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Untill January 12th, 2001, I had a healthy life which I did not fully appreciate. Then, life as I knew it ended. My left ear was injured, resulting in a perforated ear drum, swollen auditory canal and infected middle ear. Instead of taking two to six weeks to heal, this developed into eustachian tube dysfunction. The last six months of my life have been a real life hell that nobody understands. I lost a great job, appartment and car because I am in too much misery to work or go to school. Essentially, the pain and discomfort torments me every waking hour, minute and second. Usually, my ear feels very plugged and uncomfortable with hideous crackling and snapping sounds sometimes when I swallow. On top of all this misery, I sometimes get a very unbearable twitching and thumping sensation in my ear. At the very worst, my eustachian tube goes from being plugged shut to abnormally open. I hear myself breathing. Then it slams shut, popping the ear drum. This last symptom has caused me to have numerous nervous breakdowns as it feels like it will go on forever. Had I had a gun, I would have blown my brains out by now. On a few rare occasions, I had false hope, feeling like it was less plugged and finally healing. Instead, it worsens again. If this does not go away in another six months, I have no choice but to commit self euthanasia. I am a man who lives life on my own terms. Living at home, dependant on my family and feeling like a sick dog is no way to live. People die in car accidents and plane crashes all the time. If I can't get my life back, I must terminate this deplorable existence. Let this be a warning to anybody who is viewing this out of sole curiosity. Protect your eyes and ears. One sole mistake and your life will be flushed down the toilet like mine. Goodbye.
Thank you very much for your sympathy. I am so sorry to hear about your condition Karen. It is so difficult trying to cope with a condition that bothers me almost every waking hour of my life. What you told me about the crackling, popping returning after the PET tube was placed in your ear does sound like a good warning. My initial injury consisted of a perforated ear drum and the popping and crackling was 20x worse back then. The ENT I am now seeing suggests trying a PET tube, but I believe that can only help the clogged, congested feeling my ear gets. The popping and crackling will probably stay the same or get worse. Besides, it has been only six months since the injury. My GP told me to wait a few more months before considering it. I do admit that the popping episodes occur far less and last shorter than they did three months ago. That annoying twitching and thumping in my ear has almost disappeared over the last two weeks. I know that it can return again, since it has been dormant before. I read a message board where one guy wrote how he had a catheter inserted into his ET that was then plugged up to bypass his patulous eustachian tube. He then had a permanent PET tube inserted to replace the eustachian tube. My question is if this last resort treatment really works or if it is still being done? I heard that in the old days, doctors would insert a catheter to unplug a eustachian tube. That resulted in hearing one's voice and breathing constantly. Please don't ever be resigned to living with this for the rest of your life. There are new treatments cooming out, one being laser surgery. Keep after the specialists about any treatment that may be out there. You sound like someone who has a very strong will to live. I admit that I have always had a problem tolerating stress and hardships. That is why now I am crumbling under this first real problem in my life.

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