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For the past seven months, I have been suffering horribly from a trauma to my left ear. My ear feels plugged and tender, sometimes there is snapping and popping when I swallow, sometimes I hear myself breathing followed by a hideous pop and I experience this maddening twitching and thumping in my ear. Sometimes this even happens in my good ear. Two days ago, I was awakened by a thumping sensation in my good ear. This lasted for ten seconds. Then, my left ear began twitching and thumping, first mildly, then severely to the point where it kept on thumping with my ear drum moving back and forth. This was the worst attack ever. In despair, I called my ENT. He saw me later that afternoon. He believes that this is being caused by palatal myoclonus (muscle spasms) and myoclonus of the middle ear muscles. I have an appointment with him tomorrow about having the offending muscle injected with botox to paralyze it. He also prescribed me 2 mg of Rivotril (Clonazepan) to try and stop the twitching and thumping when it happens. If this doesn't work, he may prescribe more powerful anti-convulsants. He may even perform an operation in the middle ear to sever the offending muscle. I hope that these treatments will get rid of the dynamic nature of my eustachian tube dysfunction. Having my ear constantly plugged and tender is unpleasant. It is the snapping, popping and thumping sensations that are unbearable. I feel my whole ear drum move. My life as I knew it is gone because of this. Is there anybody out there who has been treated for this same condition? I would like to hear from them.

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