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Hey there,

I posted a few days my full story and wanted to give an update.
I"m on day 20 post op. I had written the other day with my concern about the opening and closing feeling in my ear and how it was popping in and out of hearing fine and then sounding like a distorted speaker. I'm happy to report that it has completely subsided.
It began happening when I started having a really bad allergy attack. Because I couldn't blow my nose, I sniffed it all into my head and it ended up plugging my eustachian tubes. The symptoms I was feeling were symptoms of Eustachian tube disfunction. After a few days of keeping up on my allergy medicine the symptoms went away.
I know this has been said on this board a few times but i"m going to say it again. If you have any sort of sinus issues....keep them under control while your ear is healing.
Besides that I feel great. My energy is back and I get to work out tomorrow. Yippee!!
Take care and be well.
Hi Again-

I am on day 6 post op. Well, I braved the elements and went to my son's basketball game yesterday! My ear is still plugged up, but occasionally loud noises bother me, so I decided to bring ear plugs with me to the game. I'm glad I did, because it was nice to put them in (and a fleece headband as well!) when the gym got too loud. For most of the game, I was fine, but towards the end, when the score was close and the dads around me got yelling, I had to move over to a part of the bleachers that wasn't quite so loud and put my hands to my ears. Luckily, this was the freshman game and there were large stretches of bleachers empty! It seemed that certain low frequencies of voices caused that "reverb" sensation in my ear and it drove me nuts! All in all, it wasn't too bad. I think it will be worse when the gel packing is removed from my ear canal and the sound is free and clear to get to my new stapes. Once home after the game, I was pretty tired and the rushing sound of my heartbeat in my ears was the loudest it's been since my surgery. Not sure if it was related to the game or not. I hadn't taken any pain meds all day and decided to take some just before bed to see if it would help the rushing sound and to help me feel better. It did and I slept very well. (They lost the game, by the way...:()

Now I'm looking forward to my doctors appointment at the Michigan Ear Insititute on Friday. I have to drive two hours to get there and we are supposed to get a bunch more snow that morning, on top of the three inches we got today. Hoping it won't be an issue. I'm anxious to see if my new ear is working or not!

Alexis, glad to hear the popping went away! I'll try to keep on top of my own sinus issues. So far so good.

Pressed26 and Carol- Good luck on your upcoming surgeries. It's tough having to wait around, I know. It'll be here before you know it.

(sorry all, I don't know how to type short responses). hehe.

The hearing in my right ear was great until week 11 or so. Then the opens and closes started again. At the 14 week post-op mark I was still having open and closes pretty bad as well as a major sinus infection/issue. The morning of my hearing test I couldn't hear jack on the way there. I sneezed right before I got to docs office (and ear "opened again") and all the sudden hear pretty good again. About an hour after the hearing test the hearing shut down again.

I thought it was because of the sinus crap and that my ear was blocked. I went through 3 months of constant issues and being completely clogged up because of allergies, etc. BLOW BLOW BLOW the nose, lots of different medications, etc...and nothing seemed to help. I could get unclogged for a few hours at a time but the hearing never "opened" again. All of this was done at an allergy/sinus/asthma doc.

Finally the week of Thanksgiving, my head was completely clear for a week....but I still could not hear anything out of the right ear. This led me back to the ear doc/surgeon. I told him that I could understand not being able to hear during all that time because of being clogged up but why can't I hear now??

He did a battery of tests and said based on the results and the way the eardrum looked, etc., that the prosthesis had to have slipped out of place. It's not an ET problem. My "bone" hearing is still great so that points to the stapes (prosthesis). He said its just one of those things that happen sometime. I later confirmed this by researching how the prosthesis is "attached" and has to heal/seal afterwards. It was during the healing/sealing period that my sinus issues and negative hearing (again) all began. Blowing, sneezing, popping the ears, etc all create pressure in the inner ear and that pressure can move the prosthesis if where it's attached isn't completely healed. So the sneeze that morning moved it just enough back to the proper spot for me to hear for a while. Then it moved out of place again.

To attempt to make you understand....I wasn't just blowing my nose a couple times a day. Seriously, for 3 months straight that is all I did. Many days I went through an entire box of kleenex in one day. I missed lots of work because I simply couldn't function because I couldn't breathe. I also started staying home because I know my employees were quite tired and probably grossed out at hearing me blow and hack and gag all day long.

I had started the "light" blowing about 3 weeks after surgery and by week 10 or so I had to blow "hard" to breathe. Apparently....that is when I "blew" it.

My LEFT ear which I had a stapedectomy done on in January 07 is fine. My RIGHT ear that was done in May 07 is the one that got screwed up and is being done again on Dec. 18th, 2007. very very careful. I would hate to see someone else go thru this. It bites.

More later,


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