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Hi, I have HORRIBLE shooting pain in my ear canal. I can barely sleep on my right side, if I touch any part of the ear or around the area it tends to pulse shooting pain. I was saw a doctor (who rushed through seeing me extremely fast) last week and he blamed it on my TMJ. That made sense for awhile considering I've always had slight problems in my right ear. I'd get a few seconds of clicking or frequency sounds but thats it. I've had that my entire life and I've gotten used to it. This is different because it hurts soooo much. He told me there was no infection or anything on my eardrum but after reading on, it sounds like "Ear canal inflammation or infection." The reason I say this is because on the symptoms section it says the following:

"Unlike a middle ear infection (acute otitis media), the pain of an ear canal inflammation or infection is worse when you chew, press on the "tag" in front of the ear, or wiggle your earlobe."

Anyone else have this? I've had some rubbing where I can hear something in my ear closing shut (which drove me crazy) for about 4 months and this for about 3 weeks now. I'm afraid it's getting worse.

Also, the past week I have started feeling faint and dizzy and extremely fatigued.

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