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I had my stapedectomy on Dec. 14th, 2007. It's been a month and a half and I have noticed some hearing improvement but I still cannot make out words when I close my good ear. I can hear sounds, like wind and crackling paper but not words. Sometimes I can hear if people whisper in my ear. I was unable to hear whispers or wind blowing before the stapedectomy but I was hoping that the hearing would improve more than just this. Is this normal? After the 3rd day, my hearing came in like Dolby Digital sound and I was so happy but then it went away. What could be wrong? My doctor said that I may not regain all possible hearing for 4 months but shouldn't most of my hearing be back by now? I'm worried. And now when I walk my head hurts and only on the side that I had my ear operated on. I am seeing my doctor again in a couple of weeks. What should I ask him? Has anyone experienced the little hearing gain that I have and did it get better?

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