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Dear PETfriends,
Sorry it has been a while. Sometimes I feel like I'm done talking about PET alltogether, just as the rest of you, but we aren't, ofcourse. We will have to talk about it as long as needed to find a cure.
Cathy, how are you now? I hope you get LESS nervous as the surgery date approaches, in stead of more. With me, it seems to work that way. Once you cannot change things anymore, you just have to surrender, and trust the doctor. And dr. Poe is a good doctor to trust. He will make things better, not worse. Please let us know how you are.
Nik, how are you doing? I am curious about your 'bad' ear. It sounds to me the surgery just might not have succeeded 100% the first time. I don't think you are 'impatient' at all. Ofcourse you expected to be rid of it in BOTH ears. About you complaints: when I had a cold, there was a lot of fluid in my inner ear. I experienced the same as you: loud echoing of my voice (like speaking in a brarrel) and a full feeling. I figured out for myself it was due to the fluid behind (and touching) my eardrum. Could it be that with you too? And is it clearing up now?
Jenny, welcome to our thread. I don't know about these drops, never tried them, with real bad PET (autophony all day long), there is no point. Also: Patul-End is very aggressive and damages your mucosa. I reckon Premarin might only help if it is connected to the cause of your PET. I assume dr. Poe suggested them to try because your case is not severe enough to operate. If anyone, he is the one who should know if those drops have worked for people in the past.
Addio, is the calcium paste still in place? Is the 'slight' PET you still experience getting better? Up to now, you are one of our succes stories.
Remmy, thanks for keeping our thread alive (and kicking).
Hope to hear from all of you again soon,
take care, your friend Lucy

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