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Hello to all of you with better hearing:

The good news today... My hearing test in my right ear was in the normal range (much improved) and very close to the hearing in my left ear! The doctor examined the ear said all was going well and dismissed me unless I had further problems. He said that the ear would continue to heal and the hearing should stablilze. Also, the opening and closing should go away.

I asked about the tinnitus and he really didn't have any medical answers. So, we first accept it and then learn to live with it. Also, he gave me no restrictions on flying or getting water in that ear.

Carol... Yes the change in taste! You noticed... I had the same sensation and as recently as the past couple of weeks (now 2 months since surgery) I still have that sweet taste... the metallic taste is now gone, mostly. I must say that salted, buttered popcorn tasted sweet to me... I now like my coffee stronger... The sweet taste is gradually going away...

I used to talk on the phone with my left ear only. Now either ear is fine.

If any of you find any other possible helps in reducing tinnutis, let me know and I will do the same.

On to new battles now- arthiritis in my left knee has me hobbling! The orthopedist is next!


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