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Hello all!

I thought I would give my report, as everyone else's has been very helpful.

I had a stapedectomy on my right ear on 2/28/07, I am now 18 days post-op.

I had a hard time deciding weather or not to do the surgery, because my situation seems different from the norm. I first had "noticed" hearing loss in my ear around age 10. We had hearing tests at school, and they notified my parents about the outcome. I went to the doctor and they said when I was older I could have surgery and we left it at that. Throughout my life the only time it affected me was if someone tried to whisper in that ear, and I could not put the phone to my ear.
In the last several years, it has bothered me more because at work if I had the phone to my left ear, and someone in the office was trying to get my attention, I could not hear them. So, when I went to the doctor, he said that it was unusual to have it that early, but from what he could tell is that it was otosclerosis.

So, I decided to have the surgery. He gave me the option of local or general anethesia. He said he prefered to do local, because I would be able to tell him if I was feeling dizzy or had any nausea. I am the biggest chicken when it comes to all of this, so I made a deal with him. I said I would do local, as long as if I started freaking out, he would put me under! Let me tell you, I am so glad I did local....I did really well.

The surgery actually took longer as my facial nerve was over the bone, so he had to be extra careful, but all went well and I was on my way home within 1/2 hour after surgery! I had no dizziness or nausea. I actually felt really well!

Day 2 and 3 I did have a little dizziness and I tired pretty easy but that was it. I had it done on a Wednesday and went back to work on Monday, but only stayed a couple hours. Then went back full-time on Tuesday.

At my post-op visit, I was so scared, because I read the report about getting the packing out...however, I was fortunate enough to have a Doctor that does a gel antibiotic packing that does not have to be removed!!!

Anyway, here is where I am now. For the last week, I sound like I have a cold because of the fluid. I can hear myself breathe and talk out of my ear, which is annoying, but the Doc says it will go away (at night when I lay down it does go just waiting for the day time.)
It is funny how I have read the other posts and sooo relate. The first time I drove my SUV, I thought there was something wrong as it was so loud and the same with the toilet...again....LOUD!! My boyfriend is adjusting as I am always telling him...Quit talking so LOUD!! Again, the Doc said it just takes time to adjust. Anybody out there have an approximate timeline for when it does ??

Anyway, hope this helps anyone with any questions they may have. I am fortunate enought to only have otosclorsis in 1 ear, but I would definately do it all over again.

Good luck !!
Hi Everyone!

I'm back home from my surgery yesterday and still a bit loopy, so please excuse any typos!

I got there about 9 AM, was prepped and ready by 10 and surgery started about 10:45. They gave me drugs to relax me before putting me out. I have a clear memory of being wheeled into the OR, then asking if people fart when they're under (LMAO!). I remember seeing the guys in front of me giggling and the people behind me laughing. That's all I remember though. I'll have to find out if I really asked that or if it was a dream.

Next I remember a nurse telling me to wake up but to hold still (apparantly I was moving my head from side to side in an attempt to come to). I just wanted to stay asleep! Then I noticed immediately how much my ear hurt! It felt like someone had been jamming an ice pick in it. So they gave me some painkillers and that helped. My ear is no longer hurting (and I'm pretty sure those pain killers are out of my system for now). My throat hurts like I have bronchitis (from the tube) and the outside of my toungue is numb. yesterday I thought it was from the local anesthetic that was used where I have stitches but today, my tongue is till numb. Small price to pay though!

I think this may have worked but only time will tell. While i was laying in my private room (i had to stay overnight) I could hear papers being shuffled and footsteps. I thought they were in my room at the table by my side but when I looked for the sound, it was out in the nurses station! So I think I was hearing! I'm not having that now but I beleive I'm all full of fluid and gunk (the cotton ball on the outside was soaked through with blood and had to be changed), plus the packing and my tinnitus is now out of control. It's pretty loud (keeping me from sleeping). So, time will tell.

One thing I really struggled with was peeing! I just could not pee no matter how bad I had to go. My doctor was wanting me to stay laying down and they were trying with a bed pan. It just wasn't happening that way! I thought it was all in my head but they finally agreed that I could try the toilet but they wheeled my bed to the bathroom and had people on both sides of me walk me in there (not a fun experience for a modest person!). They left the water running, left me alone (but I had to keep my head tilted up) and I stayed there for 20 minutes trying. I prayed, I meditaded, I tried my best to relax. I got a few trickles at best. It was the most bizarre thing, my body wanted to go, I wanted to go but it just wasn't working. So I had that experience a few more times (one again last night and once again this morning) then I was discharged. I just did a quick googl search and apparantly an inability to urinate can be a side affect to general anesthesia. NOT A fun one! I'm getting my other ear done in about 4 more months...I think that time I will insist on a catheter (but not until I'm out).

I haven't experienced any nausea but I was being given medicatin intravenously before I even came to. I have experienced some mild dizziness since I've been home but nothing I can't handle.

I'm on antibiotics, antihistamines (i have bad seasonal allergies), stool softeners, anti nausea meds. I have tylenol here but I haven't taken it. I will take the tylenol pm tonight so that I can sleep through this stinking tinnitus. Hey, were your ears bruised?? They must have really had to ram that equipment in, because aside from the tiny stitches/swelling where they took the graft from, my ear is bruised.

All in all I was pleased with the staff.

My dr. is paranoide about the graft taking and wont let me sit up (i'm breaking the rules right now). Last night I was admonished for sitting up in bed (my back was aching).

Seems like your doctors have been more lenient??!

Even though my tinnitus is louder, I already had it. I can only go up from here, right?? I have a 70 db loss in both ears.
Hello to all:

I have been away for 6-8 weeks now but just wanted to give you all a couple of updates. My surgery was Dec. 18th so I am now about 4 months removed from surgery. I am a 56 year old male. My operated ear, right, had definite hearing loss but my left ear is fine. Before surgery, I had tinnitus in my right ear along with the hearing loss.

Surgery went well and I went thru many of the same things each of you experienced. Packing was removed at about 9 days and that was such a great feeling. Hearing has continued to improve... tinnitus is still with me, but not as bad as before.

I definitely had the sweet taste starting about 3-5 weeks after surgery. At this point, it is almost gone. (How yucky to be eating salty popcorn and get a sweet taste as a reward!)...

I recently had a very bad sinus infection and took amox as an antibiotic. I believe my ear had alot of fluid in it at that time. The infection is all gone now but I still have times when my ear opens and closes.

My doctor told me that the healing process would take up to 6 months. At this point I am about 2/3 of the way there. My right ear hears very nicely most of the time now but still with some opening and closing.

I am not sure if this brief account helps any of you to see that there are better hearing days ahead for you. I hope so. I'll post again since so many of you are walking the same path I am now on.

Hi All...

I'm just under 27 days post op (i think, i need to check a calendar).

So far, I'm still not sure that my hearing is that great of an improvement from before I started. I had a few "wow" moments the day most of the packing was taken out but since then, nothing to write home about. When I started I had otosclerosis in both ears and my hearing loss was just about the same in both ears (between 65-70db loss). When I snap or rub my fingers together and compare ears, it's louder in my unoperated ear! That is so disconcerting to me. I REALLY hope it's possible that I'm still experiencing swelling or fluid or something at this point. I'm thankful that I can still hear (not deaf) but I just wonder if I went through that for NOTHING?! I suspect I've only gained hearing at a few tones. I can hear my heater running now but that's really one of the only sounds that seems to be new to me. I still go around saying "what?" to everyone.

I have my next appt this friday..I'll post back then!
I had my first stapedectomy in 1998, I had surgery within one year of diagnosis on my left side. My hearing on left side is still within normal range across all frequencies . Used hearing aid at that time for about a year but got tired of it.
I had my second surgery about 17 days ago. I had moderate hearing loss. I walk 4-5 miles almost daily. My only problem is mild lightheadedness when I walk about half a mile. It is getting better day by day. I have self absorbing antibiotic ointment gel placed in the ear, had some ear fullness which is much improved now, my first appointment is in mid december. I noticed improvement immediately after surgery, but it got worse on day 3, 4 and 5 due to fluid in middle ear and liquefaction of the ointment. I did have ringing, and severe fullness which are much improved now. It does get better when they remove the pack as you will be able to hear some. Initially you notice improvement in low frequencies later in high frequencies . I still have have tinnitus but It does not bother me.
Since hearing on my left side is normal small improvement has made lot of difference.
The doctor who did my surgery has done thousands of them, he did not give me an option of hearing aid.

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