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Re: Sleep???
May 10, 2007
[QUOTE=Boomer2b;2972853]Did you have your records from the other ENT's or did they do their own workup? Did you tell them about the Vicodin exposure? I think that steroids are mainly an attempt to reduce inflammation. Hope they are more helpful next time: let me know what you think of them.[/QUOTE]

I brought the other records from the other ENTS, and they did the tymponagram again at the HOUSE. Everything looks normal to them. I was there again yesterday, and after the cat scan looked normal, I asked him if there was anyhting else they could try for me. He said we could try a myringotomy? not sure of the spelling, but he poked a hole in my ear drum. Its weird because now when I hold me nose and blow I can hear the air coming through my ear drum, and in the other ear where he didnt do it, I still get the feeling of it filling up. But even though he did this, its still clogged and not really better. Also now in the ear that he poked the hole, I have a feeling of hearing my own voice and everything seems like there is more BASS in sound. Its kinda hard to expliain. This whole thing sucks. Have you ever heard of experiencing stuff like that after a myringtotomy. He didnt put a tube in, just a hole, and said to try it, and if it helped we could then put a tube in, but it obviously is something in my INNER ear I assume, since the full clogging feeling is still there.

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