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Hi Everyone!
I've been lurking around for months and finally decided to participate today after visiting my 4th doctor and getting nowhere. My symptoms started after flying in November 06. Since then, I've had a sensation of fullness and pressure in both ears that feels like I have ear plugs in them and that I am underwater and they never pop when I try to pop them. My ears hurt and itch occassionally. Loud noise hurts. I did the antibiotics, steriods, etc. My ENT said it was Eustachian Tube Dysfunction. (I had a flat tympanogram). Then, I got a myringotomy - that made my problem SO MUCH WORSE. Also, the pain of the phenol anasthetic almost made me jump out of the 5th story window. I have kids and I would rather go through labor than have phenol dropped into my ears again. I had the ear tubes removed after 2 weeks (and under general anesthesia). Now when I talk, it sounds muffled and underwater (but not louder). When I chew or scratch my head, the sound is amplified. I find it difficult to hear people when I am eating and my ears are make funny pop noises when I swallow (sometimes). I also have some minor ringing in one of my ears. MRI was fine.

The last doctor thought maybe it was P.E.T. but that was ruled out my the ENT today who is not even sure about Eustachian Tube Dysfunction since the tests were normal. My hearing is slightly off in the higher frequencies but still within normal range (but it was perfect before this started). I definitely notice I am having problems hearing. And, I feel like it is getting worse even though the tests do not show that.

I feel like I am going crazy. I am irritable and panicked about this being my life from now on.

Has anyone tried acupuncture, cranial-sacral masage or anything like that? I called Dr. Poe's office to find someone at Stanford and he gave me a name but I am still going through Kaiser to the main ear doctor (Dr. Byl) in Oakland.

So, is there another ear disorder that is not Eustachian Tube Dys. or P.E.T. that sounds like what I have? (or do you think I have one of these things that the doctors are missing?

Thank you very much for any feedback you can provide!

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