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I'm glad the dizzies stopped for you. How's your hearing? Is it still overly loud or is it calming down a bit yet?

He did hearing test, pressure test and the tuning fork thing. [U]All showed same indicators as pre-op did about it being a stapes issue only. [/U]

The "bone" hearing is still great which means that the stapes (or in my case the prosthesis) isn't functioning properly most of the time. He said that occurs when one moves out of place. I also told him how I could "start" my hearing for a few seconds and then it would stop again (until the last 4 weeks). This normally occurred when blowing my nose, yawning big or sneezing, all of which change the pressure in the ear just enough to move the prosthesis.

If the ear looked abnormal (ear drum either inflated or retracted) that would indicate an ET issue but the ear looks normal. Also, I no longer feel like I have pressure on the ear and that it needs to be "popped". That is another indicator of ET issues. He was looking in my ear for what seemed like forever.

If the tests had shown no "bone" hearing, then it could not be fixed - ever. So basically put its like I never had surgery and I hear a little worse now that before surgery because of the changes made to the stapes to allow for the placement of the prosthesis.

So, process of elimination on ET issues and positive "bone" hearing tests, pressure tests and tuning fork test says its a prosthesis issue.

He also said he has seen this happen before when people get as stopped up as I was within a few weeks after surgery and end up blowing too, hard too soon.

****DON'T BLOW YOUR NOSE***** (I'm talking to myself).

More later,


(sorry all, I don't know how to type short responses). hehe.

The hearing in my right ear was great until week 11 or so. Then the opens and closes started again. At the 14 week post-op mark I was still having open and closes pretty bad as well as a major sinus infection/issue. The morning of my hearing test I couldn't hear jack on the way there. I sneezed right before I got to docs office (and ear "opened again") and all the sudden hear pretty good again. About an hour after the hearing test the hearing shut down again.

I thought it was because of the sinus crap and that my ear was blocked. I went through 3 months of constant issues and being completely clogged up because of allergies, etc. BLOW BLOW BLOW the nose, lots of different medications, etc...and nothing seemed to help. I could get unclogged for a few hours at a time but the hearing never "opened" again. All of this was done at an allergy/sinus/asthma doc.

Finally the week of Thanksgiving, my head was completely clear for a week....but I still could not hear anything out of the right ear. This led me back to the ear doc/surgeon. I told him that I could understand not being able to hear during all that time because of being clogged up but why can't I hear now??

He did a battery of tests and said based on the results and the way the eardrum looked, etc., that the prosthesis had to have slipped out of place. It's not an ET problem. My "bone" hearing is still great so that points to the stapes (prosthesis). He said its just one of those things that happen sometime. I later confirmed this by researching how the prosthesis is "attached" and has to heal/seal afterwards. It was during the healing/sealing period that my sinus issues and negative hearing (again) all began. Blowing, sneezing, popping the ears, etc all create pressure in the inner ear and that pressure can move the prosthesis if where it's attached isn't completely healed. So the sneeze that morning moved it just enough back to the proper spot for me to hear for a while. Then it moved out of place again.

To attempt to make you understand....I wasn't just blowing my nose a couple times a day. Seriously, for 3 months straight that is all I did. Many days I went through an entire box of kleenex in one day. I missed lots of work because I simply couldn't function because I couldn't breathe. I also started staying home because I know my employees were quite tired and probably grossed out at hearing me blow and hack and gag all day long.

I had started the "light" blowing about 3 weeks after surgery and by week 10 or so I had to blow "hard" to breathe. Apparently....that is when I "blew" it.

My LEFT ear which I had a stapedectomy done on in January 07 is fine. My RIGHT ear that was done in May 07 is the one that got screwed up and is being done again on Dec. 18th, 2007. very very careful. I would hate to see someone else go thru this. It bites.

More later,

Hi all,

AF - Hang in there. If the sounds clanking in the kitchen are louder and sharper than you remember then its working. Some have reported no real noticable hearing changes until about the 4 week point, some reported immediate changes. With either the removal of or modification made to the stapes bone to allow placement of the prosthesis you would hear if it was not working. Ice pack and ibuprofen to get all the internal swelling down might help.

Elke - Sorry you are sittin at home feeling like crap for on your birthday:(
Please just sit back and be lazy. (at least you have an valid excuse for it)Read a book, watch tv, look at old photos and by all means let the hubby baby you till he's sick of it.

Update on me..

Today I had the Right Ear Revision Stapedectomy.

I was originally on standby for today if anyone cancelled and listed as the "last surgery" of the day if no one did. Was supposed to be there at 8:00am and just hang out waiting for my turn.

Yesterday I went for hearing tests (SRT 80) in that ear now. Way down from SRT 20 at the 3 month post-op hearing test of the original surgery. (New people joining us or reading this forum read the old posts to find out why it went bad).

On the way there yesterday they called and said to be there at 6:00am sharp. ARG!! 6am with no really would be a day for miracles.

Anyways I got there a little early and checked in, did the admit blood work, etc and then asked if they knew what time my surgery would be yet. They said I was moved to the very first surgery of the day at 8am. WEEEEE.

6:30 I was in my room, 7:15 rolled in the pre-op room and given the IV and talked with all the docs and nurses involved.

8:00 sharp I was rolled into the OR. The next thing I knew it was 9:50 and I was being shaken by the nurses saying "you need to wake up now, come on wake up". To which I replied "I don't wanna". HEHE They all laughed.

10:00 was moved back into my room where I ate jello, drank liquid and went potty (which were the requirements to be able to go home).

At 11:30 I was outta there on the way home. I was groggy but had no dizziness, nausea or pain. I could hear a little but not much.

Got home and went straight to sleep.

Woke up at 2:00......cause the pain hit as well as the dizzies. Much to my surprise I was able to hear even better. That is when I notice major tinnitus. I ate a snack, took the appropriate meds and tried to go back to sleep but the tinnitus was soo loud I couldn't. I ended up turning up the tv real loud to override it and finally fell asleep.

I woke up at 4:30 when my youngest got home from school. My hearing was even better!! The tinnitus was still there but not loud like it was before I went to sleep.

7:00pm (a mere 10 hours after surgery):

*Very light tinnitus.
*Tongue is a little numb, no metallic taste yet.
*Dizzies under control with meds.
*Pain hasn't returned yet but I'm sure it will.
*My hearing is incredible. (I'm back on volume 2 on the TV instead of 14).

I've already had two of these surgeries so I'm aware of what the hearing sounds like during the phases of recovery and now I'm really confused.

My hearing is crisp and clear. No distortion at all (blown speaker underwater effect). I had a conversation with my boyfriend who was in the kitchen and was in my room with the TV on. I heard him loud and clear and this is just 10 hours after surgery. TOTALLY AWESOME! The only thing hearing wise that is the same this time as the other times is that I hear myself really loud, but that is not distorted either.

I don't know if the differences are because it was a "revision" surgery not a "first time" surgery. Either way he had to cut open the ear drum to perform it so its no longer sealed/healed which would make you think it would have the same healing process as before. I'm really confused about that one. Also my bf looked in my ear with a flashlight and said he couldn't see the "blue" packing like he could the last two times. He could only see dried blood. Maybe it's covering the packing, maybe there is no packing, I dunno. I also remember that there was no cotton ball in the ear when I first woke up and thus far I have had no drainage. All very different this time around, and subject to change, i'm sure.

As for why the revision was necessary and what he found once he got in he suspected the prosthesis had come out of place. As the bone it's attached too heals (hole starts closing/sealing) sometimes it pushes it out. It's not common but does happen. That combined with the whole nose blowing bit is what what happened. He took out old prosthesis and put in a new one and attached it differently.

I do realize that I'll prolly be in pain, have more dizzies and my hearing may decrease again several times during the healing process but at least at this point I know it worked! Maybe I will be able to sleep better not worring about it.

Yes, I know folks - another long post :)

More later,


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