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I suffer from a sensation of fullness in the right ear since three years. I have a slight hearing impairment in the depth-tone range and "super-human" hearing capabilities in the high-tone range. Due to the fullness in the right ear I find it hard to concentrate myself for a longer period of time. Recently I nearly gave up for any hope for relief after finishing another long-term medical treatment without significant improvement. Among other things, I took Xylometazolin, two different Cortisone sprays, an Anti-Histamine spray, as well as different anti-allergic medicines and medicine against chronic middle ear inflammation (in different medical treamtnets). I visited five different doctors. They have all diagnosed different dysfunctions: PET, obstracted ET, middle-ear inflammation due to allergy, or no problem at all. For the record. I am a 21 year old man, weighing 83 kg with a body height of 1,95m.

I decided to visit a ET specialist before giving up and trying to tolerate my symptoms. Therefore, I traveled from Germany to Geneve, Switzerland to visit Dr. Kujawski. This initial visit nearly took two hours, although I have been the only patient during this time. Dr. Kujawski asked me a lot of detailed question about my history of ENT problems and my health in general, especially in regard to other ENT-related fields (like the gastrointestinal tract). To cut a long story short: He diagnosed a rather severe form of Blind Acid Reflux after examing my larynx (I hope that's the right term). Dr. Kujawski also performed a nasal endoscopy and told me, that my ET is in a transition phase, changing from an obstructed tube to PET. (By the way: I felt absolutely no discomfort during this endoscopy.) He also saw scars which originated in a adenoids removal performed more that ten years ago. A hearing test showed those results which I described at the beginning. Dr. Kujawski told me that I might suffer from Hyperaccusis in the future.

Unfortunately, he seemed rather sceptical regarding the possibility of reversing the damage in my ET region. We just have to see. Dr. Kujawski explained to me that it is necessary to treat the Reflux immediately and pointed out that it is a high risk-factor for cancer. We have started a conservative treatment which basically consits of a change in lifestyle as well as taking Omeprazol for (several) years. Among other things, I have to avoid alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine, beverages with gas, chocolate and eating two hours before going to bed. Up to now, it was rather easy for me to change my eating habits since I am very terrified by the risk of cancer. The only problematic aspect is the need for reducing stress. By the way: Dr. Kujawski pointed out a (very strong) correlation between Reflux and being perfectionist and rather nervous. After leaving his practice I was speechless because of all those interconnections he explained to me.

My next appointment is in three months. I had slight adverse side-effects at the beginng of the medical treatment. Fortunately, those side-effects seemed to vanished completely within a few days. Currently, I experience no side-effects at all. I hope this has been of some interest to other board members. Please do not hesitate to ask any question I might be able to answer. I wonder whether there are other board members with an ET tube that is in a transition phase. Do you have any experience in this regard?


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