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Last november I had a bad cold. my left ear plugged and after 6 visits to various doc said you have PET. He also said "it will go away"..."if you want take premarin nose drops if it's real bad"

for three months straight I had a plugged left ear and some fluttering in both ears.

then slowly the left ear began to clear and less and less I had the blocked feeling and kazoo sounds when i spoke.

Now, today after a long time with no symptoms...and after working hard in the garden i had a full blown 2 hour attack of PET. This sucks cause exercise (which I must do for health reasons, makes symptoms appear).

I am also a professional singer so PET is not OK to have.

What the hell can I do....? nothing? surgery? ...I don't have the money for specialists..and my HMO is more than inept.

Please, if anyone can offer any advice. I'd appreciate it. thank you

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