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Wow.. and yes, more lenient doesn't quite cover it. I'm glad your surgery went well though and you're already noticing the sounds - that's great!

My surgery started around 9am and I was home by 3pm - would have been home sooner had the ear drum not torn and the doc had to do a graft, plus I think the anesthesiologist over did it with the meds and I was out a bit longer than they expected. I had the same experience as you waking up - I just wanted to sleep too! I was having a good dream (can't remember it now of course) and just wanted to get back to it!! :)

The continued bed rest surprises me too. Maybe you had more potential for complications and your doctor was just being careful. I was told to take it easy and all the usual limitations - no heavy lifting, working out (though I've been doing walks each day), no flying, etc. Mainly it was to just take it easy, which is not an easy prescription to follow for me. But, no requirement to stay laying down. Interesting. What was the reason for your graft?

Also, your meds surprises me. Especially needing stool softener - kind of redundant with the antibiotics, or maybe that was my own reaction to the antibiotics :dizzy: . I had no issues on the urinating front, though I did have lots of burping since then. I noticed someone else wrote about that too. I partly wonder if I always burped a lot and never noticed - notice it now because it pops in my ear each time! I cringe each time I burp even more than sneezing!

Anyway, hope you're able to get up and move around a bit more. I'm currently at 9 days post-op and now leave the cotton ball out during the day. The sounds are very tinny, but it's wild to hear in stereo again! Dizzyness still persists slightly. The loud heartbeat is gone (sounded like the blood was crashing through boxes), but there is still a beat that is more like a soft wind and much more bearable. Gets louder when I move a lot and my heart starts pumping harder. It's my reminder to take it easy I guess.

Good luck to everyone! Keep posting progress reports!
Hello everyone!

I had my left ear done 6 months ago and it was the best decision I ever made.

For those of you having the surgery or trying to decide, just do it. You have a few days of misery and a lifetime of good hearing.

The first day you will NOT be able to do much. Even if you are a busy body, your body will not let you. Go ahead and pop in a movie or watch a good talk show but believe me you won't even make it through the whole thing without falling asleep. Sleep will be your savior for getting you through the dizziness.

Make sure you have someone around to help you get around. You will walk a little sideways at first.

Stick to liquids!!! Even though I tried to have tomato soup for dinner (5-6 hrs after surgery), it still came back up. Water and juice stayed down fine. The next day I could eat normal.

You will experience popping/crackling in your ear. It is a weird sensation and kind of startling but very normal. It feels like your ear is FULL of water.

Don't try to move your head quickly or sit up fast, this is an invitation for dizziness. Though you will be dizzy no matter what, I found that just closing my eyes and taking a deep breath seemed to help.

If you are one of the lucky ones to have improved hearing right away just note that some sounds will be very magnified and most everything will be muffled. Even your own voice will sound loud in your head. I couldn't talk on the phone for a few days because my own voice was too loud. I had to whisper. Other sounds that I found VERY loud and quite annoying was the lawnmower, my husband would mow and I would tell him to hurry because it was too loud. Wind, yes I said WIND! Actually hearing it was such a treat but when it would blow in my ear it would be so loud I had to move away from it. Having the car window down a little was a big no-no. The dog barking, I yelled at my dog so many times to stop barking. Normal sounds like voices and the tv were fine. Just being able to hear the tv was WONDERFUL!!! Before the surgery when I would be home alone I would sneak and put on the closed captioning. I didn't want anyone to know I was doing this because I was embarrassed about it.

By the 3rd or 4th day my dizziness was gone. By the fifth day I was well enough to stay at a cabin for the weekend with my family (this is where I heard the wind for the first time). I still took it easy but I was no longer dizzy.

The loud noises lasted about 2 weeks. Now my hearing is normal

I had the metallic taste in my mouth for a couple weeks and some foods had a weird taste/sensation to them. The left side of my tongue would feel kind of buttery (that's the best I can explain it). Like I had to much butter or cream on my tongue. Some foods tasted weird, like spaghetti, milk, ketchup. I've lost sensation to sour things on that side only. Now all foods taste normal, except sour stuff I think that may be gone for good....but oh well. I don't have the buttery feeling anymore either. One thing that has lasted is when I touch my ear it makes my tonge tingle......weird I know.

I put surgery off for many years. I am so happy I decided to do it. After about 2-3weeks you're normal again with full hearing. I no longer have to be embarrassed, avoid conversation with friends and co-workers, I missed so many good stories and jokes, I no longer have to fake laugh pretending like I heard the joke, I was so sick of saying "what" that I just started saying yes, ok, nod my head like I heard the person. People have ask my friends why I was ignoring them. I'm done with that!!!! People don't expect a 27 yr old to start losing her hearing so a lot of people just didn't get it. Even when I told them I couldn't hear them they still didn't understand. I REALLY could not hear them it wasn't just a figure of speech. This was the best thing i've ever done.

JUST GET THE SURGERY! You'll thank yourself!
Hi all and welcome Tim!

(and I hope that MAC does come here and read this).

I'm now 4 weeks post-op.

I hear extremely well and some things are still actually too loud. Go figure!

It's mostly the loud rumbly sounds like wind noise, big trucks, airplaines, etc. that sound like that are "inside" my head. Everything else is great.

Oh, the a/c in my house, when it comes on, wakes me up/keeps me awake during the night and has been for the last two weeks. It's one of those loud rumbly noises

I still hear the tv on volume 3 or 4 and sometimes it's too loud. I still giggle about that now. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I could hear something that low.

The metallic taste is almost gone from both sides of the tongue. I have to think about it to actually taste it.

My left ear was my worst ear before the surgeries. I can sure tell the difference between the newly operated on left and right ears. The right hears much more than the left does. Don't take that wrong, I can hear lots out of the left - but the right is super duper bionic now. HEHE.

Tim...I have 3 words for you:


I had the dizzies all the way to 5 weeks with the left ear surgery and no dizzies at all past day 4 with the right ear. two people OR surgeries on the same person are the same as far as the recovery time. Just be patient!

I did find that when I was physically tired, the dizzies were worse. Also if there was dizzies, there was usually a little pain. I took ibuprofen with the right ear surgery every 8 hours to help reduce the swelling. I didn't do that with the left ear...Maybe that was the difference. No swelling, no dizzies, no pain. hmmmm. Something to think about.

More Later,


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