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Day 3 Post Op

I am feeling great. I have only had one dizziness spell and that was in the middle of the night, in the dark. So I wasn't surprised. No real pain either. Lots of ringing in my ear, but no popping or static like others have reported. I am still very patient and trust for the best.

I have been still sleeping elevated, but I think that I'm done with that now. I don't rest as well and my back is starting to yell at me. I think I would recommend that to others as I think it made a real difference right after the surgery.

The numbness in my tongue is slowly easing. It has been weird trying to eat food when all you really feel is texture.

I went out to dinner last night with my family. We picked a quiet resturant with carpet on the floor. It wasn't uncomfortable for me, just odd in the way things sounded. I don't feel like I am hearing more than before yet, but it does feel directional. Like I can hear where things are. Hope that makes sense.

And today, I AM WASHING MY HAIR!!! Whoo ho! I am sure that I will really feel more like myself with a clean head.

I'll check in later.
Ok Guys and Gals...

The reason we are all posting here is because there is a long recovery process associated with this surgery. We all read everything we could before our surgeries and were aware of this.

Having said that, we ALL got frustrated and wanted everything to be perfect immediately. (yes, including me) Being the Momma Bird that I am, I am trying to calm us all down with the big patience reminder.

Let me show the time line this way......

[B]Courtney - 4th day post op[/B] - "Hearing comes and goes today. My kids are so confused - whisper or shout. I have to be honest, it's going to be a long time until I go for it with the left ear."

[B]Chrissy - 10 days post op[/B] - "My ear still feels really full and I can't hear out of it. I am still experiencing dizziness when I turn my head, or move suddenly. Any reports on how long this dizziness will last? I am also feeling really tired. I can see why they told me not to drive for 10 days. I want to be back to normal. I'm getting frustrated."

[B]Carol - 20 days post op[/B] - doing great right now still -but mine was a Revision surgery.

[B]Elke - 25 days post op[/B] - "I get really frustrated these days. There are times when my ears are wide open and everything sounds great. Then, in just a matter of hours, everything closes up and I can't hear. Or it sounds like I am in a tunnel. It also feels like I gotta yawn, so I am constantly trying to get my ears to open. I don't even like to sleep on my ear because it feels so weird in the morning for about an hour."

[B]Anne - 6 weeks post op[/B] - "In the last few days, I've noticed my ear "openning up" to FULL COMPLETE HEARING! It was only for a few seconds, but I believe it was a glimpse of what is to come!"

[B]Justine - 7 weeks post op[/B] - "A little update on me, everything seems to be going well except the distortion that is getting better, but is still there. It still sounds like a broken speaker, sometimes crackly, mostly with loud high pitched noises. I have to say that it is getting much better though. I don't have the reaction to vibration that I was having before and car rides are much more comfortable"

[B]Lazmi - 9 weeks post op[/B] - "no more dizziness, Hearing normal. Great to be back to normal. Dizziness lasted for 8 weeks. dizziness gradually waned as I am back to regular exercise.

Do you all see the pattern? 6 weeks or less there is still lots and lots of healing to do. Around the 6 week point everyone's posts started being more positive because they had had time to heal.

So to all my friends out there that are traveling the long bumpy road to be able to enjoy great hearing and to all those who are now on the last leg of the trip....and in my case...flat tire - u-turn start again...

Patience. Bump. Patience. Bump. Patience.

Bottom line is:

WHEN your ear is open...Do you hear better?

Dealing with the dizzies, opens and closes, headaches, tinnitis, strange sensations in the ear, metallic tastes, like "wearing the cast" stage of a broken leg. Around 6 weeks you can start "physical therapy" and should start seeing more results daily.

I hope this helped a little. Sit back, relax and don't worry. I would say "Keep your head up but you might still be gettin I wont say that".

More later,

Hi Soulonmyboots - welcome to the board. If you can handle sitting up and reading through all these posts on this thread, you'll probably answer a lot of your questions...

But, that said, I know that's not an easy thing to do when you're feeling as dizzy as you say. I also had pretty bad dizzyness right after surgery and for about a week. I could walk, but it felt like I was a drunk on a boat in rough seas. Fortunately, I didn't experience the vomiting, but others have.

Your ear feels full for a number of reasons - there should be packing and it could very well be on both sides of the eardrum - typically a dissolving kind, but some doctors have cleaned it out after a couple weeks on the outside of the drum. Also, your eardrum was just cut open and it's is most likely swollen - it takes a little time for the swelling to come down. This swelling will sometimes impact your ability to hear out of that ear at first, so don't worry too much if you can't hear as well as you'd expect right now.

As for blowing your nose - hard to say. I was told in advance, but doing so is not a definite for throwing the prosthetic off. Can you hear better out of that ear yet? If so, then I wouldn't worry. You'll probably experience lots of weird sounds and popping over the first week, so try not to worry too much.

Just remember - take it easy and let it heal. I think a lot of us, prior to the surgery, believe the process is minor and we'll be back on our feet quickly, but realize afterward that it takes time to heal.

Good luck! It's all worth it in the end.

Hi Soulonmyboots!
I am one day ahead of you in recovering. I'm sorry to hear that you've been so dizzy. I went under on Wednesday and have felt pretty good thusfar. Really mild side effects. I was sore the day after in my shoulders and neck too. My ear is worse with regard to hearing too but that's b/c of the packing. I am noticing better hearing each day. I am noticing crackling when I swallow today which makes me think the packing is beginning to dizzolve.

I also have noticed a change in my tastebuds. It resembles the post dentist novicane taste on the operated side only. Weird.I also get a quick dizzy feeling if I burp but not with sneezing or yawning.

Today I tried to do too much and am paying for it. I drove to the pharmacy and felt great then a few hours later took my son to gymnastics 15 minutes away. The drive there was fine but I felt a bit "drunk" on the ride home which scared me. Obviously I made it home okay but realized I'm not quite ready to do all of my normal things yet, like going to work (shucks! :)).

If you can, take your time with everything. You'll feel better as each day passes. Good luck!
I had my surgery on Jan 23 and won't see my doc until Feb 22. As my packing dizzolves my hearing changes. I sometimes hear as if a paper cup is over my ear. Much of the time when a loud noise is made it feels weird. It's the feeling as if someone screams in your ear... that sound. Does that make sense?
Overall I feel good and can't wait to feel normal, if that will ever come :)

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