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11 Days Post Op

So far so good. I have had one day of constant clicking in the operated ear, but that has subsided. It nearly drove me nuts that day. I have also experienced the off-and-on feeling that others have talked about, where I hear really well, then it will go away. It is momentary, and I am being patient, so I try not to let it bother me. I suspect it is related to fluid in the ear. I resorted to sleeping with my head elevated one night and that seemed to help the next day.

I don't have my follow-up until January 2 and then he is only going to look and see how my ear is healing. I wonder if there is still packing in there. My husband said there wasn't anything blue in my ear, so I guess it may be all gone by now.

Overall, I have been thrilled with the results and I have been telling lots of people that this surgery is even an option for people with conductive hearing loss. I would never had known about it if the ENT doc hadn't mentioned it.

Talk to you later!

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