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Hi all,

Today at work was a lot easier. I handled the all the sounds pretty well. I also actually had a little energy left when I got home :)

I'm still fighting the sinus issues. My hearing opened and closed every time my head would get clogged up and then clear up. It was wierd and annoying. If only I could blow my nose - hard - for about 10 minutes!!

I had a little ringing in the ear today also but it was very faint and only lasted a few minutes every time the hearing opened up.

Tomorrow is another basketball game and I just can't miss it. I may end up in my vehicle with my ears covered again, but I hope not. I think I'll handle it much better now that I know to leave any setting that is really loud when it starts getting to me [B]before[/B] it has my head pounding.

More later,

Hi all and Welcome Janster!

Thanks for the report Janster. I did wonder if the opens and closes would continue forever or eventually go away. It was pointed out to me yesterday that even people without hearing issues also have the opens and closes when they have a clogged head, fly or anything that pressurizes the ears. I thought about it and it makes sense. What we all need to remember (or try to anyways) is that some of it should go away, but it will never disappear. All people experience that, not just us.

I had a couple of really neat experiences in hearing the last couple of days. First, remember that people who wear hearing aids don't really get better hearing. The aids simply make everything louder. With them you still cannot tell which direction sound is coming from or hear the frequencies we are missing very well and never, ever have I been able to keep up with more than ONE noise (conversation or otherwise) at the same time.

Well, Thursday at my childs bball practice we are in this large gym with about 60 kids - all bouncing balls. I hear the balls very well. There were two ladies sitting to the right of me about 5 ft. away. I could also hear every word they said very clearly. But the coolest thing was that there were also a group of kids and their coach sitting about 20ft away to my left (the operated ear side). I also heard every word they said without having to "work" at hearing it. OMG..that was neat. Usually all I would hear is whatever is the loudest thing at a time. This also happened at gymnastics. I could hear conversations in the stands and the instructors out on the floor working with the kids.

I had the same problem with my knee doc about not being able to ask questions cause he was so busy. I made a list of questions and had them stuck to my knee the last time I saw him. He had no choice but to answer them :)

Ok Dwalt, I'll ask about dietary changes. I'm with Andy though..I'll live with the ringing if it means that I can still have my caffine. If I were to give up caffine, then the reason for the surgery would be a mute point because no one would talk to me anymore!! (I'm not very cheerful without it).

I'm glad the hearing is working better for all of us. It's great to be able to share these results with others. more story I have to tell you.......

On Friday one of my old co-workers came to visit us. He was the very first person I saw that day many, many years ago when I left the ear doc after being told (the first time) that there was no surgery available and just to get hearing aids. I cried on his shoulder for a long time because I was so upset that hearing aids were my only choice. Anyways, he came to visit and when I saw him I went straight to him and gave him a huge hug. While I was hugging him, I told him about the surgery and that I could hear now and explained everything. By the time I was done, he was teary eyed too because he remebered the effect that the news I got years ago had on me and he was SOO happy for me. It was quite a moving moment.

Ok..Current stuff:
I still have some ringing but it's not loud, annoying or anything, it's very tolerable. The dizziness is kinda driving me nuts. One day it's slight and others it's awful. I know, I know - patience. My hearing is continuing to get clearer each day.

More later,


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