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Hi -
Thanks to the healthboards for offering this forum, and thanks to all of you for posting your experiences.

I have my stapedectomy scheduled for this Friday, 11/30 in Detroit, and I've spent the last hour reading all of the posts on this thread. It has really helped me know what to expect. I am 44, female, with significant hearing loss on one side. I am an otherwise very healthy person.

I do have a few questions:

I will be having local anaesthesia. It seems most of you have used general. Will my time at the hospital be less since I am using local? My surgery is scheduled for 7am (report at 6am). What time can I expect to be released?

How soon will I be able to drive?

My son made the freshman basketball team! How soon will I be able to handle the loud gym at his games?

I am a distance runner. When can I expect to run again?

Thanks for your help. I'm sure I'll be having more specific post-op questions later, but these general things are what's on my mind right now.
Hi AF...Good Luck to you.

No one can give you solid answers to your questions but i'll tell you when I did these things:
Local - I had general so I can't answer as to how long before you go home. I went the same day so I would assume you would too.

Driving - I drove on day 8. I was ok.

Basketball games - I went after 2 weeks and it was extremely loud. The 3rd week, I put cotton in my ear and put on one of those ear warmers over it to muffle the noise. That worked well.

Running/Exercise - Doc told me not until at least week 4 or 5, but I did it at week 2 because I felt fine. Depends on the person I suppose.

Update from the doc today....

****Prosthesis slipped. (right ear)****
Revision stapedectomy will be done on Dec. 18th.
With me blowing my nose for 4 solid months...I knocked it loose. the sinus issues people. Keep sinus/allergy issues under control if at all possible.

My Left ear is fine, I was 6.5 months post op when I got clogged up. I was only 1.5 months post op with right ear and blew gently for the first few weeks. About 2.5 months post op, I started blowing as normal but evidently it was still too soon.

Doc said I could hear at times after I blew my nose because prosthesis had shifted back in place briefly while blowing and that's why the ability to hear came and went, aka "opened and closed".

So.....I get to go through all of this again.


This is Canadianboy (not "Canada boy") reporting on my day 17 post-op. Nothing of significance to report...

But, I thought I'd better reprint this previous posting by CAB1, in case any of you missed this valuable detail about each particular allergen, and their ranking order, from her allergy tests....(BTW Carol - it seems to me we likely all know that our ears, nose and throat are connected ...hence the specialist that we all went to, i.e.: "ENT".) All I'm saying is, sure, give us symptoms, causes, time frames, and some detail, even, for example, tell us how allergiies may affect our recuperation; or conversely, ask questions about all these, but this kind of detail (below) is akin to those on committees who join just to hear themselves speak! Let's just keep it to the point, shall we?:)

[QUOTE=CAB1;3216558]Hi all,

Good Luck Cat, you should start hearing everything very soon.

Update on me...

Well, I had a lovely morning.

I’ve been having major allergy/sinus trouble for about 2 years but the last 3 months, my head has been clogged and nothing helped.

so, I went and had the complete allergy test series done. I was ready for the grid on the back scratch test with 40 scratches. It wasn’t what they did. I got 39 shots/injections right under the skin in each arm.

I Passed out once and almost did a second time. Cause you know I love needles so much. A one hours test took 2.5 hours because I kept having to make them stop till I could continue.

I’m allergic to pretty much everything!

Here they are in order…

#1 Cats - i have one that sleeps with me

#2 Orrois Root – anything that is “scented” is made from this – perfumes, detergents, deodorants, makeup, candles, potpourri, etc.

#3 Dogs - I have 2.

#4 Feathers

#5 Trees – every one of them

#6 Weeds – again, all of em

#7 Grass – yup, all of em

#8 Yeast – every food in the world contains yeast

#9 Dust/Mites

#10 Fungus

#11 Mold

At least it explains why I’ve been so darn sick.

Long story short – 2 shots – 2 times a week for 5 weeks to get from 1st dose up to “maintenance” dose of the drugs.

Then 2 shots once a week for life. (They said I can give these to myself – HEHE, YA RIGHT!)

Hopefully I’ll rejoin the living/breathing world again. And I won’t be so clogged up anymore. That way my new right ear, which hears perfect when it’s not clogged up, will work all the time.

More later,

Hi, all.

I am 15 days post op.

Carol, I'm sorry to hear about you having to do this a third time, but at least you know what to expect and that is half the battle. Best wishes on your next one! Do you get a discount on the "third" ear? :confused:

AF, I had general anesthesia, but left the hospital four hours after my surgery was complete - not exactly a long recovery. They would have let me go at the two hour mark, but I was not feeling ready to leave and asked to stay for a short nap. I was back at work on Day 4, and drove myself to and from work. You'll have to see how you feel, as it seems everyone has different time frames for resolving the dizziness issues. Good luck with your surgery!

Carol, I, too, am sorry to hear about your ear. I hope all goes well.

A weird thing happened to me tonight. My operation was 10/19 and it's been over a month. My restrictions were lifted at my one month post-op visit. Aside from tinnitus, I am hearing much better. But tonight for the first time since the few days after surgery, I was out shopping and kept getting bouts of dizziness if I turned my head too quick or looked down then up quickly.

Did anyone experience dizziness after weeks of feeling great??!?!!? :(
...and thanks to everyone for you concern and well wishes about me having my right ear re-done.

At least now, I'm an old pro at this and should be able to deal with all the post-op stuff better than the first couple of times :)

And nope, I don't get a 3rd ear discount. This one will cost me about $600 since my deductible is met and maximum out of pocket for the year is almost reached.

More later,


I was given some advise before my surgery by someone that posted on this thread and I think that is what contributed to my getting better so fast. He told me that the doc told him not to lay on operated ear for 2 days and he didn't do it for 5 days and he slept as much as possible.

My doc kept me in the hospital overnight. I couldn't get out of bed and when I went home my husband wouldn't let me get out of bed. I slept a lot for the next 2 days and by day 5 post op I was almost 100%... Still a little dizzy... The worst thing that happened was I got very nauses the day after surgery. I think I just tried to do everything to fast.. I paid for it the rest of the day by throughing up everytime I got out of bed.... next day I was fine. I understand not everyone has someone like my husband to wait on them hand and foot and my kids are grown and gone but just get all the rest you can.

Hope all goes well for you. I will be waiting to hear from you after your surgery.

Carol- When did you say your surgery was? Is the same doc doing it that did the other ear? I will be keeping you in my thoughts I know it will all work out.... and I wanted to thank you for all your posts they really helped me to make a decision to get the stapedectomy done and now I am looking forward to doing the other ear.

talk to you all later

2 weeks post op.

Hi there,

I was diagnosed with Otosclerosis this year after 5 years of progressive hearing loss on my right side and constant tinnitus. I felt very blessed when I found out there was something that could actually be done to help my hearing. I had the surgery done 2 weeks ago and wanted to share my experience.

The doctor who performed my surgery was Dr. Roberson from the California Ear Institute. He has performed this surgery for 30 years and did an amazing job. I was given a local anesthetic and was awake during the whole procedure. I have to say it was a bit scary going through that hour, but as soon as he put the prosthetic in I could hear again. It was so amazing I started to cry! I’m not sure my exact hearing loss, but it was enough that I couldn’t talk on the phone on my affected ear.

I left the hospital a few hours later and was fairly dizzy and out of it. I did have some pain and wished I had taken my Vicoden before I left the hospital. I got home and rested for two full days doing nothing but going to the bathroom and watching every episode of Sex and the City. I got the packing taken out just 5 days post surgery, which seems a bit early compared to most on this board. It came out no problem and as soon as it was removed I was shocked with my hearing capacity. The ruffling of paper and the sound of my own voice were totally overwhelming. It felt like I was talking into a microphone with reverb on it for a few days.

I have taken the 3 full weeks off of work and am thankful I did. I seem to only have a few hours of energy a day and then I crash. I’ve been catching up on my reading and learning Spanish. All the things you never have time to do when you are living your busy life….. My advice to everyone is to take as much time as you possibly can afford.

Over the last couple of days I have noticed the opening/closing sensation that some of you have talked about. It’s driving me crazy!! I can control it by breathing out of my nose quickly and it will unplug, but everytime I swallow it plugs back up again. Has anyone else been experiencing this?? If so, how long has it lasted. Like anything I’m getting used to it but I wonder what the cause is. Does it have something to do with the eardrum healing maybe??? It sounds like a static radio when loud noise comes through. Very strange.

Also, I wanted to say that the tinnitus that I’ve had for 5 years definitely got worse right after surgery, but I think this was due to the inflammation. It has gotten better over the last week so don’t panic if this has happened to you. I’m crossing my fingers for complete remission.

One last thing for all the ladies on the board. I was scared to wash my hair for a good week after surgery (8 days actually-gross). I used the old baby powder in my hair and brushed it through trick, it works wonders!! It gets rid of all the grease. When I finally did wash my hair I cupped it with a plastic cup and put the Vasoline covered cotton ball in my ear. Seems to work really well.

Happy recovering to you all. :)
I still have a strange feeling in my head, I am one month post op. My hearing is much better than pre op. Tinnitus is worse on some days but much improved on other days. Can any one relate to this?

CAB I doubt if there would be anything like deaf culture in future except when the nerve (aucostic) or brain is damaged since technology is so advanced I would not worry about going deaf.
I had my surgery today!

My surgery was at Providence Hospital in Southfield, Michigan (Detroit area). Since I live on the west side of the state, my husband and I stayed at the Westin Southfield last night at a great hosptial rate of $69! What a comfortable bed!

I had to report at 6am for the 7am surgery. The staff was very efficient and had me ready ahead of time. I had a "local" anaesthic, but I was out for the surgery and don't remember a thing. I vaguely remember them wheeling me to the operating room and then I was waking up in recovery. I guess the meds were such that they can bring you out of it quickly, the surgeon can ask you questions, and then they bring you back down. I guess they did this to me, but I don't remember any of it. Dr. Zappia did a great job and told my husband that my stapes was indeed affected and did a classic stapedetomy. He made a small incision behind my ear to get tissue for the grafting. Haven't looked at that yet.

I had no dizziness or pain when in recovery. I just had to go to the bathroom and was very thirsty. They gave me some food (grapes, cheese and crackers...yum!) and I was feelling just fine. They released me by 10am! We had plans to go to my brother's house near Ann Arbor (my husband has a meeting Saturday in Detroit) but I was feeling so good we decided to just go back home. The two hour drive was fine, and we stopped at Panera's to have a salad. I am resting at home, which is so nice, and I'll be in my own bed.

Right now I am just very thirsty. I have cotton in my ear, and at times I hear some crinkling/crackling sounds along with my heartbeat. Nothing bad though. My doctor said that I can take the cotton ball out tomorrow but just to keep the ear dry. I go back to the Michigan Ear Institute next week for my post-op evaluation.

Maybe my meds just haven't worn off yet, but I feel much better than I anticipated. I will take it easy, per the advice of several on this board, and not overdo it.

So far so good!

4th day post-op.

My recovery seems to be going well. I have not had any dizzyness at all, which really surprised me after reading others' experiences. My doctor said that I could remove my cotton ball in my ear and dressing on the incision behind my ear after 24 hours, and I did. I must still have some of that gel packing inside my ear because it still feels full. I can see my two stitches behind my ear and that incision looks fine. I've had some drainage from the ear canal, just a drop or so of bloody fluid once and a while. I'm taking antibiotics and was given tylenol with codeine as needed. I've taken the tyenol/codeine each night and only a couple of times during the day, when I've felt a headache or a little pain coming on. Yesterday I woke up feeling great after an eleven hour sleep. I spent part of the morning just doing regular stuff, making breakfast, straightening up, etc. Then my son put the tv on pretty loud, and my husband started vacuuming. Even though my operated ear is totally plugged, I couldn't stand the noise, and retreated into my room, took some meds and fell asleep! Maybe it was sensory overload or something. I am just finding that too much noise really bothers me. I'm afraid of what it will be like when the packing is gone finally! I have an appointment back at my doctor's in Detroit on Friday. I haven't driven yet, but I think I could just fine. It's nice to have my family back at school/work today so I can have the house to myself in quiet! I'm not sure what I am going to do about my son's first freshman basketball game tomorrow. I'm debating wearing some ear plugs and toughing it out. I'll see how today and tomorrow go...
Hey there,

I posted a few days my full story and wanted to give an update.
I"m on day 20 post op. I had written the other day with my concern about the opening and closing feeling in my ear and how it was popping in and out of hearing fine and then sounding like a distorted speaker. I'm happy to report that it has completely subsided.
It began happening when I started having a really bad allergy attack. Because I couldn't blow my nose, I sniffed it all into my head and it ended up plugging my eustachian tubes. The symptoms I was feeling were symptoms of Eustachian tube disfunction. After a few days of keeping up on my allergy medicine the symptoms went away.
I know this has been said on this board a few times but i"m going to say it again. If you have any sort of sinus issues....keep them under control while your ear is healing.
Besides that I feel great. My energy is back and I get to work out tomorrow. Yippee!!
Take care and be well.
Hi Again-

I am on day 6 post op. Well, I braved the elements and went to my son's basketball game yesterday! My ear is still plugged up, but occasionally loud noises bother me, so I decided to bring ear plugs with me to the game. I'm glad I did, because it was nice to put them in (and a fleece headband as well!) when the gym got too loud. For most of the game, I was fine, but towards the end, when the score was close and the dads around me got yelling, I had to move over to a part of the bleachers that wasn't quite so loud and put my hands to my ears. Luckily, this was the freshman game and there were large stretches of bleachers empty! It seemed that certain low frequencies of voices caused that "reverb" sensation in my ear and it drove me nuts! All in all, it wasn't too bad. I think it will be worse when the gel packing is removed from my ear canal and the sound is free and clear to get to my new stapes. Once home after the game, I was pretty tired and the rushing sound of my heartbeat in my ears was the loudest it's been since my surgery. Not sure if it was related to the game or not. I hadn't taken any pain meds all day and decided to take some just before bed to see if it would help the rushing sound and to help me feel better. It did and I slept very well. (They lost the game, by the way...:()

Now I'm looking forward to my doctors appointment at the Michigan Ear Insititute on Friday. I have to drive two hours to get there and we are supposed to get a bunch more snow that morning, on top of the three inches we got today. Hoping it won't be an issue. I'm anxious to see if my new ear is working or not!

Alexis, glad to hear the popping went away! I'll try to keep on top of my own sinus issues. So far so good.

Pressed26 and Carol- Good luck on your upcoming surgeries. It's tough having to wait around, I know. It'll be here before you know it.
It's been a week and a day since my surgery. I went for my post-op appointment at the Michigan Ear Institute yesterday and all went well. (Drove myself the two hours there and back again, so really feeling great.) My doctor said all looks good, and he removed the gel packing in my ear canal with a little vacuum. It was loud! He said there was still packing behind the ear drum that will dissolve/drain on its own over the next few weeks. I am still to keep water out of the ear and not exercise or lift over 7-10 pound for another two weeks. After that, I am free to do all that. I don't have to go back to see him until February, when they will do another hearing test to guage my improvement.

Walking out of the office, I could already sense a change without the packing. Sounds were louder and more sharp. At my son's basketball game last night, I could handle all the noise just fine, with the exception of when the band played during the varsity game. Then, I just plugged my ear and it was fine. I just noticed some of that "reverb" occasionally, but overall, it was better than it was at the game on Tuesday.

All in all, I am very excited! I think it will be interesting to see how it feels as this middle ear dries up and I start to hear more and more! I really feel fine, only one week after surgery. I've been very lucky to not have any adverse symptoms or problems. Hope this will continue!

Oh, I asked my doctor what my implant was made out of. Mine is an alloy of surgical stainless steel and platinum. I guess it is not magnetic, so will not affect any MRI I might need to have or set off any metal detectors.

I feel I have a little sinus drainage, so I took some Claratin and Sudafed PE this morning. Carol's advice on staying on top of the sinus issues I am taking to heart. I figured it wouldn't hurt drying up my middle ear as well and maybe progress my hearing improvement a little faster.

Day 25 Post op

Well, the distortion is back, but without the opening and closing. My allergies are under control so I know that isn't the issue. I think I still must have fluid in my ear, it feels plugged and I can sense something there when I lie down. Patience!!! I know I have a long road to go but I just feel like my body is ready for this to be healed and my ear isn't following suit.

I had a bit of a panic attack the other day thinking that the distortion will never go away....but after going back and reading these posts over and over I realize that it's definitely a common thing. So I"m just avoiding loud noise as much as possible and relaxing.

Other than the distortion I haven't noticed much else. Maybe a bit of tension in the side of my face. I think I'm sort of holding stiff to protect the ear from anything. Also there has been some congestion and some sinus drainage. A bit of dizziness too. But.......I can hear out of the ear, which is amazing every day. I just have to remember the end result is going to be so worth it!

I go a week from today for my first hearing test and I guess the doctor is going to look me over and tell me if I can start getting water in the ear. I've been advised against wearing earplugs until I see the doc. I've been doing light exercising but nothing too crazy. Better safe than sorry. Also, the nurse said that very LIGHT blowing of my nose is ok. I"m not sure about flying but I"ll keep you posted as to what he says.

Take care everyone,

43 day post op
Hearing improved to almost 90%. Hearing distortion improving. Improved tinnitus. Still minimal unsteadiness, much better than 15 days ago. No ear fullness. Since I do not have ENT appointment till another 10 days, keeping ear dry. Except exercise I am back to normal. Never had opening and closing.
Hi everyone! It's been a while since I've posted. I'm coming up on the 2 month mark since surgery (surgery was Oct. 19th). I do hear better, but I do not go for a hearing test until February. My tinnitus is not better and that has me totally bummed out!!! :mad:

Anyone out there have no improvement in the ringing or is it normal at almost 8 weeks post op to still have the ringing??? :confused: I can hear MUCH better so I thought for sure the ringing would lessen or go away.

I would love to hear anyone's experience with this. Thanks!!
HI all...

Good Luck tomorrow Pressed! Let us know how it goes.

It good to "hear" all of you are hearing better.

Juliep - I never had tinnitis until after the prosthesis in the right ear slipped so I can't offer any time frame for you on that one.

Laxmi - You are over the hard part now. Every day will get better. Distortion will completely disappear. One day you will say.."wow, i just notice sounds are really clear". Hehe. That will be a very sweet day for you.

AF - MRI's are fine. I had one after the 2nd ear surgery. No problems but it was scarey until it was actually scanning and I felt no pain. Then I calmed down.

Alexis - Please be care with the "light" blowing of the nose. My doc also said it was ok to do so I did. But evidently his definition of light blowing and mine were different. Thats why my prosthesis never really healed well (attached good)..then I moved on to "normal" blowing at the 14 week post op mark..and blew it right out of place. I don't wanna scare you but want to make you aware that I was as careful as I could be but still managed to screw it up.

5 more days till I go for stapedectomy revision on the right ear. Left ear is still doing great.

More later,


(sorry all, I don't know how to type short responses). hehe.

The hearing in my right ear was great until week 11 or so. Then the opens and closes started again. At the 14 week post-op mark I was still having open and closes pretty bad as well as a major sinus infection/issue. The morning of my hearing test I couldn't hear jack on the way there. I sneezed right before I got to docs office (and ear "opened again") and all the sudden hear pretty good again. About an hour after the hearing test the hearing shut down again.

I thought it was because of the sinus crap and that my ear was blocked. I went through 3 months of constant issues and being completely clogged up because of allergies, etc. BLOW BLOW BLOW the nose, lots of different medications, etc...and nothing seemed to help. I could get unclogged for a few hours at a time but the hearing never "opened" again. All of this was done at an allergy/sinus/asthma doc.

Finally the week of Thanksgiving, my head was completely clear for a week....but I still could not hear anything out of the right ear. This led me back to the ear doc/surgeon. I told him that I could understand not being able to hear during all that time because of being clogged up but why can't I hear now??

He did a battery of tests and said based on the results and the way the eardrum looked, etc., that the prosthesis had to have slipped out of place. It's not an ET problem. My "bone" hearing is still great so that points to the stapes (prosthesis). He said its just one of those things that happen sometime. I later confirmed this by researching how the prosthesis is "attached" and has to heal/seal afterwards. It was during the healing/sealing period that my sinus issues and negative hearing (again) all began. Blowing, sneezing, popping the ears, etc all create pressure in the inner ear and that pressure can move the prosthesis if where it's attached isn't completely healed. So the sneeze that morning moved it just enough back to the proper spot for me to hear for a while. Then it moved out of place again.

To attempt to make you understand....I wasn't just blowing my nose a couple times a day. Seriously, for 3 months straight that is all I did. Many days I went through an entire box of kleenex in one day. I missed lots of work because I simply couldn't function because I couldn't breathe. I also started staying home because I know my employees were quite tired and probably grossed out at hearing me blow and hack and gag all day long.

I had started the "light" blowing about 3 weeks after surgery and by week 10 or so I had to blow "hard" to breathe. Apparently....that is when I "blew" it.

My LEFT ear which I had a stapedectomy done on in January 07 is fine. My RIGHT ear that was done in May 07 is the one that got screwed up and is being done again on Dec. 18th, 2007. very very careful. I would hate to see someone else go thru this. It bites.

More later,

Day 1 Post Op

This has been one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had.

I checked in for surgery Thursday morning at 9:40, a little early. They completed the lab work and then we waited around awhile. I finally went in to surgery at 1:00. Everything went really smoothly.

The best thing to report is that I didn't have any dizziness or nausea. My tongue is numb on the left side a little. I wonder if that is like the metallic taste I have heard others talk about. The only time I have had any real pain is right after we left the hospital. I made my husband stop to get me something to drink so I could take the pain medicine. I had a little Jell-O for dinner and lots of water. Then promptly to bed.

I saw someone on the board had recommended not sleeping on the operated ear, so I thought I would try sleeping elevated a bit, more reclined than flat. I think that has helped with drainage. The first night, my ear was definitely swollen and felt very full. Today, it doesn't feel as full, and frankly not much different than before the surgery, in terms of what I hear. But that is what is amazing.

All along, I have been thinking that I was going to have a stapendotmy. Not sure if I spelled that right, but I thought they were going to leave the stapes in and attach the prothesis. But Dr. Owens has always said the procedure was for a stapendectomy and he said there wasn't anything to save. So the simple fact that I hear ANYTHING is phenomenal. He took out part of my inner ear!

Unfortunately, with the big change in the weather in Texas earlier this week, my sinuses started to act up. I didn't take a lot before the surgery because the office gave me a laundry list of stuff NOT to take prior to the surgery. I did a lot of salt water rinses, but I can tell that I need to step up the preventative measures starting tomorrow. Right now, it is just in my nose. And seeing Carol's story below, I don't want this to escalate.

Monday is my 37th birthday and my family wants to celebrate. I do, too. This is one of the best birthday presents I could have gotten. Thanks to all of you who have shared your experience with us. Your stories have helped me tremendously.

I'll continue to post with updates. Best of luck to you!
Day 3 Post Op

I am feeling great. I have only had one dizziness spell and that was in the middle of the night, in the dark. So I wasn't surprised. No real pain either. Lots of ringing in my ear, but no popping or static like others have reported. I am still very patient and trust for the best.

I have been still sleeping elevated, but I think that I'm done with that now. I don't rest as well and my back is starting to yell at me. I think I would recommend that to others as I think it made a real difference right after the surgery.

The numbness in my tongue is slowly easing. It has been weird trying to eat food when all you really feel is texture.

I went out to dinner last night with my family. We picked a quiet resturant with carpet on the floor. It wasn't uncomfortable for me, just odd in the way things sounded. I don't feel like I am hearing more than before yet, but it does feel directional. Like I can hear where things are. Hope that makes sense.

And today, I AM WASHING MY HAIR!!! Whoo ho! I am sure that I will really feel more like myself with a clean head.

I'll check in later.
Day 4 Post Op

I should have waited to post another 45 minutes on Day 3. That is when I hit the wall. BAM! Nausea and dizziness. I have been in bed ever since. The doctor prescribed nausea medicine and Valium for the dizziness, but I hadn't taken any. I thought if I didn't have any symptoms, I shouldn't take it. Now I wonder.

I also tried to wash my hair. Stupid. Too much, too fast. I didn't get any water in my ear, but it was stupid to do that so fast. My husband kept telling me "It's only been two and a half days. Slow down."

So here I sit, in bed, on my birthday.

Actually, it isn't that bad. My husband is waiting on me hand and foot, giving me back rubs and letting me watch whatever I choose. All the while, my ear is healing.

I'll check in later.
Hi all,

AF - Hang in there. If the sounds clanking in the kitchen are louder and sharper than you remember then its working. Some have reported no real noticable hearing changes until about the 4 week point, some reported immediate changes. With either the removal of or modification made to the stapes bone to allow placement of the prosthesis you would hear if it was not working. Ice pack and ibuprofen to get all the internal swelling down might help.

Elke - Sorry you are sittin at home feeling like crap for on your birthday:(
Please just sit back and be lazy. (at least you have an valid excuse for it)Read a book, watch tv, look at old photos and by all means let the hubby baby you till he's sick of it.

Update on me..

Today I had the Right Ear Revision Stapedectomy.

I was originally on standby for today if anyone cancelled and listed as the "last surgery" of the day if no one did. Was supposed to be there at 8:00am and just hang out waiting for my turn.

Yesterday I went for hearing tests (SRT 80) in that ear now. Way down from SRT 20 at the 3 month post-op hearing test of the original surgery. (New people joining us or reading this forum read the old posts to find out why it went bad).

On the way there yesterday they called and said to be there at 6:00am sharp. ARG!! 6am with no really would be a day for miracles.

Anyways I got there a little early and checked in, did the admit blood work, etc and then asked if they knew what time my surgery would be yet. They said I was moved to the very first surgery of the day at 8am. WEEEEE.

6:30 I was in my room, 7:15 rolled in the pre-op room and given the IV and talked with all the docs and nurses involved.

8:00 sharp I was rolled into the OR. The next thing I knew it was 9:50 and I was being shaken by the nurses saying "you need to wake up now, come on wake up". To which I replied "I don't wanna". HEHE They all laughed.

10:00 was moved back into my room where I ate jello, drank liquid and went potty (which were the requirements to be able to go home).

At 11:30 I was outta there on the way home. I was groggy but had no dizziness, nausea or pain. I could hear a little but not much.

Got home and went straight to sleep.

Woke up at 2:00......cause the pain hit as well as the dizzies. Much to my surprise I was able to hear even better. That is when I notice major tinnitus. I ate a snack, took the appropriate meds and tried to go back to sleep but the tinnitus was soo loud I couldn't. I ended up turning up the tv real loud to override it and finally fell asleep.

I woke up at 4:30 when my youngest got home from school. My hearing was even better!! The tinnitus was still there but not loud like it was before I went to sleep.

7:00pm (a mere 10 hours after surgery):

*Very light tinnitus.
*Tongue is a little numb, no metallic taste yet.
*Dizzies under control with meds.
*Pain hasn't returned yet but I'm sure it will.
*My hearing is incredible. (I'm back on volume 2 on the TV instead of 14).

I've already had two of these surgeries so I'm aware of what the hearing sounds like during the phases of recovery and now I'm really confused.

My hearing is crisp and clear. No distortion at all (blown speaker underwater effect). I had a conversation with my boyfriend who was in the kitchen and was in my room with the TV on. I heard him loud and clear and this is just 10 hours after surgery. TOTALLY AWESOME! The only thing hearing wise that is the same this time as the other times is that I hear myself really loud, but that is not distorted either.

I don't know if the differences are because it was a "revision" surgery not a "first time" surgery. Either way he had to cut open the ear drum to perform it so its no longer sealed/healed which would make you think it would have the same healing process as before. I'm really confused about that one. Also my bf looked in my ear with a flashlight and said he couldn't see the "blue" packing like he could the last two times. He could only see dried blood. Maybe it's covering the packing, maybe there is no packing, I dunno. I also remember that there was no cotton ball in the ear when I first woke up and thus far I have had no drainage. All very different this time around, and subject to change, i'm sure.

As for why the revision was necessary and what he found once he got in he suspected the prosthesis had come out of place. As the bone it's attached too heals (hole starts closing/sealing) sometimes it pushes it out. It's not common but does happen. That combined with the whole nose blowing bit is what what happened. He took out old prosthesis and put in a new one and attached it differently.

I do realize that I'll prolly be in pain, have more dizzies and my hearing may decrease again several times during the healing process but at least at this point I know it worked! Maybe I will be able to sleep better not worring about it.

Yes, I know folks - another long post :)

More later,

Carol...Congratulations!! I"m so glad that the revision went well. I can imagine what you have been through this past year and I have such respect. Thank you so much for providing us all with this forum. Without it I think I would have had numerous nervous breakdowns and panic attacks!

As for my healing process, I"m 35 days post op. I'm still experiencing some distortion. Not nearly as bad as earlier in the week though. I made the mistake of taking a roadtrip down to LA (6 hrs from SF). For some reason the vibration of the car on the freeway got into my ear and it was 6 hrs of hell on earth. Every little sound seemed to trigger the distortion. It's finally starting to clear. The doctor said it was normal as the vein graft heals over the prosthetic. Sometimes it pulls a little too tight and it takes the healing of the scar tissue for the distortion to totally clear.

I went for my 1 month hearing test today. It was amazing!! I don't know the exact numbers, but my hearing is essentially in the normal range now. They were shocked at the improvement in such a short time. I really just still can't believe it. I was nearly deaf in the right ear, especially in low tones. Anyways, I nicknamed my doctor the Ear Angel.

I have been given the go ahead to do everything..including get my ear wet. Pretty exciting. Back to the gym I more excuses.

I hope everyone has an amazing holiday full of beautiful music, love and amazing conversation.

Justine :angel:
7 weeks post op
First post op visit hearing is normal, pure tone average air post op 13db, bone conduction 5db. He had to vacuum gel plug and old blood out.
Had flu 3 days ago mild dizziness after that, but I think it is improving. Next visit one year from now.
CAB1, I am glad that your surgery went well.
2 days post-op.

Ear closed. Mild pain comes and goes. Dizzies come and go. Still having mild tinnitis.

I'm pretty much just sleeping and eating all the time right now.

More later,
Hi all,

3 days post-op

Last night I had a migrane headache, took pain pill and passed out.

I'm feeling ok today. I took a shower/washed my hair (YAAAY) which made me feel a lil more human. I then went on an outing to keep from going nuts. Mom took me to two stores then we came home. It wasn't too bad.

I'm a little dizzy and tired but overall, I'm ok. No ear pain, a little drainage and now inside the ear canal is starting to itch.

Ear keeps opening and closing and hasn't opened "fully" since day one. I don't expect it to for a few more days.

Daytime TV bites. I'm bored.

More later,

11 Days Post Op

So far so good. I have had one day of constant clicking in the operated ear, but that has subsided. It nearly drove me nuts that day. I have also experienced the off-and-on feeling that others have talked about, where I hear really well, then it will go away. It is momentary, and I am being patient, so I try not to let it bother me. I suspect it is related to fluid in the ear. I resorted to sleeping with my head elevated one night and that seemed to help the next day.

I don't have my follow-up until January 2 and then he is only going to look and see how my ear is healing. I wonder if there is still packing in there. My husband said there wasn't anything blue in my ear, so I guess it may be all gone by now.

Overall, I have been thrilled with the results and I have been telling lots of people that this surgery is even an option for people with conductive hearing loss. I would never had known about it if the ENT doc hadn't mentioned it.

Talk to you later!
Hello ,

How is everybody? I was mistakenly looking at the closed forum and wondering why nobody had an update.

It has been almost 6 months since the surgery. The doctor when I went in for my last post op said that the hearing was normal. We also did a hearing test which proved that my hearing was normal in my operated ear.

We also looked at the unoperated ear and the doctor asked me to wait till the switch happens, (i.e) the tuning fork is louder on the bone than when we place the tuning fork near the ear.

Marco -- you just have to be patient. This isn't an overnight process. If you have concerns, give your doctor a call.

I am at 13 days post op.

Christmas and today are not great days. My ear really hurts -- like it did right after the surgery. I suspect it is healing and the tissue is tightening. If I turn my head to the right too much, I can feel it pulling. My first post op appointment isn't until Jan 2.

I resorted to taking my pain medicine last night before I went to bed, but I still woke up at 2:00 in pain. I also have loud internal noises, like when I yawn, I hear the pressure in my ear and that makes it hurt again. And then sounds ebb in and out, like the blood pressure in my ear restricts hearing, and then on the low spot I can hear again. I suspect someone knows what I am talking about.

I'm trying to be positive because I am hearing pretty well, when I can hear. I just thought I was done with the pain.
Hi all and Welcome to the New Brave Soles!

My last post was day 3 post-op. The last line of that post was "I'm bored".....

I got stir crazy so I went to the casino. I KNOW...STUPID too much too soon...but the noise didn't bother me at all. I could hear well and felt fine.

Day 4 was fine also. No dizzies, pain, nausea and could hear well(Not great but well).

Day 5 - I went to Christmas with my bf for his big family thing. There were about 45 people there. It was great. I could hear multiple conversations and actually keep track of em. After about 4 hours I got tired and then major nausea set in. I layed down for an hour and was fine again.

Day 8 - (Dec. 26th) was my Birthday. I had felt great since day 5 so my bf took me out to eat and we went bowling. It was fun. Ear is still like "half" open. I can hear but I know it's not open all the way. It's been that way for a couple of days now.

I am happy to report that this time around I have the feeling back in my tongue..WITHOUT the metallic taste. Wahoo!

Today is day 10 Post-op and all is fine. Still have the "half" open feeling and sounds are coming through loud but are at the "rumbly, blown speaker" volume...and NO....I have not blown my nose!!

I go for 1st post-op appt on Jan 7th. Packing comes out then and sounds will clear up.

All-in-all...I'm doing great. Surgery went great. I got my hearing back and that is all that matters.

I'll post again in a few days.

More later,

Hi all,

Pressed, Yes, I know exactly what you are talking about. Its one of those "wierd" sensations and kind of annoying. Sorry you are having pain. I did too a few weeks after on one of my surgeries. I, like you, thought I was done with pain at that point. Hang in there....PATIENCE.

So good to hear from you and I'm thrilled that your hearing is normal. Thats something we all are shooting for and you achieved it. WEEEEEE..YAHOOOO!!!


I'm gonna call you "CS"...If you want me to call you something else... Noah, Hope, etc...let me know.

I got that really cool feeling in my heart when I read your post. I'm happy that I (and all the others here) might have helped someone else be able to experience better hearing by continuing to share our progress stories. I do wish you well. I have no doubt that if your hearing can be fixed...Doc Owens is "Tha Man". I'll be praying for you and hope you will update us as soon as you feel up to it.

Also, do me a favor? Tell Doc that I(we) helped you decide to have the surgery done. He knows me fairly well by now. I told him about this forum and he thought it was awesome that we all share our stories and ecourage each other. He said he feels, like we all do, that hearing about all the recovery phases from others that have actually been through it, is more comforting than any doctor saying that there is a surgery to fix it and a 3-6 month recovery period afterwards.

Good Luck.

Update on me... 13 days post-op

I'm doing great. One nausea spell yesterday that lasted about an hour, then I was fine. Ear is a little more open than the last few days I hear better but it's still rumbly loud.

We had 7 kids in the house last night. My bf was in the front of the house and I was in the back. He yelled "Are you ok back there"? which I replied "Yes, I'm fine and Baby...I can hear you all the way back here, over all the kids and understood every word you said". (That was one of those sooo sweet moments so I had to share it with ya)

Went to 6-Flags today. No, I didn't ride anything - that would have been suicide, but I did deal with all the noise real well. I never even got a headache!! :)

More later,

Happy New Year Everyone! :jester:

I am hoping 2008 will be better than the last 3 months of 2007. I am 3 months post op now ( I am the one with the loose foot plate ) and I am typically having about 3 days of good hearing followed by 4 days of not hearing out of my operated ear. When I start to hear again, I get a VERY loud ringing in my ear. Then I begin to hear better during the loud ringing and after it goes away.

Does anyone else have this? I know you have talked about "opening and closing" of the ear. Does anyone know what causes this and when I can expect it to open and stay open?

Thanks for any replies.

Annie in MN

Here's what I experienced with the anesthesia each time.

January 07 - I woke up and wanted to puke. They gave me something for nausea. I ate crackers and went home. The car ride home was torture -the nausea was awful. I got home and puked. Went to bed and when I got up I was fine.

May 07 - I woke up and felt fine. A little dizzy but never felt like puking. Ate crackers and drank coke (1.5 hours after surgery). I got in the car to go home scared of a repeat from the time before - but I was fine.

December 07 - Same as May. I was a little dizzy but that was it.

Owens give you 4 prescriptions.
and then one for nausea but I forgot what it's called.

The nausea pill you dissolve under your tongue and it works within 5 or 10 minutes.

Have your prescriptions filled before surgery and have them with you..and you will be fine.

Update on me 16 days post-op
Everything is great! Ear is open completely (but I still have packing in for a few more days). I hear great already and have NO dizzies, pain, taste issues, etc.

Good Luck

More later,

21 Days Post Op

I had my follow up appointment today and Dr. Owens took out the packing. Yowza! It smarted a little, but it was more discomfort than pain. Immediately afterwards, my ear was completely open and I could hear really well.

Dr. Owens conducted the famous tuning fork test -- and hooray -- it was significantly louder in front of my ear than when the fork rested on the bone. I go back on the 25th for the hearing test to get the real results.

We also talked about my right ear. Hearing in the left ear is so unfamiliar to me, the right ear seems signficantly

Now, a couple of hours later, I can tell my ear isn't as happy as I thought it would be after taking the gunk out. My level of hearing is dependent on the position of my head. If I look down, it sounds great. But if I look up it closes off. Patience. It has only been three weeks.

About the anesthesia -- I was really apprehensive about it too. But there was nothing to be worried about. Take the medicine and rest, rest, rest.
OMG I can hear and boy is it loud. I thought I was going to die on the ride home yesterday - the road noise was awful and my husband got lost coming home from the hospital. A tour around Dallas and Fort Worth was not what I had in mind the day of my surgery. I keep telling everyone to shhh. Surgery went very well and only one puke after anethestia. Didn't sleep much last night at all. I think its just the amount of noise - I counted 5 freakin planes going over my house in the middle of the night. I wish they would find a new flight pattern.

1 day post op - today not feeling all that great, I have wicked headache. Did any of you experience headache? My ear is draining a little, but of course I feel like it's gushing blood. How important is the sleeping at 30 degrees? That's not very comfortable.

Dr. Owens rocks!
Getting sleepy - Carol, thanks for the prayers.

- Courtney
OMG Courtney,

I'm at work and just read your post. I was laughing uncontrollably and crying at the same time- NOT at your discomfort - but at the flight pattern comment and the fact that you can hear. I so can identify with that. My employees came in to my office to see what was so funny! (Of course, they didn't grasp the reality of your comment like I did).

Take your pain meds and sleep through the headache. 24 Hours from now you will be ok. Getting use to the new "noises" will take time. My ac/heater in the house still wakes me up at night.

I didn't sleep at the 30 degree angle. I just slept on the unoperated ear for a week.

The road noise and all the "rumbly" loud stuff will take several weeks to calm down (until the ear drum seals back up). PATIENCE, PATIENCE, PATIENCE.

Keep us posted and I'm soooo happy for you.

I'm glad you like Doc Owens. Like I said before, "He's Tha Man!"

Update on me 18 days post-op:

I hear great, feel great and have a wonderful outlook on life again:D

Doc appt in 3 days to get packing out.


I know you read these posts baby - THANK YOU for finding this surgery for me. Because you did and I posted about it (as well as others), you helped Courtney and many many others regain their hearing.

More later,

HI all,

20 days post-op.

I got the packing out this morning and to my surprise it didn't hurt like the last couple of times. He also did the tuning fork thing and wowser was it way louder by the ear than on the bone. THAT is a very good thing.

Courtney - How are you doing? I hope your headache went away and you are able to sleep better.

More later,

25 Days Post Op

I get really frustrated these days. There are times when my ears are wide open and everything sounds great. Then, in just a matter of hours, everything closes up and I can't hear. Or it sounds like I am in a tunnel. It also feels like I gotta yawn, so I am constantly trying to get my ears to open. I don't even like to sleep on my ear because it feels so weird in the morning for about an hour.

Plus, I can make myself REALLY dizzy for just a quick second if I swallow hard to make the tubes close. (I guess that is what I am doing. I'll check the other posts cause it seems like I read that already somewhere.)

Courtney -- I slept upright a little for almost a week after the surgery. I can't say it was better or not, but I like to think it helped. To make it comfortable, I had a pillow under my knees to keep me upright and one of those neck pillows helped.

Someone else asked about surgery in the UK. There may be some entries on the closed thread, but most responders are in the US or Canada.

Talk to you all later,
1 month 3 weeks post op. (51 ish days)
Hey Guys,

I hope everyone is having a great January so far!
Cab...I"m so glad that everything is going well for you!!
A little update on me, everything seems to be going well except the distortion that is getting better, but is still there. It still sounds like a broken speaker, sometimes crackly, mostly with loud high pitched noises. I have to say that it is getting much better though. I don't have the reaction to vibration that I was having before and car rides are much more comfortable.
I sing for a living so this has been really frustrating for me....almost two months off and I'm getting really antsy. This board always helps me to relax.
I was given the go ahead to resume normal activities after my last appointment 3 weeks ago. I've been doing things a little reserved but have pretty much gotten back to normal life.
The ringing that I've been experiencing for 5 years is still the same...almost worse when I sleep. On a positive not though, it's much better over all cause I can hear so much more. I don't notice it at all during the day anymore which is a huge improvement. I used to think about my tinnitus every spare second I had before the surgery.
So the road is still a little bumpy and I'm just going with the flow. I did get a little cold and was a bit concerned with the blowing....but I took Cab's advice and did it lightly and it seems to be fine.
One other thing....does anyone feel a wierd sensation when they are lying down like there is something pressing on the eardrum. It's hard to explain but it feels like there is something still in there....scar tissue I'm thinking???

Hi Group!

I am almost 6 weeks post-op (surgery Nov. 30). My hearing has been gradually improving, with that "bad speaker" static present at loud noises and at certain frequencies. In the last few days, I've noticed my ear "openning up" to FULL COMPLETE HEARING! It was only for a few seconds, but I believe it was a glimpse of what is to come! I was in my car a lot, driving back and forth to Detroit, and these periods of full hearing would come and go. It was pretty cool.

One annoying thing I have experienced is a sort of tickling/itching of my ear at times. It drives me crazy! Does anyone else experience this?

I've been so lucky to not have any dizziness whatsoever since my surgery. I've been wondering why this is the case, since so many of you have experienced so much of it. I wonder if it has to do with my surgery having been under local anaesthetic? Someone on the other thread mentioned that when under local, the doctor can ask questions to the patient, guiding them for placement of the prosthesis, etc. I wonder if this was a factor in my lack of dizziness? Just curious...

9 weeks post op no more dizziness, Hearing normal. Great to be back to normal
Dizziness lasted for 8 weeks. dizziness gradually waned as I am back to regular exercise.
Ok Guys and Gals...

The reason we are all posting here is because there is a long recovery process associated with this surgery. We all read everything we could before our surgeries and were aware of this.

Having said that, we ALL got frustrated and wanted everything to be perfect immediately. (yes, including me) Being the Momma Bird that I am, I am trying to calm us all down with the big patience reminder.

Let me show the time line this way......

[B]Courtney - 4th day post op[/B] - "Hearing comes and goes today. My kids are so confused - whisper or shout. I have to be honest, it's going to be a long time until I go for it with the left ear."

[B]Chrissy - 10 days post op[/B] - "My ear still feels really full and I can't hear out of it. I am still experiencing dizziness when I turn my head, or move suddenly. Any reports on how long this dizziness will last? I am also feeling really tired. I can see why they told me not to drive for 10 days. I want to be back to normal. I'm getting frustrated."

[B]Carol - 20 days post op[/B] - doing great right now still -but mine was a Revision surgery.

[B]Elke - 25 days post op[/B] - "I get really frustrated these days. There are times when my ears are wide open and everything sounds great. Then, in just a matter of hours, everything closes up and I can't hear. Or it sounds like I am in a tunnel. It also feels like I gotta yawn, so I am constantly trying to get my ears to open. I don't even like to sleep on my ear because it feels so weird in the morning for about an hour."

[B]Anne - 6 weeks post op[/B] - "In the last few days, I've noticed my ear "openning up" to FULL COMPLETE HEARING! It was only for a few seconds, but I believe it was a glimpse of what is to come!"

[B]Justine - 7 weeks post op[/B] - "A little update on me, everything seems to be going well except the distortion that is getting better, but is still there. It still sounds like a broken speaker, sometimes crackly, mostly with loud high pitched noises. I have to say that it is getting much better though. I don't have the reaction to vibration that I was having before and car rides are much more comfortable"

[B]Lazmi - 9 weeks post op[/B] - "no more dizziness, Hearing normal. Great to be back to normal. Dizziness lasted for 8 weeks. dizziness gradually waned as I am back to regular exercise.

Do you all see the pattern? 6 weeks or less there is still lots and lots of healing to do. Around the 6 week point everyone's posts started being more positive because they had had time to heal.

So to all my friends out there that are traveling the long bumpy road to be able to enjoy great hearing and to all those who are now on the last leg of the trip....and in my case...flat tire - u-turn start again...

Patience. Bump. Patience. Bump. Patience.

Bottom line is:

WHEN your ear is open...Do you hear better?

Dealing with the dizzies, opens and closes, headaches, tinnitis, strange sensations in the ear, metallic tastes, like "wearing the cast" stage of a broken leg. Around 6 weeks you can start "physical therapy" and should start seeing more results daily.

I hope this helped a little. Sit back, relax and don't worry. I would say "Keep your head up but you might still be gettin I wont say that".

More later,

Hi all,

Yes Anne, I do have the tickling/itching in my ear. Sometime when it does that I shake my head left to right several times and it stops...but then I get dizzy.

Chrissy, when I had the right ear done the first time, I didn't hear a peep out of it for 7 days. Yes, I was frustrated and droze myself crazy worrying. All I can say is hang in there.

It is really good to see that some of you are starting to see good results.

Update on me - 21 days post op.
I'm doing good. My hearing is great. It's still really loud but not rumbly and I get headaches or a little aggitated at certain sounds. I'm learning slowly how to ignore certain sounds again too. It's not bad, it just takes concentration and sometimes I'm too tired to do that.

More later,

12 days post-op - Feel great, no dizzies. After 4 days post-op my hearing has been great. Still some noises are too loud, but I'm getting used to that. I went for my post-op appointment yesterday and Dr. Owens took out the packing. That was a weird feeling and today my hearing seems a little off, but not too bad. I feel very fortunate that I'm feeling so well. I know to take it easy and rest when I'm tired. I don't work outside the home so I can take it easy when need be, kudos to those of you who went go back to work so soon after this surgery. I don't know if I could've done that. I did forget to ask the doc about working out. Any suggestions on when I should go back to the gym to run and lift weights?

Carol - is your hearing the same in both ears now? Do you hear in stereo?

Thanks to all for your postings, this info was way more helpful than I could have gotten from any nurse or doc.
Hi, Gang!

I am at 33 days post-op. Sunday was my 1-month mark and my husband and I marveled at the progress. Who would have thought I would be at this spot just 30 days later?

Things are still improving. The closed-up feeling I have every morning is getting shorter and shorter each day. The funny thing is that I have gotten so used to the dramatic difference when the ear is open, I find catch myself thinking "Wait -- is it still working?" I'll listen for a second and realize, yes, it is still working great.

Last night, just before I drifted off to sleep, I could hear my husband on the phone -- all the way downstairs!!

My surgery costs a little over $10,000 for the hospital and doctor expenses. Carol is right that insurance tends to have discounts applied, so my insurance was only billed about $3,000. THANKFULLY, my husband continues to have phenomenal coverage, so I didn't even have a deductible or co-pay. If I had waited to have the surgery in 2008, the costs would have been larger for me.

I go back on January 23 for the tests to see where I am at.

Thanks, Carol, for the reminder to be patient. It is worth it. Very much so.
Hi All,

I hope everyone is doing well today.

Courtney - Yes I do hear in stereo. I also can tell which direction sounds are coming from. I haven't been able to do that in many many years! No, I do not hear the same in both ears. My left ear has some nerve damage that can't be fixed but 90% of my loss was conductive loss and that part is fixed. Hearing in that ear is SRT 30. Normal is SRT 20 and less. I do not have the numbers yet on the right ear, I'll get those Jan. 28th. But I did the official at home hearing test that we all do..."cover one ear, then the other, etc" and I can hear much better out of the newly operated on right ear.

Elke - Aaaaah! You are at the point! It's all downhill from there!

Update on me - 28 days post op.

I can hear great. I'm still having some sounds that are waaaaaay to loud. They are not rumbly, just loud. I know it's just a matter of getting used to it. I'm a tryin! Other than that I feel great. No other ligering "recovery phases" at this time.

More later,

Hi All,

Congrats to everyone who is doing good and hearing better and better everyday! On January 2nd my ear opened up and has been open every day since then. My husband looks for the thumbs up or thumbs down each morning when we wake up and so far it has been thumbs UP for 14 days now.

Did anyone else out there experience complications during their surgery? My foot plate came loose and had to be removed and then put back in. Because of that, my recovery has been slower than most of you but it is so fun to read all the posts because we are all experiencing the same thing!

At 3 1/2 months post op I am still kind of dizzy but not the "Bobble Head" that I was for 3 months. Now my ear is like Rice Krispies "Snap, Crackle and Pop" but as long as I can hear out of it, who cares!

Thanks again to everyone who writes about their experiences and especially to Carol who keeps it all together.

Annie in MN
7 Weeks Post Op

I had my first hearing test after the surgery and I am thrilled! The doctor said the results made his day.

Before the surgery, sounds had to be 60dB at 1K Hz. Today, I could hear tones 15dB at 1K Hz! The stapendectomy has effectively given me "normal" hearing. I'll have another test in three months to see where it stands then.

The doctor said there will still be recovery, just as others have reported. Those things will eventually go away, too.

I couldn't be happier. I can really enjoy music and it sounds so much better. Conversations actually mean something because I can understand them. Meetings are comfortable instead of lots of work as I would struggle to hear what is going on.

Based on my experience I would encourage anyone who has otosclerosis to ask your doctor about a stapendectomy. It is one of the best things I have done.

Thanks for letting me share.
Yes, I did have dissolving packing. My doc did not remove it at the 12-day post-op appointment. They said I had to keep water out until further notice because of the packing. I guess when I go in for a hearing test in a month they will let me know. Instead of a piece of fat, my doctor removed a small piece of vein from my arm. I think they used it as a lining around the hole they drilled in the foot plate. The OR nurse said it was to keep my body from rejecting the prosthetic. So, I had about 6 stitches on that arm. They were also dissolving, and are healing up really nicely. My students are pretty fascinated with them! You're probably right about the gym noise. I actually went to a Hannah Montana concert the day after my post-op appointment (day 13 post-op). I asked the dr. if it was okay to go, and he said it was, so I bought some really good ear plugs. They are the foam kind that you squish down and then they expand in your ear and really seal off the ear. There is no way all of the screaming would have been remotely tolerable without the ear plugs! I've been wearing an ear plug in that ear at night, too, because every little noise was keeping me up. I didn't mind, though, because I was just so happy to hear again!
I just had a Stapedectomy on Thurs, Jan 24, 2008.
It was more than I thought it would be.
Surgery was at 8 AM, I woke up at about 11:00 Am
after the surgery and knew right then and there that I was
going to be there for a while. Dizziness was severe and I was throwing up.
After waking up at 11:00 Am, the vomiting began at 2 PM.
Because there was vomit running from nose I blew my nose !
Nobody told me otherwise. When I was being discharged from the hospital
at 5 PM the nurse went through the post op instructions.
One of them was DO NOT BLOW YOUR NOSE !
I am worried now and I wish they had told me sooner.
The thing is, AS SOON AS I blew my nose my ears popped.
The surgery ear has yet to pop back and it is now 3 days post op.
Should I be worried? Also, my ear feels FULL. There was no mention of
something being put in there but IS THERE SOMETHING IN THERE?
I have an appointment with my doctor on Tues for a follow up but I am wondering if somebody can tell me if that is standard to have something packed in your ear? Also, my dizziness is pretty bad. I can walk and stuff
but I feel drunk ! Is this normal? Can I take Sinutab to clear this stuffy feeling I am having?
Any help would be greatly appreciated

thank you
Hi all and Welcome New Brave Soles!!!

5 weeks post-op (Right ear revision surgery)

Hearing test went well today I knew it would be really good in the right ear.

right ear
HZ db
250 15
500 15
1000 20
2000 15
4000 20
8000 30

SRT 15

Left ear…1 year post-op

HZ db
250 45
500 70
1000 35
2000 45
4000 20
8000 50

SRT 25

So overall is great, but left ear has nerve damage loss so that’s all I can get from it. But Hey---SRT 25 in left is waaaaaay better than the SRT 65 that it was before surgery. I’m not complaining at all!

Remember 20 is normal. Anything below that is “above normal”.

More later - just wanted to post this real quick.

Hi all - 4 weeks post-op

Carol I'm so happy for you. How often will you have to see the doc after this?

I get my first hearing test in a few weeks. I feel bionic so I'm sure the test will come back with good results. I have been felling great! I still carry ear plugs in my purse everywhere I go, some places are still too loud. I went to the movies, it was so loud. I can't believe more people aren't deaf because the hearing world is so loud. I hear low tones so well now - it seems like the high pitches aren't as clear. Hopefully, that will change with time.

I do have to say I am still freaked out when I get water in my operated ear. When I had my first post-op appointment at about 10 days the doc said "he thought it was OK to get water in the ear", but wasn't very convincing.

I also feel very uneven, because I thought my left ear was the good ear now I realize how bad it really is. I keep sticking my finger in there trying to pull out the stuffiness. I guess I just need to make the appointment to have the left ear operated on. Then all the fun recovery again.

Happy healing to all.
Hi Everyone,
I'm pretty new to this message board, so I'm not sure if I'm replying correctly but I guess I'll figure it out.
I had my stadectomy on Dec. 14th, so I'm 6 wks post-op. I had my left ear done. I can definetly hear more now with the surgery but not very well. I keep reading these posts and many of you say that your hearing was pretty good by 6 weeks. I've read that it was even loud and like stereo surround sound! WOW. I wish I had that. 3 days after the surgery my hearing came in sooooo loud that I was so happy. It went in and out that day because there was still a lot of swelling and liquid in my ear. I didn't worry because I figured that after the packing was gone, my ear would be perfect. Well, i't been 6 weeks like I said and I know my hearing has improved but not that much. I can hear sounds and cars but I can't make out words real clearly and everything sounds muffled. I saw my ENT a couple of weeks ago and he said that it may take up to 4 months to know the full effect of the surgery. I understand that, but shouldn't the majority of my hearing be back by now? Is this as good as it gets? Could there be something wrong with the prosthesis? Why did I have that bionic hearing 3 days after the surgery and now it's very little? Could my ear still be healing? I see my ENT in 2 weeks, so what should I ask him? He told me last time that there was no need for a formal hearing test since I could tell that my hearing was better. I figured that since I can still hear out of my operated ear, the surgery was not a flop. If it were, wouldn't I be totally deaf? If the prosthesis has slipped, do you lose your hearing completely or could you still hear like I do now?
WOW. i just asked a hundred questions! So sorry. I'm just worried. I hope that I didn't do too much work after my surgery. I was sure not to lift anything over 5 lbs. but the day after surgery, I was out with my daughter and stuff. I didn't rest a lot. Could my ear be "clogged"? How do I clean my ear? My ENT told me just not to worry about it but what if that is the reason my hearing is muffled?
OK, seriously, someone needs to answer me before i go totally NUTS!!!!!
Thanks so much for listening to me!

-Shaadhy Rodgers, the Southern Ca. teacher in distress!
Hey there...

Well, I had great hearing as soon as the packing was taken out but then it went away and has been getting worse since (i'm about 10 months post op). My story is a few posts back if you want to check it out. I would say try to be patient but if after another few weeks or months you are still noticing this, definitely PUSH the issue and even get a second opinion.

From what I understand, the most common cuase is the prosthesis slipping. That's not what has happened with me (i had a CT scan to check). My ENT says that sometimes the prosthesis is not the right size and sometimes not centered just right (this [I]is[/I] microsurgery we're talking about! LOL).

I'll keep posting my experiences here for you. I've been referred to Dr. Jackler at Stanford (nor cal here) and have filled out my paperwork but am waiting for a call back to schedule the appointment.

I totally understand what you are feeling right now and understand your worries. BUT, please try to wait just a little longer and be patient. You may be surprised that it improves for you. I can tell you that even as recently as October (7 months post op) I was still getting scary looking gunk out of my ears occasionally. Surely the packing and swelling and extra icky stuff (blood) can impact what you can hear.
Hi Loren,
My first few days of recovery were like that. My husband and I went to pick up some pizza for dinner, and they had a game on the TV, the radio playing, and lots of bright lights. I immediately felt overwhelmed and a little sick to my stomach (which was weird because I had not experienced any nausea to speak of). I turned right around and went to wait in the car. A day or two later, we went grocery shopping and it was also overwhelming. I had forgotten that they played music over the intercom, and it seemed so loud! I began to get really frustrated by the end. The self-check out station was acting up, and my usually patient disposition melted away due to all the sensory stimulation. I was almost at my breaking point when a child began screaming at the top of his lungs. I wanted to slap the mother because the child was WAY to old to be acting that way, and I was already super agitated. It was so odd. I didn't expect to feel that way. It was probably a mix of hearing EVERYTHING and also being out for the first time in a few days. Plus, I felt a little freakish and self conscious after the surgery until my post-op appointment. So what I'm trying to say is, yes, I felt a lot of sensory overload in those first few days. My husband is still praying for the day when I can handle the car stereo above level 4! :)

So, my recovery has been good but I am still having "burping dizziness" and feelings of uneasiness when I go to a store. I guess the comotion and looking at Everything is causing it. Has anyone felt that, too much visual stimulation and feeling not dizzy but a little off? Also, I find that I can look at the computer screen fairly easily but not words on a board (like in Dunkin Donuts...made another local attempt to drive :)). That said, I just may take off another day. I am an elementary school teacher who will need to do a lot of reading and teaching immediately.
If anyone checks in, let me know your thoughts.

Thanks Andrea for the hopeful words. It'll be a whole week back to work tomorrow and each day is different. The noise level in my classroom has been the hardest to deal with. My kids are usually chatty but now it's so hard to filter out the noise from working conversations. The past few days I've felt like my ear was covered with a paper cup, a tunnel like sound. I am noticing better hearing which is encouraging. I don't really like that the hearing changes constantly. If I try to use my operated ear on the phone I feel and hear okay I think but once I've taken the phone away from my ear it feels stuffed. Went to the Hannah Montana movie tonight and did well which was also a good sign. I guess I'll just have to wait a few more weeks to really notice the changes. It's only been 2 weeks since surgery. I really shouldn't complain since my side affects have been so mild (sorry for those vertigo and nausea sufferers post-op). I told everyone I wasn't going to have vertigo for more than a week :) but really didn't have it at all.
Sorry, I've really just rambled here about my last few days but most of you who read these entries know what I'm going through and the thoughts are just to get others to reply w/their experiences, which I thank you for doing. I guess I'll have more answers come the follow up visit on the 21st and a future hearing test as well. I guess it's just hard to wait for the instant result that won't come with this kind of procedure.
Anyway, thanks for listening. Oh, if soulonmyboots is out there I hope you're feeling better these days too.
Hi everyone, I am now 2 weeks and 3 days post op. Up until like yesteday, i was clogged up..and then i was messing with my ear and it was like a bit of a wet i don't know if the packing is dissolving or what, but i can now hear some high pitched noises better. And i was calling for my child in the other room i had to hold my ear closed it was sort of irritating. So basically things are getting better..I was so worried (being my 3rd go round). But the pounding is still there, and im sure that it wont ever go away..i always say it's as though ur in a tunnel and you hear a construction worker all the way at the other end hammering away...I'am pretty positive this is only my blood pressure, or pulse that i am hearing...I'll keep updating...i don't go back until the that unusual for anyone wait a full month to get the packing past 2 Sx. i believe it was only 2 or 3 weeks at the most. And do u think it to be normal that i had a hearing test done on my 1st post op visit a week after..i thought that was odd..(my doc. wasnt there to see me, so i saw another). Ok, that's all i have for now...Thanks, Misty
Hi everyone. I am new to this forum. I am 11 days post op and at this point my hearing is far worst than pre-op. The loud sensation came back 3 days after my surgery but quickly regressed. I had significant drainage and returned to my doctor 1 week after my surgery. I have been on eardrops and an antibiotic since last Wednesday and still have basically no hearing in the operated ear. I intend to call my doctor again tomorrow because I'm so worried something is wrong. Please let me know if anyone else has had these complications. I had my right ear operated on 15 years ago without any problems. That ear still hears at 95%. So I know this can be a GREAT SURGERY.
Hi all,

Yes, I'm still here and I have been reading everyone's posts daily. I've been a little busy so I haven't posted. You know me, I can't do short posts so I gotta have like an hour to sit, read, take notes of questions that need answers, etc. Monica you do a great job keeping everyone going and I thank you for that.

There are so many new brave people and I haven't made I'll just start with something I know we all need to "hear":


I saw lots of questions posted the last few weeks. If you haven't read the entire thread AND the other thread that has the same name that is now closed...kick back, put your feet up and start reading. You are supposed to be resting anyways, so you have the time to do it. (hehe). Most of the answers are already here.

I did see someone who is also on surgery #3 (like me) that asked about packing staying in longer than others. My 1st surgery the packing was in for 7 weeks. The 2nd and 3rd go round it was 2 weeks. I'm not sure why, but it was.

Update on me...

8 weeks post-op on revision surgery of the right ear.
My hearing is awesome. No lingering issues with taste, pain, dizzies, loud rumbly sounds, etc.

I am still getting used to being able to hear EVERYTHING and I'm trying to ignore lots of stuff. I guess doing that "automatically" takes a lot of time.

:confused: I hear my shower drip and it wakes me up (it's 10 feet away with a closed door between it and me).

:D My TV, on volume 2, is too loud to fall asleep with it on!! (Yup, it's a problem that I'm sooooooo glad to have).

There are lots of other things like that that still drive me nuts, but it's getting better. I can tell ya - It's a heck of a lot better adjusting to being able to hear again than it was adjusting to NOT being able to hear. Plus, I don't have to say "what?", "huh?" and "please say that again" anymore and I don't just give up trying.

So all you new brave people....Keep your heads up (slowly if you are still in the dizzy phase), relax and hang in there. It does get better.

I'll try to keep up from here on out again and thanks for missing me Monica!

More later,

Those are all of the same issues/coping mechanisms I had! I can definitely identify with your frustrations. I am 5 weeks post-op and my only complaint is that I didn't have it done sooner! In fact, a co-worker recently told me I seem happier now that I can hear. I rarely have to ask people to repeat themselves, and I no longer have to "nod hopefully" during conversations, or wonder if what I just said was way off track from what I was supposed to say, or tell people that I just have ADD and can't pay attention. It's funny because I am the complete opposite of ADD and can multi-task like the wind, so that last excuse was always a little lame. Anyhow, I was in your same position and now I'm not, so I wholeheartedly recommend the surgery--but just follow the doc's orders to try to avoid side-effects.

I, too, was a little worried about the drooping, but went through with it anyway. I've yet to come across someone that has experienced that awful side-effect. I was fortunate enough to not have any vertigo at all, not even immediately following surgery. I was also pain- and nausea-free. My taste was not affected at all. That said, I do still have ringing in my ear. I'm not sure if it is coming from the other ear that still needs to be fixed or if it's coming from both. My doctor said that surgery would probably not fix the ringing. For me, being able to hear is worth it. I mean, I was going to have the ringing either way, right? Losing my hearing changed my a horrible way. Having it back has been total bliss. As I said above, my entire disposition has changed since the surgery, in a good way!

Both of you let us know what you decide!

I had my hearing test yesterday! Surgery was November 30, so I am about ten or eleven weeks post op. My doctor was pleased with my improvement, but said that some people take up to six months for complete healing. While my right operated ear is not quite in the normal range, the improvement is significant and he thought that I might be up in the normal range when I go back in August. I knew I had improved just from my own observations, but seeing these numbers made me feel so good! (It must be the scientist in me!)

Right (Operated) Ear:

250Hz 35db (was 55 in September)
500 30db (was 55)
1000 25db (was 50)
2000 35db (was 50)
4000 30db (was 35)
8000 25db (was 35)

SRT (Speech Recognition Threshold) 25 (was 45 in September)
Hi, Guys! I am so glad to see all the new people and the positive reports. I also saw the post where is the results of the stapendectomy aren't perfect, but have patience.

I am 10-weeks post-op and I hope that is a self-affirming message. I need patience today. We have had some wacky weather in Texas lately. And one of the downsides to the changes in weather is my sensitivity to barometric pressure and allergies. Just a few days ago, my operated ear started to feel swollen and I have noticed a decrease in the hearing -- that closed feeling we have all experienced after the surgery.

My ear feels like it needs to pop and I can't get it to. Plus with all the rain we have had and as it starts to get warmer, I will need to be very aggressive with preventative sinus measures.

It just occurred to me that I can date when this really started -- Tuesday, Feb 12. I traveled to Oklahoma City and went through the Arbuckle Mountains. It made my ear pop like crazy and it got really uncomfortable. It hasn't really popped since.

I know it just takes patience. But now that I know what the world sounds like really, it is really easy to be impatient.

Hang in there everybody.
Hello All,

I am new to this board and wish I had found it previously!!
I am now 16 days post-op on my right ear, and hopefully if all successful will get my left ear done next year.
I have been very lucky-- no vertigo, no pain, had my packing removed at 10 days and --WHOOSH!!--sounds galore since then!! It was, and has been, a beautiful thing.

However, my concern---me being the impatient person I am, counting the minutes to get back to my normal exercise routine-- weight lifting and yoga included-- has me worried that I might have pushed my limits too much.
I was told I can do cardio and light weights only, but no heavy weights or yoga for at least 6 weeks.

Today at the gym I tried my weight routine using 1/2 the weight I normally do to ensure I would not strain... however I got anxious and I stopped in the middle of it. Not sure if it was my over-active imagination, but sensed a "shift" in the ear. There was no popping or pain, and as far as I know I was not straining to lift, and maybe I am being overly anxious but... I am not sure if some of the sound in the right ear has deadened since then. Now I am concerned I might have pushed it too much, or if that is my over-active imagination and the level of hearing really has not changed, or if it is a coincidence.

My doc is on vacation until next week so can't check with him. I am now resigning myself to NO WEIGHTS as I have scared myself silly, especially reading some posts hear that advice lifting nothing over the weight of a phone book... yikes!!!

Any thoughts, feedback, or reassuring words from anyone about this?
Hi everyone,
I have been reading this thread for a while now and appreciate everyone's input. I'm not sure if this is how you post but I guess I am looking for assurance as I am very worried. I am about 3 1/2 weeks past my stapedectomy. At 3 days post-op I had the loud noise as many have talked about. This regressed rapidly and I was seen in the office one week later with drainage and consequent infection. My ears remain very blocked and I have constant noise. My surgeon tells me not to worry that it may be 4-5 weeks before I notice any improvement. My hearing now is worse than before the surgery. I'd love to hear :-) from anyone with similar experiences. I am scheduled for an audiogram on March 4. Any thoughts. I'd love to hear from you.
Many thanks, Maureen
Hi all,

Its good to see progress from everyone. Those who aren' seeing it yet....hang in there.

Mommy - I also went to Owens. Robert (Bob) Owens as did a few others on here. I highly recommend him. There is also Dr. Roland at UT Southwestern. He does the surgery too.

Those who are skeptical, scared or however you want to word it about having this surgery...I vote two thumbs up for it. If not now, then when you get to the point of "I can't hear anyways so what can it hurt?"
Don't waste money on hearing aids. They are expensive and frustrating and all they do it make everything louder..not just what you are trying to hear. Can't hear someone talking? OK..hearing aid will turn them up and also every other noise in the area so you still can't "pick" out the conversation you are trying to hear.

I'm enjoying life again. I'm not bummed and frustrated and embarrased all the time anymore. I can go out and enjoy conversations with friends at a restaurant without having them yell at me. I can watch TV without the captioning turned on. I can hear my children (hehe..good and bad that one is). I sleep much better knowing that I won't miss something important like someone trying to break in, a kid crying, dogs going nuts because someone is on the property, etc. is much better.

UPDATE on me...10 weeks post-op...

Still doing great. No lingering issues. I have kept sinus issues under control. 2 more weeks and I can safely blow da nose if needed. Weee.

More later,

Hi, all!

Well, I broke down and I have called the doctor for a follow-up hearing test. I go in on Wednesday, March 5. I continue to have the popping and I am have limited times when the upper frequencies sound really clear. If I tilt my head, I can hear. Maybe I am being over dramatic, but I thought I was done with this stuff. Seriously, there for about two weeks my hearing was AWESOME. In fact, my colleague at work said today, "I liked it better when you could hear." :( I know he was joking, but still . . . .

I have also noticed a lot of tinnitus the last week.

I know I look ridiculous opening and closing my mouth, trying to get my ear to pop. But I can't help it. When my ear is open, I can hear my own voice in a way I hadn't before. Sometimes it is open, but it is closed more often.

Let's see -- I am about 11 weeks post op. Like I said, I thought I was done with the healing.

Another vote for Dr. Owens. I didn't see any other surgeons so I can't compare, but I have been happy with him. He has been attentive.
Hi Rachelclairek ,

I had my stapedectomy on 9/27/07. My footplate came loose during the surgery ( or maybe it was loose before the surgery and I just didn't know it ).

My doctor had to take out my footplate and attach the prosthesis to the footplate. He then put the footplate back in my ear. Of course both parts are very tiny and they had to be reattached within a millemeter of my inner ear. My inner ear took a real beating and I was hospitalized and unable to move for a few days. :dizzy:

This was the first loose footplate that my doctor had ever encountered. Luckily he attempted to reattach it rather than abort the whole operation. If he had aborted, I wouldn't hear anything at all out of that ear.

I am now 5 months post op and it has been a roller coaster of on again and off again hearing. However, my prognosis is better than my doctor thought it would be. When I can hear, my hearing is better than it was before.

I don't know if a footplate can reattach itself but I do know that it can be removed and then reattached. It isn't the best way to do the operation but at least this may give you hope. I hope I have helped in some way.

Annie in MN
I so wish I would have found these board before my surgery. Here is my deal:

Husband and friends have been bugging me about my bad hearing for the past 2.5 years. Finally went for audiogram and follow-up with ENT who dx bilateral otosclerosis with mild/moderate hearing loss. Realized I had been using many different coping strategies (ignoring, joking, reading lips, etc.) I am a teacher, so the hearing loss was affecting my job performance. Tinnitus was never bad enough to complain about; in fact, I just thought it was normal to have a constant quiet high-pitch sound. Was going to get hearing aids, but decided on the stapedectomy.

[U]3/12/08: 1 day until surgery[/U]
Running around like a maniac trying to ready my classroom for a substitute and my home (and 2 small boys) for my absence. Getting really nervous.

[U]3/13/08: surgery day[/U]
Reported to hospital at 6:15 a.m. Taken to pre-op around 6:45, given IV cocktail, anesthesiologist assured me that general anesthesia would NOT make me nauseous (???), remember being wheeled into OR and the room being so very cold, then waking up in recovery. Had to use bedpan twice to pee (yuck.) Was very groggy and just wanted to nap. Remember surgeon saying "hello" in my operated ear, asking me if I could hear (yes) and putting tuning fork on my forehead (yes, could hear it in operated ear.) Finally taken to regular room, and was so surprised when my husband told me it was 1:30! It seemed like I had been in recovery for only an hour or so. I felt like I could hear people's voices from a speaker inside my head from my operated ear. crazy!

No private rooms available, so I just wanted to go home. Nurses said I needed to try some liquids, so I sent my husband for a chocolate shake. I was still very groggy and kept dozing off. When he returned, I started getting dizzy and nauseous and didn't want the milkshake. Every time I moved my head in any direction, even just a few inches, I felt a *WHOOSH* through my head. One time the room started spinning around me for a few seconds. Another time the bed felt like it was tipping over and I was going to fall on the floor. I got up to go to the bathroom and that made the dizziness worse. I tried a few sips of milkshake. The next time I got up for the bathroom I started the puking. Zofran in my IV helped and knocked me out. I decided to stay the night. Had a long dizzy/puking episode later, and they gave me more Zofran and then Reglan. Finally got over that nausea but didn't eat anything until 5:30 the next morning -- one saltine.

[U]3/14/08: 1 day post op[/U]
Nausea not as severe. No puking. Finding ways to move my head very slowly when necessary as dizziness and *whooshing* has increased. Operated ear feels stuffy due to packing; no noticeable change in hearing. Finally keeping down crackers and sent home around noon. I would have stayed longer if my hospital roommate and her visitors weren't so distressing. :mad:

Ride home was OK. Feeling very weak and lightheaded. Got a shower at home and had lunch. Went outside for a bit to watch my kids play. Getting so tired so fast. Have been discouraged and slightly depressed thinking I made a mistake and should have just put up with the hearing loss or gotten hearing aids.

Have had no pain, though!

[U]days 2-6 post op[/U]
Unbelievable how tired I get. Should have been resting much more than I have been. Mild pain in ear/face (sinus?) and jaw beneath operated ear, but regular tylenol works. Packing in ear is getting annoying. Slept 12 hours last night and still woke up tired. Heartbeat in ear is annoying, too, especially since it's rapid at times and seems irregular.

Other than the Tylenol, I've been on prednisone and augmentin. I have not used any of the zofran or percocets the dr gave me.

At this time, I do not think I will be having the stapedectomy on my other ear. I know I may change my mind in a few months if I have significant hearing improvement and when this recovery phase is over.
Good luck, Carrie!! It is so exciting! We are pulling for you. Be sure to rest a lot.

A note about flight restrictions -- check with your doctor. My ear has been so sensitive to pressure, flying is not anything I want to try yet and I had my surgery over three months ago. Certainly not after just a few weeks.

Spring time in Texas has really put a number on me. I did end up going to see my doctor a few weeks ago because I thought I had lost some of the super-sonic hearing. My test results were lower from my initial post-op test, which was a little disappointing. But he gave me a steroid pack to see if that helped. It did a little. I'll pop it every now and then when it gets muffled and that helps too. NOT THAT I AM ADVOCATING YOU POP YOUR EARS POST-OP. I asked my doc specifically related to my case and he assured me careful popping would be ok. I have a regimen of nose spray and saline, some Clarinex and it is getting there. I have ringing, too, which is a little more pronounced than it has been. It won't be long and we will be in the rainy season and it will be better.

I love how we all coped with this condition -- sleeping on our good ear so our spouse can watch TV, using the good ear for all phone conversations and reading lips. And the utter delight we share when surgery is successful and we can hear all the things we have been missing like breathing, or water leaks. Heck -- even hearing the dryer beep that it is done. Listening to music in stereo is truly divine. Hearing my own voice in a way I have never heard it. I thank God daily for the men and women who developed this procedure and the mechanisms to make it work. It is miraculous!
Hi all,

Wow, nice to see great results.

Becca- I had tears of joy running down my face reading the post with all the "things I can hear now" list. I so can relate to that and am glad it worked out well for you.

Mylesmom - forgot the most important one....
PATIENCE...PATIENCE...PATIENCE. [B]3-6 months for full recovery and hearing to stabilize.[/B]
Also, I had 3 stapedectomy's in 2007 (last one was a revision)...and insurance company never blinked an eye. If your hearing is worse than 35db, they won't have a problem with it. Just call them to verify but I'm sure it will all be ok.

Carrie - don't worry, go with the flow and rest. Thats all [B]you[/B] can control about the entire recovery. Other stuff will come and go but you can't do anything about it so don't stress yourself out trying. Hang in there and exercise...PATIENCE.

Update on me - lets see....3 months post-op on revision of right ear....
It's all good! :)

More later,

[QUOTE=CAB1;3502635]Hi all,

Wow, nice to see great results.

Becca- I had tears of joy running down my face reading the post with all the "things I can hear now" list. I so can relate to that and am glad it worked out well for you.

Mylesmom - forgot the most important one....
PATIENCE...PATIENCE...PATIENCE. [B]3-6 months for full recovery and hearing to stabilize.[/B]
Also, I had 3 stapedectomy's in 2007 (last one was a revision)...and insurance company never blinked an eye. If your hearing is worse than 35db, they won't have a problem with it. Just call them to verify but I'm sure it will all be ok.

Carrie - don't worry, go with the flow and rest. Thats all [B]you[/B] can control about the entire recovery. Other stuff will come and go but you can't do anything about it so don't stress yourself out trying. Hang in there and exercise...PATIENCE.

Update on me - lets see....3 months post-op on revision of right ear....
It's all good! :)

More later,


Thanks for the advice! I think that this 3 to 6 months you talk about must last VERY LONG!!!!!!!! For me, I am still not sure if I will need the surgery. My ENT told me to go back at the beginning of June, and then he will review my progress. I just really think that is what he will continue to recommend. Since I work at a school and we finish the last week of May, I guess I will up that appointment and then if he still recommends it, have time to try and go to a specialist to perform the surgery, and set it up for the first week of the summer so that I can rest, rest, and rest, and then have all summer to have patience! I also think that time frame is the time when I have the least allergy problems so it would be great.

Thanks to all of you who post on this subject!!!

Carrol, I hope you are listening to the advice to rest, rest, and rest! And yes, have patience!

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