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Hi All,

I'm 27 year old and Ive suffered from nerve deafness in my right ear since I was 5 year old due to a childhood illness.
4 weeks ago I suddenly lost a great amount of hearing in my left ear. I have managed to find my hearing aid which I've only worn twice before when I was about 16 year old, but I've not really needed it until now (unless I had a realy bad cold and it affected me hearing).
I went to see my doctor who gave me some vertigo tablets to take whenever I feel dizzy, but its eased off now, but the hearing loss still remains.
I think the dizziness could be due to other medication, which can cause dizziness as a side effect but I'm mostly worried about my hearing :-(.
I had to go 12 days without and hearing aid, it was very frustrating during this time with having 3 son's who I couldn't hear them talking to me :-(. Although I can hear now with the hearing aid in place but I have it turned up nearly to th full so that I can hear people talking to me.
I went back to the hearin aid clinci a week ago and his managed to get me an emergancy appontment for 27th June :-) for a hearing test.
The thing is, whenever I place my finger in my ear and then remove it I feel dizzy. I have also tried to pop my ears but when I do pop them its only the right which works but the left! there's no sign at all!
What I would like to know is, could it be a build up of fluid in the tube which runs down the neck area behind the jaw bone? because I have also sufferer a lot of earache in that are.

I would be greatful for any help or idea's :-)


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