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I have heard about numerous people turning to marijuanna to help them better cope with pain and discomfort. I myself would not try it, since it does not agree with me. Smoking can make ETD worse. My question is, would alcohol help dull the madenning symptoms of ETD? (Snapping, crackling, thumping, popping). Months ago, when I stubbornly believed my ETD was a temporary nuisance, I had three beers when a friend visited me to cheer me up. As soon as the buzz hit, the constant, clogged feeling became much less noticeable and the intermittent popping felt less uncomfortable and annoying. In fact, my ear barely popped at all! This was at a time when my symptoms were very severe. The next day, however, I had the same plugged discomfort and the popping was ten times worse! That scared me away from using alcohol to escape the discomfort. It felt like my nerves were stressed from alcohol withdrawl, making the damaged nerves in my eustachian tube act up even worse. Now, however, my ear drum pops less often and I have codeine and clonazepam pills which would help deal with the discomfort the next day. I just need some kind of temporary escape from this constant torment. I just want to be sure that alcohol won't physically harm the eustachian tube despite lessening the discomfort. I feel so much more relaxed and tolerant when I have a moderate beer buzz. Unlike some people, I never get abusive or violent when drinking. I know this sounds like alcoholism, but being in a beer haze is less of an evil than being in a constant state of discomfort, anxiety, frustration and rage. This condition is already preventing me from working or going to school. So what is there to lose?

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