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[QUOTE=winterj]Sure, sounds good to me. Sounds like we are really close - I am between Sydenstricker and Rolling. When I called to make an appt w/ Dr. Poe, the receptionist said I would need a written referral letter from my doctor diagnosing the problem first; same thing for Dr. Sismanis. Maybe more and more people with these problems are coming out of the woodwork, which would be a good thing. I've also met someone in Fredericksburg who had surgery with Dr. Poe - I think he was the first or one of the first. He said surgery helped a lot, but he still occasionally has symptoms.

So right now it is humid outside, or maybe it's the air pressure changing since it's supposed to rain. Because of that, my nose feels stuffed, and when I swallow, all of a sudden when I breathe I feel and hear air in my right ear, almost as if it's blocked and the air won't go all the way through. So I'm tilting my head to clear it, but that gets uncomfortable after a while. So I'm also drinking lots of water, which thins everything out and makes my nose feel like I can get air through, which in turn helps my ear. When I talk, the "air" also moves with my voice, and I can hear it in my ear, like a simultaneous echo. My symptoms are also set in motion when I exercise, even just fast or hilling walking.[/QUOTE]
hi jenny,
your right, we are right next to each other, i live in lake forest, its a neighborhood on huntsman lake.
i also know jim in fredricksburg, we actually went to surgery together in boston when he had his 2nd ear done.
the air moving with your voice sounds like myoclonus, with p e t you hear your voice and breathing in your ear loudly like shouting, like talking in your ear with a megaphone. i had movement, vibrations and and echo effect, but it was not my voice after all it was the ear drum spasming to my voice. does this sound like you?
maybe the starbucks at huntsman?

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