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Hi, I'm new here. I hope this is the appropriate place for this question.

I am wondering if I have PET or no. I have total deafness in one ear for 10 years as a result of AN surgery. Until recently I had 'perfect' hearing in the other according to tests and my own perception. One day in June I started getting some echoing of things like road noise in the car, I thought the tires were making noise. The next day, I started having trouble hearing clerks in stores and the next evening the voices of commentators on television were distorted and I had trouble understanding DH. Meanwhile my own voice echoed with a sound like someone blowing into a microphone. With each syllable I said, there was a simultaneous noise that was sometimes fairly quiet (no way normal though) and sometimes so loud that I could not hear my own voice. This thing with my own voice started to make me crazy and I learned to speak quietly.

I was treated with prednisone and decongestants by an Urgent care dr within days of this happening. No improvement. I went to my oto dr within about 5 days who said I was not congested but continue with the steriod coarse. He also gave me diuretics and suspects to this day that it is early Meniere's due to the curve of a mild hearing loss I have (low freq and very high freq). Neither of these helped. Nothing has changed since June. I've been back several times and my hearing is stable according to tests. He sees (audiogram) my hearing loss as mild. To me the distortion and echoing of my own voice are devastating. Music also does not sound good anymore. Low notes on a guitar sound like the string is so loose it almost buzzes rather than music. The echoing goes back and forth all day long especially sensitive to air pressure I think as I notice continuous flucturations as I drive up and down hills in this area.

I read about PET and asked the ENT to confirm or not. He did not see movement in my eardrum but said that did not rule it out. He still suspects Meniere's but prescribed the Estradil nose spray to see if it helps.

What I wanted to know, is those of you who know you have this, do you also have distortion of sounds coming in from the outside as well as your own voice? This makes me doubt that htis is what I have but the echoing of my own voice sounds like what I read here.

I apologize for the longwinded post. I am grateful for any light you might shed on how this feels from the inside and whether my distortion of other sounds rules it out.

Thanks very much.
Thanks Remmy. I do not hear my breathing or heartbeat. The only possible time might be that while walking uphill exerting myself breathing through y mouth, I have experienced the loudest echoing of my own voice. It was so loud I could not hear my words as I talked to my friend. However, I could hear my friends voice clearly without noticeable echo.

Should my voice sound louder or softer if I close off my hearing ear? Mine is louder. Is that the normal case?
Dear Myrtle.

I think that it is very likely PET or at least that you have PET-like symptoms. I'll tell you why:

1) You hear your own sounds and "at the same time a loud blowing into a microphone sound echoing it" (these are your words): this additional sound should be the one that reaches your eardrum through your e-tube and the echo effect you perceive could be a result of the fact that the sound you produce reaches the drum twice but in two different times: once through the normal acoustic path and, again, through the e-tubes (in fact, the two paths are different in lenght). This is typical of PET.

2) M's and N's make your e-tubes open more than other sounds, that's why you have the strongest echo with that. Also this is typical of PET.

3) You hear icoming sounds like "they are coming through a broken speaker" (your words). This happens to me as well, once in a while (I have a very slight PET). There may be two reasons why PET leads to this "broken speaker" symptom:
- FIRST: the one I told you in one of my last posts, about the drum that is slacker than normal when an e-tube does not closes properly. A slack drum does not vibrate properly and you may experience a "broken speaker" effect.
- SECOND: also incoming sounds may reach your drum twice: through you external ear canal and barely through you e-tubes that is less likely to open with external sounds, so you ear the external sounds completely through your ears and "rapidly sliced" through your e-tube (as it rapidly opens and closes, letting the sounds pass and then blocking them), which may result into the "broken speaker" effect.

Anyway, you really have PET like symptoms.
Dr. Poe may be the one to rule out. Remember that SSCDS is also a reason for autophony.



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