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Hello all, I am new to the board.

I am a 32yo healthy male with a buzzing and fullness in my left ear and fullness only in my right one. I have been on a Z-pack and a 10 day course of Augmentin (2x daily 875mg), with no resolution to ear discomfort and buzzing (tinnitus). In addition, I have taken a nasal decongestant every 4-6 hours and used nasal sprays for about two weeks now as well and still get phlegm buidup in the back of my throat all day and no resolution to my ear symptoms. I was looking for someone's opinion on if what I have is an infection or something more serious? I feel completely fine, other than the fullness and slight hum in my left ear. I am going to an ENT, in a couple of days but I am worried the buzzing in my ear will never go away. It has been going on since about June 16th or so. The only thing that seems to be getting better is my hearing is most definately improved in my left ear (when compared to my right). Things are much clearer now, not muffled, but they both still feel full. My GP told me today that they looked like there was some pressure behind them.

Any info would be great, I don't know what to expect at the ENT, especially since I have been through 2 courses of antibiotics and nasonex/flonase for a couple weeks already. I don't know if they tubes in the office or not.

I am going to Emory University, if anyone has ever been there for ENT services, I am going to Dr. Graham. Any info will be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your time.

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