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hi there, im 23 years old and i have always had something wrong with my ears, i think when i was little and you have hearing tests at school they said that i have whats called "selective hearing" like when i would watch tv you would have to get my attention before talking to me, now im 23 and i have had hearing tests and i do need hearing aids, im not sure what kind of hearing loss i have, but i know that when the ENT guy did this test were he put headphones on me and it was words i had to repeat i had difficulty hearing them, i know i lip read alot, i also tryed to explain to him that i get like a static thing going on in my left ear when i listen to music on my headphones it not loud, but he never listened to me i felt, i have just experienced on and off like sick feeling when i went to bed, not lying down but sitting in bed, felt like i would be sick. also i have noticed recently that my balance is getting worse, every now and then i mis judge an i do a little like try to save myself from falling over thing. i am also sensitive to loud sounds thats just happend in the last year, these sounds are like clattering of dishes, kinda high pitched ones make me cringe. i think my hearing is getting worse yet i dont have tinitus very often anymore yet the crackling sound when listening to music is still very real. i would wear the hearing aids that i got through this place that payed for them, yet it made it too loud and it didnt filter out the noices like backgroud noices, tv, phone, people talking, sitting in a mall and trolley being pushed that kind of thing, just made it louder, and now one of them done work, i can hear that electrical sound but no actual sound coming through it. and the one that does work, my right one its doesnt make much difference when im sitting watching tv alone, it weird, it usually made huge difference and it was kind of unbearable. i dont want to loss my hearing, it is getting worse, and i am prepared to go deaf...i just wondered if anyone knew if what i am experiencing can make me go deaf completely? and how long will it take? what is it? and how do i get the ENT person to listen to me? i also have that thing were i have to open my mouth wide or something to pop them, which doesnt seem to work all the time now. i have troubles flying on a plane and when i was over seas, (im in new zealand) i had difficulties on the undergrounds with pressure and so forth.

also this may sound weird, yet sometimes like for 5 mins i can hear my watch or a clock ticking then it will go away, like my hearing is normal for 5 mins again....

whats going on? what do i need to do? help please


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