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Sorry, I didn't check back here for a while because a) I was a little worried about what I'd read and b) my condition got a bit worse, then it got much better, and its just gotten worse again.

My ears started ringing the day after my last post. Extremely high pitch, only noticable when everything else was silent, and possibly I only noticed it because I was paranoid about tinnitus, but it still seemed slightly too loud for me to have not noticed it before.

So I took it really easy for a week or so. I didn't listen to any music at all. I kept the TV on low volume, and only used my headphones to watch the odd TV show late at night, again on low volume. And the ringing seemed to fade into an all-but-imperceptible background noise.

But my ears remain very sensitive. That burning sensation comes back very quickly if I listen to music at what I consider "normal" volume. Also, my ears felt "swolen". Not the whole ear, but the inside, like the ear canal was narrower because of swelling or something. And not painful, unless I poked at it with my finger. My left ear especially. And finally, I was eating an apple one day (and I eat a lot of apples every day) and it suddenly felt like I'd pulled a muscle on the left side of my jaw, right up under my ear. Chewing became fairly painful for a day or so.

I've done a few things in the last week or so that probably haven't helped matters. I've been out to bars where the crowd noise was very loud a couple of time, and I've been to the cinema twice (one night I saw two movies in a row, which made my ears - and my eyes and brain - hurt).

The other night I went out drinking, and got quite drunk. The next day I woke up with a fairly bad cold, and a couple of days after that the sinusy part of the cold came along. I blew my nose, and my left ear started ringing.

This morning I was woken up early by the ringing in my ears. It was the original ringing, in both ears, but it felt like it was back with a vengeance, and it's the first time it's woken me up, it seemed much louder than it has been before, but I can't think what might have set it off anew, except for the cold. But the ringing in my left ear is a second, lower-pitched and distinct sound.

Which is really freaking me out.

The kicker to this story is that this coming Sunday and Monday I have tickets to see my favourite band. The tickets were bought four months ago, well before I was having any trouble with my ears, and the word is that this will be the band's last ever tour, so I feel like it would be a crime to miss them (I did the last time they toured because I was a dirt poor student). But the concerts are likely to be the loudest and worst thing I could do for my ears. I've bought myself earplugs from the hardware store, the good ones used by people who use loud powertools everyday, but I still don't think they'll be enough.

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