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Hi, I was looking up shooting pain in ear and came across your post. I am trying to figure out what is causing my pain. I am dx with MS and I also have TMJ. I have felt the pain in my ears from the TMJ but it is nothing like this.

The pain has been getting worse. It is when I am talking on the phone that on my left ear for too long, I get this shooting, awful pain, like a knife stabbing in my right ear. I scream it was bad. I can now trigger it by touch. I accidently touched my right ear and trigger the shooting pain. Now, it is started in my left ear. Eeeks, not both of my ears.

My research I believe since I do have MS lead me to the neuralgias. (nerve pain) Geniculate Neuralgia (GN), is a rare disorder that involves severe pain deep in the ear, that may spread to the ear canal, outer ear, mastoid or eye regions. The pain of GN is sharp, shooting or burning and can last for hours. Painful attacks can be triggered by cold, noise, swallowing or touch, but triggers are usually very unique to the sufferer. I also have Occipital Neuralgia from accident to my neck. That is a sharp, shooting pain that is like a knife into my forehead. I thought maybe the earpain could be part of the occipital pain as I saw a chart with the nerves going to the ears.

I will telling my neuro about it because it is getting worse. I going to have to get a speaker phone. Even with earbuds, the pain comes.

I hope you find out the cause of your pain soon.

dx 12/06 MS
Avonex, Klonopin, Flexeril

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