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Hi All,

Hopefully someone may be able to give me some advice/information while I wait to see an ENT...

I have been having trouble with my left ear for about 1 month now. I started noticing a low quiet buzzing sound in my left ear while revising. It seemed to be there permanently for 1 week, although I couldn't really notice it during the day, only in the evenings or when I was in bed (when it was quiet). I went to see my University doctor, and he could see no damage with my ear, and no build up of wax, so suggested I gave it a couple of weeks.

It then seemed to go away for a few days, at which point I discovered that it appeared to be when I had slept on my left side (which I never normally do). I would then not be able to notice it until it eventually came back in the evening gradually.

All of the time I am sensitive to certain frequencies on my guitar with my left ear. Certain notes make my left ear vibrate in a strange and uncomfortable way., and when certain people talk, my left ear vibrates when they talk. My ear is sensitive to loud sounds and certain frequencies.

After 1 month, I have noticed the following:

* sleep on left side = left ear has no buzzing but ear sounds muffled, can't hear very well in that ear

* sleep on right side = left ear has low buzzing sound, hearing is ok.

It's almost like there is something moving inside my inner ear, does anyone know if this can happen, or has anyone had similar symptoms?

I am due to see an ENT specialist soon (waiting on an appointment), but I am worried that this is going to be permanent. I could relax if someone told me otherwise! (maybe this is wishful thinking!).

Many thanks for any information :)

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