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Hi guys, have been reading all of your messages and I can greatly sympathize. I have been in the same state of mind in the past believe me.I have had terrible eustachian tube dysfunction (in the left ear mainly) for over twenty years! At times I have felt like screaming and had cried myself to sleep many times, due the discomfort and blocked feeling and echoing sound in the ear.

As a last resort my ENT doctor sent me to the head man, a Professor of ENT in Sydney (Australia), where I live. I asked him if he had any new ideas for helping a 'patulous eustachian tube' (that is the name for this annoying condition). He gave me a pamphlet on 'Sound Therapy' which I took home and read with great interest, though with some skepticism. I rang the company that is located in Gerringong NSW Australia and they explained how the therapy could help me. I have been using the specially filtered music tapes now for just on a year. I had such improvement after the first 3 months that i have not had to worry about finding any other therapy. It has not cured me, however it helps to greatly relieve the symptoms. Life is now again enjoyable.This will be a treatment now that I will probably use forever.Please investigate this therapy. There is much information from this company to read when you do a search.

All the best and I hope this information will bring you comfort and relief. Let me know how you go. Bye for now CCC.

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