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I tend to get chatty, so will bullets to net this out some.

* Subjective tinnitus is the ringing in the ears. Usually begins in our twenties and progresses. For some, like me, self-inflicted loud noise can make the ringing sounds quite intrusive.

* Objective tinnitus, have this too, is when other noises, like irregular thumping in the ear can drive one nuts, I panicked when hearing the thumping, and used loud white noise in an ear phone to drown out the thumping. Problem is, now have ruined the little hairs in my ears and have ringing tinnitus 16/7, on respite is sleep. At the time, didn't consider possible damage may have and did cause by using the loud white noise through an ear phone.

* Hyperacusis is sensitivity to loud sounds. Have this too, when trying to use a noise masking device. My tinnitus actually gets louder, seems my brain will up the "gain" to compensate. Hence, making my ringing worse. Just hope in time can habituate this new ringing in time. Last two and half months have been hell. Thumping in my left ear began in May 2007, seems to be abating some. Too bad it happened, since helped bring on my new ringing issues.

* Misophonia, is when sensitive to certain sounds. Also have this, banging dishes, for example, is a no no for me.

If you have what I have now, hearing aids with whooshing sounds available aren't much good. Since in some people like me. The brain will actually up the tinnitus "gain," to compensate for the newly introduced noise. Meaning people like me are screwed.

Before my stupid panicked induced self-infliction with the loud ear phone bit. The only time I heard the ringing was when someone mentioned tinnitus, even then was mild in comparison to this new much higher pitched and louder version. Had had it, the other version, for 20 years.

For everyone afflicted with this nasty intrusion, I feel for you. Seems some 40 million suffer from tinnitus. Even more being added because lots of Iraqi vets are coming back suffering from road side bomb injuries and other war time induced hearing loss and tinnitus issues.

Perhaps, along the way, someone will come up with a solution helping us all. Interestingly, even some deaf people have tinnitus. Moreover, they have no means at all the escape, must be unreal.

Just am surprised that an ENT, or an Audiologist or two, haven't come up with a truly viable solution, to "turn" off the signal imprinted in our conscious minds during the day.

For example, when awaking from sleep, for about 3 seconds, "silence," then the ringing starts. Ironically, sometimes late in the day, after being up for a while, it gets slightly better, only slightly, though,

Getting chatty ... I sleep well, only because I take ZOLIPIDEM TARTRATE which induces 8 hours of sleep.

More bullets . . . Some studies have reported some meds to help such as


and others to help. Have tried them all to no real avail for me. Obviously, you should check with your physician to determine your own circumstance.

Of the above I take DIAZEPAM, Valium, to help keep my anxiety down, and help me make it through the day. Since my new tinnitus is self-inflicted, came on three weeks after used the ear phone white noise. I'm prone to becoming rather p***** with myself for being so stupid. Stress and anxiety only heighten and aggravate the condition, as most already know.

Might try the gabapentin, have used it for other nerve issues, can't hurt anything. My tinnitus is not nerve related, so likely not, but as said can't hurt anything to try . . .


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