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I am suffering from hearing loss which has been diagnosed as Autoimmune hearing loss. It first happened to me five years back in my left ear. The loss was profound and it still remains so. Now after five years the same thing happened to my right ear. Both the times the attacks were sudden and associated with vertigo.
This time however I was given oral Prednisolone and vasodialtors and thi helped in recovering the hearing partialy. The hearing loss in the right ear is through out the frequency range. it is less at the lower frequencies and more at the higher frequencies. So I can hear people but I cannot make out what is being spoken, It is all distorted. I have started wearing a programmable hearing aid but it is not helping me much.
I have heard and read a lot about Research on hair cell regeneration? I also read about the company called Otogene and their research. I have read about a company called protein therapeutics which has patented a immunoglobulin for the treatment of Autoimmune ear disoders. Can any body tell me How long will it be before any of these therapies hit the market? At present I am taking Prednisolone along with methotrexate. Does any body have any information regarding the efficacy of this treatment? How good is the new implantable hearing aid developed by sountec which is called the Direct Drive system?

Thanking you in advance.

Ramdas Bhat

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