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25 Days Post Op

I get really frustrated these days. There are times when my ears are wide open and everything sounds great. Then, in just a matter of hours, everything closes up and I can't hear. Or it sounds like I am in a tunnel. It also feels like I gotta yawn, so I am constantly trying to get my ears to open. I don't even like to sleep on my ear because it feels so weird in the morning for about an hour.

Plus, I can make myself REALLY dizzy for just a quick second if I swallow hard to make the tubes close. (I guess that is what I am doing. I'll check the other posts cause it seems like I read that already somewhere.)

Courtney -- I slept upright a little for almost a week after the surgery. I can't say it was better or not, but I like to think it helped. To make it comfortable, I had a pillow under my knees to keep me upright and one of those neck pillows helped.

Someone else asked about surgery in the UK. There may be some entries on the closed thread, but most responders are in the US or Canada.

Talk to you all later,
Ok Guys and Gals...

The reason we are all posting here is because there is a long recovery process associated with this surgery. We all read everything we could before our surgeries and were aware of this.

Having said that, we ALL got frustrated and wanted everything to be perfect immediately. (yes, including me) Being the Momma Bird that I am, I am trying to calm us all down with the big patience reminder.

Let me show the time line this way......

[B]Courtney - 4th day post op[/B] - "Hearing comes and goes today. My kids are so confused - whisper or shout. I have to be honest, it's going to be a long time until I go for it with the left ear."

[B]Chrissy - 10 days post op[/B] - "My ear still feels really full and I can't hear out of it. I am still experiencing dizziness when I turn my head, or move suddenly. Any reports on how long this dizziness will last? I am also feeling really tired. I can see why they told me not to drive for 10 days. I want to be back to normal. I'm getting frustrated."

[B]Carol - 20 days post op[/B] - doing great right now still -but mine was a Revision surgery.

[B]Elke - 25 days post op[/B] - "I get really frustrated these days. There are times when my ears are wide open and everything sounds great. Then, in just a matter of hours, everything closes up and I can't hear. Or it sounds like I am in a tunnel. It also feels like I gotta yawn, so I am constantly trying to get my ears to open. I don't even like to sleep on my ear because it feels so weird in the morning for about an hour."

[B]Anne - 6 weeks post op[/B] - "In the last few days, I've noticed my ear "openning up" to FULL COMPLETE HEARING! It was only for a few seconds, but I believe it was a glimpse of what is to come!"

[B]Justine - 7 weeks post op[/B] - "A little update on me, everything seems to be going well except the distortion that is getting better, but is still there. It still sounds like a broken speaker, sometimes crackly, mostly with loud high pitched noises. I have to say that it is getting much better though. I don't have the reaction to vibration that I was having before and car rides are much more comfortable"

[B]Lazmi - 9 weeks post op[/B] - "no more dizziness, Hearing normal. Great to be back to normal. Dizziness lasted for 8 weeks. dizziness gradually waned as I am back to regular exercise.

Do you all see the pattern? 6 weeks or less there is still lots and lots of healing to do. Around the 6 week point everyone's posts started being more positive because they had had time to heal.

So to all my friends out there that are traveling the long bumpy road to be able to enjoy great hearing and to all those who are now on the last leg of the trip....and in my case...flat tire - u-turn start again...

Patience. Bump. Patience. Bump. Patience.

Bottom line is:

WHEN your ear is open...Do you hear better?

Dealing with the dizzies, opens and closes, headaches, tinnitis, strange sensations in the ear, metallic tastes, like "wearing the cast" stage of a broken leg. Around 6 weeks you can start "physical therapy" and should start seeing more results daily.

I hope this helped a little. Sit back, relax and don't worry. I would say "Keep your head up but you might still be gettin I wont say that".

More later,

Hi All,

Congrats to everyone who is doing good and hearing better and better everyday! On January 2nd my ear opened up and has been open every day since then. My husband looks for the thumbs up or thumbs down each morning when we wake up and so far it has been thumbs UP for 14 days now.

Did anyone else out there experience complications during their surgery? My foot plate came loose and had to be removed and then put back in. Because of that, my recovery has been slower than most of you but it is so fun to read all the posts because we are all experiencing the same thing!

At 3 1/2 months post op I am still kind of dizzy but not the "Bobble Head" that I was for 3 months. Now my ear is like Rice Krispies "Snap, Crackle and Pop" but as long as I can hear out of it, who cares!

Thanks again to everyone who writes about their experiences and especially to Carol who keeps it all together.

Annie in MN
I so wish I would have found these board before my surgery. Here is my deal:

Husband and friends have been bugging me about my bad hearing for the past 2.5 years. Finally went for audiogram and follow-up with ENT who dx bilateral otosclerosis with mild/moderate hearing loss. Realized I had been using many different coping strategies (ignoring, joking, reading lips, etc.) I am a teacher, so the hearing loss was affecting my job performance. Tinnitus was never bad enough to complain about; in fact, I just thought it was normal to have a constant quiet high-pitch sound. Was going to get hearing aids, but decided on the stapedectomy.

[U]3/12/08: 1 day until surgery[/U]
Running around like a maniac trying to ready my classroom for a substitute and my home (and 2 small boys) for my absence. Getting really nervous.

[U]3/13/08: surgery day[/U]
Reported to hospital at 6:15 a.m. Taken to pre-op around 6:45, given IV cocktail, anesthesiologist assured me that general anesthesia would NOT make me nauseous (???), remember being wheeled into OR and the room being so very cold, then waking up in recovery. Had to use bedpan twice to pee (yuck.) Was very groggy and just wanted to nap. Remember surgeon saying "hello" in my operated ear, asking me if I could hear (yes) and putting tuning fork on my forehead (yes, could hear it in operated ear.) Finally taken to regular room, and was so surprised when my husband told me it was 1:30! It seemed like I had been in recovery for only an hour or so. I felt like I could hear people's voices from a speaker inside my head from my operated ear. crazy!

No private rooms available, so I just wanted to go home. Nurses said I needed to try some liquids, so I sent my husband for a chocolate shake. I was still very groggy and kept dozing off. When he returned, I started getting dizzy and nauseous and didn't want the milkshake. Every time I moved my head in any direction, even just a few inches, I felt a *WHOOSH* through my head. One time the room started spinning around me for a few seconds. Another time the bed felt like it was tipping over and I was going to fall on the floor. I got up to go to the bathroom and that made the dizziness worse. I tried a few sips of milkshake. The next time I got up for the bathroom I started the puking. Zofran in my IV helped and knocked me out. I decided to stay the night. Had a long dizzy/puking episode later, and they gave me more Zofran and then Reglan. Finally got over that nausea but didn't eat anything until 5:30 the next morning -- one saltine.

[U]3/14/08: 1 day post op[/U]
Nausea not as severe. No puking. Finding ways to move my head very slowly when necessary as dizziness and *whooshing* has increased. Operated ear feels stuffy due to packing; no noticeable change in hearing. Finally keeping down crackers and sent home around noon. I would have stayed longer if my hospital roommate and her visitors weren't so distressing. :mad:

Ride home was OK. Feeling very weak and lightheaded. Got a shower at home and had lunch. Went outside for a bit to watch my kids play. Getting so tired so fast. Have been discouraged and slightly depressed thinking I made a mistake and should have just put up with the hearing loss or gotten hearing aids.

Have had no pain, though!

[U]days 2-6 post op[/U]
Unbelievable how tired I get. Should have been resting much more than I have been. Mild pain in ear/face (sinus?) and jaw beneath operated ear, but regular tylenol works. Packing in ear is getting annoying. Slept 12 hours last night and still woke up tired. Heartbeat in ear is annoying, too, especially since it's rapid at times and seems irregular.

Other than the Tylenol, I've been on prednisone and augmentin. I have not used any of the zofran or percocets the dr gave me.

At this time, I do not think I will be having the stapedectomy on my other ear. I know I may change my mind in a few months if I have significant hearing improvement and when this recovery phase is over.

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