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Hello I am a 24 year old college student living in Athens, Greece. 8 days ago around 11:30 am I notice a small buzzing/ringing sound in my right ear, as I didn't think much of it around 2pm I took an hour nap thinking that this ringing in my ear would pass if i just rested a little. After waking up around 2pm I came to realize that not only has the ringing/buzzing in my ears gotten worse but I have lost [COLOR="Red"]ALL[/COLOR] sound out of my right ear. As I start to worry i make an appt. to see a local ear specialist by my house. After running a few hearing tests, he informs me that I must get to a [B]HOSPITAL[/B] ASAP. It is now 9pm and i check myself into a hospital here in Greece. On the way to the hospital I felt uneasy, light headed, dizziness, spins, vertigo, nausia, very weak, as well as signs of vertigo. The first night in the hopsital was an absolute [B][COLOR="red"]NIGHTMARE!![/COLOR][/B] I was vomiting every half an hour, breaking out in cold sweats and waking up to the hospital room spinning around and around. After stalizing me the first 24 hours the IV and steroid use started through my body. It has been 8 days in total since this has happened to me, and 2 days since I left the hospital..... I still cannot hear anything out of my right ear, feeling very weak and tired all the time, i am a student and have yet to return to any of my classes. I can deal with the headaches and diziness. But what I am really affraid of is my hearing loss. CAN ANYONE TELL ME WHAT THIS IS CALLED? and if I will ever regain hearing in my right ear again? I have taken both an MRI and a CATSCAN and both came back with no major indications.... THANKS :confused:
Man, so sorry to hear what happened to you I can relate, May 14th it happened to me; same symptoms! I was at work 4pm experiencing tinnitus a bit loud, (I have had tinnitus on and off but very soft volume for a year or so), Riding my bicycle home at 445pm and with the traffic to the left of me I noticed the sounds were coming to me from the right! Hearing from the left was GONE! I got home looked up sudden deafness found a website that described my symptoms and a study going on regarding a tapering prednisone treatment, either oral or injections into the ear through the ear drum. "I am on the oral treatment".
I contacted the Univ.Mass.Med. via email that was participating in the treatment study and described the onset of the hearling loss in the last few hours and gave my phone number! (I live in Houston, no study going on here, would have saved me a FORTUNE since the treatment is free for participants in the study program. I am health insurance, just the MRI was $2400! hope Greece is easier on your pocket.
Well early the next morning, 15th at 2 Am I woke up with the hallucinating vertigo as you had, I was just non stop wretching . Unreal experience, totally helpless.
At 830AM U Mass called me at home!!... and told me I had to get to Baylor Univ Neuro center. The Dr. there was familiar with the prednisone treatment program and had a professional collegue at UMassMed.
Well today is day 15 on the treatment and really nothing has happened except for relief from vertigo. Tomorrow is my follow up visit, hearing test and find out the results of the MRI.

I have very loud tinnitus on my left side and the hearing has not returned at all. My balance is ok,.. but not what it was, I can walk and ride a bicycle "carefully". As with your experience I am still in shock how this has changed everything so fast. I am 53 yrs old.
It seems that what I have read is that recovery is inversely proportional to the intensity of the onset.
I wish you the very best of luck. . What I have read (and I have been non stop on this computer) is that trying to actually put a name on it is really difficult, it will take a load of tests (that I know I can't afford)
Please respond since I am wondering if you or any others that have experienced this are experiencing any tinnitus after the steroid treatment?

Regards, and best of luck

I'm new to this site and found this thread after typing in sudden hearing loss. Healthnut's and Paul's posting grabbed my attention. I was diagnosed with sensorineural hearing loss in my left ear a month ago. I had my MRI, which came back normal, tapered prednisone treatment, and intratimpanic injections (steroid shots through the ear drum). Unfortunately, my hearing hasn't returned. My hearing tests reveal that my hearing loss is severe to profound, 80-90 decibals. I am wondering if anyone out there has recovered their hearing with symptoms similar to mine. By the way, I saw an ENT from Temple University Hospital and then a second opinion from an ENT at the Hospital of University of Pennsylvania. The prognosis was the same from both doctors.....wait and see. I was told, 1/3 recover without meds, 1/3 recover with meds, and 1/3 don't recover. I was told that it was a good sign that I didn't have vertigo as part of my SNHL symptoms.
I have to say that I am baffeled at the lack of respect hearing impairment gets. People seem very blase about it...."It stinks getting old" are the types of comments I've heard. I'm only 39. My insurance company doesn't cover hearing aids, which kills me since glasses are covered, as is viagra! I can't believe how much this has impacted my life. I am an elementary school teacher and the classroom environment makes it very difficult to hear my students correctly.
I'm trying to stay positive and hoping someone out there has some inspiring insight.

Thanks in advance for any info!
Hello Johnny,
Thank you for your reply. Well first off I'm glad that you seem to be recovering fast regarding the dizziness and I am VERY HAPPY for you that the sudden deafness did not result in tinnitus!

Good news, my MRI was fine so a cause such as acoustic neuroma is ruled out. He also feels that it is not caused by Meneire's Disease, another reason to be thankful for! (My dad was stricken with Meneire's when he was 42 yrs old, talk about a disabling disease!!!!!!!!!!!)

My doc says, I have suffered from "idopathic sensioneural sudden hearing loss". In other words he can only theorise what caused it. He feels that possibly a virus was the culprit.
My hearing loss is above 90db and he feels that both the tinnitus and hearing loss are permanent. Hey, now I can literally turn a "deaf ear" to someone or something , ie: FOX NEWS station! : )
He felt that the tymphanic steroid injections were a real long shot so I decided against further treatment. (Free and scuba diving are passions and I do not want to end up with a possible weakness in my left eardrum) he also is not so enthusiastic about my continuation of these sports but... "a mans gotta do what a mans gotta do!" (Popeye the Sailorman 1960's)
Balance/dizziness wise, as yourself better by the day. I've returned to office/work part time riding my bicycle and I am going to the gym every evening concentrating on balance training and weights.
I'm trying to revert to my life "pre SSNHL" as much and as fast as possible!
My doctor says that the remaining good ear/ "vestibular function" will eventually compensate for the loss. Good news for all of us folks!
36hrs after I got off of the 16 day prednisone treatment I felt
very sick, tinnitus really loud and very dizzy. I called the Dr. and he said that it could be "prednisone withdrawl", 24hrs later I felt OK.

Johnny, I'll be sending good wishes your way. Sounds like you have super medical care there! (I worked in Greece for a few months back in 84' on a project in the Pyreaus shipyard. I enjoyed the people and the culture! Man that "ozo"??? the stuff that tastes like Pernod....I recall a few evenings of "self-induced vertigo", my head hurts just thinking about it!)

I'll be keeping an eye on this site following your progress and sharing mine.


Dear Balliva,

I wish YOU the best of luck with your sudden deafness. It has been about 10 weeks since I lost 100% in my left ear.
After 8 weeks the vertigo episodes have really decreased. And my balance is great (except when I first wake up in the morning) I am balance and weight training 6 days/wk.
I developed hyperacussis about a week after my prednisone treatment, my good ear became super sensitive (painfull) to certain frequencies. But happy to say that seems to be subsiding also!
Also, confusion or shall I say "disorientation" seems it has subsided. This is a strange symptom that I had and I have not read that this is a symptom of sudden deafness, but it hit me hard!
I would become very disorientated at times. For example, I would get confused if people would cut infront of me while pushing my shopping cart in the grocers....I would have a hard time figuring out what to do next. I did not drive a car for a month and it hampered my work. Fortunately my client was cool and let me work at my own pace.
Unfortunately the tinnitus is still strong and gets quite loud when I am tired. I really feel that coffee may increase the volume as does strenuous workouts.
My doc here in Texas said there was nothing else he could do after the 16 day prednisone treatment so I have not seen a doc for a while. I plan/hope to visit UMass Med. while I am visiting family this summer for a follow up.
So to recap, unfortunately my hearing has not returned and the tinnitus persists at various degrees of volume but the vestibular functions are much better! No vertigo, dizziness, nausea etc.
I am thankful for that. I wish I could have shared news that I fully recovered but. I am really greatful for what I did regain. Remember, it can always be worse!
Good Luck!
Hi. I lost most of my hearing in my left ear six months ago. I was treated with oral Prednisone, intratympanic Prednisone and Valtrex. I also had severe vertigo which is still with me six months later. The vertigo has gotten better, but I still have a problem with the spinning and imbalance. I started with a 90 decibel hearing loss which got a little better to now I have a 60-70 decibel hearing loss. Unfortunately my speech discrimination is very poor and I am not able to wear a conventional hearing aid. Needless to say my affected ear is pretty much useless. I really can't hear anything out of that ear. If I sleep on my good ear, I cannot hear the alarm clock. I have horrible loud tinnitus and have lost my sense of directional hearing. Also things sound like I'm in a tunnel and echoey. I have been to four different doctors including 3 otoneurologists and a neurologist and they all pretty much told me the same thing, that my hearing will probably not get any better. The thought of living like this the rest of my life is making me very depressed. I'm only 50. People don't realize how much single sided deafness affects ones life. I don't enjoy music any more and when I watch TV I put it on closed captioning or else I have to put the volume so high that it disturbs every one else in the house. When I'm outside or in a store, I have trouble hearing and understanding what people are saying. In the grocery store I can barely understand the cashier speaking to me and she might only be two feet in front of me. Going to restaurants is impossible. It is difficult hearing anything when there is background noise. My entire life has changed and it's hard to accept such a drastic change in such a short time. The only thing I can try since a regular hearing aid won't help me is a CROS hearing aid or a BAHA (bone anchored hearing aid). I was wondering if anyone has tried either of these and what your opinion is.
[QUOTE=Mary57;3161104]Hi. I lost most of my hearing in my left ear six months ago. ... The only thing I can try since a regular hearing aid won't help me is a CROS hearing aid or a BAHA (bone anchored hearing aid). I was wondering if anyone has tried either of these and what your opinion is.
Mary[/QUOTE]Mary, I've had hearing in only one ear for quite some time, and though it takes awhile to get used to it, you eventually do. The biggest problem is the 'head shadow' effect, leading to reduced sound perception on the bad side. A CROS aid will help with that, and I've tried it with some success, but eventually decided it wasn't worth the trouble. Recently my Otologist offered me an in-office trial of a BAHA simulator, which would show me how the device would work for me without actually going though the implant procedure, so you could check that out. Good luck.

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