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I'm glad the dizzies stopped for you. How's your hearing? Is it still overly loud or is it calming down a bit yet?

He did hearing test, pressure test and the tuning fork thing. [U]All showed same indicators as pre-op did about it being a stapes issue only. [/U]

The "bone" hearing is still great which means that the stapes (or in my case the prosthesis) isn't functioning properly most of the time. He said that occurs when one moves out of place. I also told him how I could "start" my hearing for a few seconds and then it would stop again (until the last 4 weeks). This normally occurred when blowing my nose, yawning big or sneezing, all of which change the pressure in the ear just enough to move the prosthesis.

If the ear looked abnormal (ear drum either inflated or retracted) that would indicate an ET issue but the ear looks normal. Also, I no longer feel like I have pressure on the ear and that it needs to be "popped". That is another indicator of ET issues. He was looking in my ear for what seemed like forever.

If the tests had shown no "bone" hearing, then it could not be fixed - ever. So basically put its like I never had surgery and I hear a little worse now that before surgery because of the changes made to the stapes to allow for the placement of the prosthesis.

So, process of elimination on ET issues and positive "bone" hearing tests, pressure tests and tuning fork test says its a prosthesis issue.

He also said he has seen this happen before when people get as stopped up as I was within a few weeks after surgery and end up blowing too, hard too soon.

****DON'T BLOW YOUR NOSE***** (I'm talking to myself).

More later,

I had my surgery today!

My surgery was at Providence Hospital in Southfield, Michigan (Detroit area). Since I live on the west side of the state, my husband and I stayed at the Westin Southfield last night at a great hosptial rate of $69! What a comfortable bed!

I had to report at 6am for the 7am surgery. The staff was very efficient and had me ready ahead of time. I had a "local" anaesthic, but I was out for the surgery and don't remember a thing. I vaguely remember them wheeling me to the operating room and then I was waking up in recovery. I guess the meds were such that they can bring you out of it quickly, the surgeon can ask you questions, and then they bring you back down. I guess they did this to me, but I don't remember any of it. Dr. Zappia did a great job and told my husband that my stapes was indeed affected and did a classic stapedetomy. He made a small incision behind my ear to get tissue for the grafting. Haven't looked at that yet.

I had no dizziness or pain when in recovery. I just had to go to the bathroom and was very thirsty. They gave me some food (grapes, cheese and crackers...yum!) and I was feelling just fine. They released me by 10am! We had plans to go to my brother's house near Ann Arbor (my husband has a meeting Saturday in Detroit) but I was feeling so good we decided to just go back home. The two hour drive was fine, and we stopped at Panera's to have a salad. I am resting at home, which is so nice, and I'll be in my own bed.

Right now I am just very thirsty. I have cotton in my ear, and at times I hear some crinkling/crackling sounds along with my heartbeat. Nothing bad though. My doctor said that I can take the cotton ball out tomorrow but just to keep the ear dry. I go back to the Michigan Ear Institute next week for my post-op evaluation.

Maybe my meds just haven't worn off yet, but I feel much better than I anticipated. I will take it easy, per the advice of several on this board, and not overdo it.

So far so good!

Hey everyone!

I had last posted on the old thread that's closed. If you remember me, I thought I'd follow up with you all...

I had my stapedectomy on March 16, 2007. I initially could hear better but the hearing soon went away drastically. My hearing in that ear is now worse than before the surgery. If I'm laying on my 'good' ear (for lack of a better term-that ear has otosclerosis as well) I may as well be deaf, I can hardly hear out of my operated ear. :(

I had a hearing test in May which confirmed that I really was not doing well and then I had a CT scan that showed the prosthesis has NOT slipped. A follow up meeting with my ENT and he said it could be that the prosthesis is just a tad too short or not placed exactly where it needs to be. He is suggesting that I have the surgery again but awake, but anesthetized, so that the surgeon can be sure what's going on during the surgery. I have held off on even making the next appointment, mostly out of anxiety and I'm just fed up with this and agnry that I took what I thought was a good risk and ended up making myself worse. However, I feel it's time to get the show on the road because it's so hard to get by now. I've even stopped going to church because it's useless to try and hear.

So my ENT has referred me to Dr. Jackler at Stanford. I called today and filled out the forms to make an appointment (just waiting to hear back). I've checked out their website and he seems pretty prestigious, so hopefully I'll be in good hands.

I'll keep you all updated on my journey, in case anybody else out there is or will go through this as well. I'm going to try my best to be positive about this. I hope you all can say a little prayer for me!

And for anyone getting ready to have the surgery, please dont let my story scare you, the odds are really good that you'll be fine!

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