I did go to my childs graduation on Day 8 (the day after the panic attack). I talked the security people into letting me in the VIP room (glassed in room so I could see but not hear all the echoing).

I went to the doc yesterday (day 13) and he took the packing out, did the tuning fork thingy and said.."YUP, it worked." He cleared me to sneeze, blow my nose and get water in the ears. YAAAAY:blob_fire Last time it was week 7 before I got to do those things. I go back on August 15th for my first hearing test on the right ear and my 2nd test on the left ear.

Bran, the same thing happened to me when I had the first ear done. At about 3 weeks, I started having some pain and the hearing kinda slipped backwards. It was that way for about a week, then the pain went away and the hearing stabilized. REMEMBER...........3-6 MONTHS for everything to stabilize.

Hang in there! .....BUMP.........BUMP.........

TONY - WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I'm very very happy for you. Now your brain will just have to learn what sounds to keep and which ones to throw away. (Your own footsteps, the hum of the fridge, etc....hehe). It will be a little overwhelming at first but it does get better. Watch those really loud echoy places for another week or two. All those little sounds will sneak up on you, build in your head and well.....I've had a couple of panic attack from it. It's like every sound in the world in closing in on you. The good thing is - you hear EVERYTHING.

More later,


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