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[QUOTE=RickAstley;2773421]Enie, i totally relate to you. I am 33, have severe tinnitus and now also suffer from chronic pain 24/7 in my ears. Recently, this has driven me to the edge. i am also searching for solutions but so far i have had no progress. I find painkillers dont help it.
I only found your post because i did a google search on " continous ear pain".
Sometimes, i have been thinking i can be the ONLY person in the world with this affliction given that i never see posts on continous pain. God, give us strength.
I also feel like a crazy person going to doctors and all my family think i am suffering from " depression"....very frustrating[/QUOTE]

Hello RickAstley,
That's me alright – ear pain and noise 24/7. Sorry to hear that you are having the same. It took many many years befor I could get a diagnosis. Five years ago a Neurologist explained to me that it wasn’t the ear that was causing the pain, but that I had two types of neuralgia.
Look up Geniculate Neuralgia. It causes severe pain deep in the ear, which can also spread to the ear canal, outer ear, mastoid area or eye. It also occurs in combination with trigeminal or glossopharyngeal neuralgia.
Last year my Neurologist prescribed Lyrica and for the first time since it started I had found a medication that really helped the pain. But then because of my serious heart problems, I am not able to take it any longer. (It caused fluid around my heart - Bummer !)
Lyrica was really helpful with the pain, (not the noise though). Maybe your Neurologist can check it out for you. It is not easy to diagnosis.
Severe pain with no help can cause depression, but don't let them put the cart befor the horse and tell you that the depression caused the pain. Keeping your act together despite the constant brush offs of your symptoms is really important.

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