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Hy Myrtle59.

I'm not a doctor, as you can imagine.

As far as I know, distortion of external sounds (I mean sounds that are not produced by your own body), should not be related to PET. At least, that is what I read in a paper by Dr. Dennis Poe (one of the master ENT's in eustachian tube diseases).
Anyway, I was told by Dr. Oskar Kujawski (another master ENT in eustachian tube diseases) that PET may lead to external sound corruption. This is what I understood: when an eustachian tube is PROPERLY closed, the pressure of the middle ear gradually gets lower and lower, due to the fact that middle ear tissues reabsorb some gases; as a result, the drum is partially "sucked in" and is slightly tense, so that it can vibrate correctly with external sounds. When the e-tube is patent, this mechanism is interrupted and the pressure of the middle ear does not get low enough, so the drum is slacker and does not vibrate properly, which may result into external sounds resembling sounds coming from a broken loudpseaker.
It's a kind of hyperacusis.

So, autophony + external sound distortion may be symptoms of PET.
What is missing here is breathing autophony: do you hear only your voice echoed or your breathing as well? It is not a must: you may be PET affected even though you do not have breathing autophony, but usually this symptom shows up with PET. In case of voice autophony alone, also Superior Semicircular Canal Dehiscence Syndrome (SSCDS) should be taken into account (Dr. Poe highlights that SSCDS and PET may be confused).



Hello everyone! I'm new to the site and I've been told by my doctor that I have a defective eustachian tube. I'm guessing from all the posts that it's PET and my doctor has a call into Dr. Poe. His name is the first and only name that my doctor mentioned on who to see. I have seen that many of you have mentioned a tube through your ear drum but I already effectively have that since I have a hole in my eardrum already. I've lost 55 decibals of hearing and he says only 5 of it would be from the hole. He covered the hole today with a piece of zigzag paper to help bridge the gap for the cells to heal themselves. If the hearing my own breathing, speech and heartbeats is helped by the piece of paper covering the hole and hole doesn't heal, then I will be having surgery to close the hole. We have also been told by Dr. Poe about Patulend and I may be ordering some of that soon. My PET (this is what I truly believe it is) is to the point that I have it pretty much everyday and almost all day long (as long as I'm not sick and tube is swollen shut from a cold). I don't let it change anything in my life itself but it's quite annoying since I can't tell how loud my voice comes across to other people because it always sounds loud to me and sounds like i'm talking in a tunnel or something. Plugging my ears doesn't help. I still hear the breathing and hearbeats. External sounds don't bother me unless someone talks right into my ear. It vibrates and hurts my ears. This last symptom might not have anything to do with PET but my ears also bother me when I drive and someone rolls down the rear windows. The PET is in both ears for me with the left ear being the worse (that's also the ear I have hearing loss in and the whole in the ear drum) but it's the right ear that I have problems with when the windows are down in the car. Sounds weird but I'm glad to have found this place to have someone to talk to about this. My name is Renee, by the way!

I have had PET symptoms for 11 years, the autophony and breathing sounds, my ear is normal most the time and then it cracks and clicks and I get the PET symptoms, then I will try to get rid of it by pressing up under my neck and tilting my head etc.. Moving my jaw from eating and talking will sometimes cause the click and bang I get the symptoms, sometimes my ear is good for extented periods, then I know it's going to get bad when it feels kind of pins and needles and it starts to flutter, I wonder from reading Libs threads if I might have Mycolonus, I have an appointment with the best ENT I could find in my area on Nov 7th (third one) if anyone has any tips for me let me know..

My PET is also better when I get a cold, but not from putting on weight.

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