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I've had my ear problem for around 4-5 years now. I was involved in a car crash around that time ago and received a concussion via impact on my jaw. Now the problem is, I can't recall if I started having the ear problems before or afterwards which would help the diagnosis.

Both of my ears "distort" to moderately loud sounds. The best I can describe would be listening to something loud on a cheap speaker like a transitor radio and having it crackle and distort the sound. It feels like my ears slowly build up pressure and then when it gets loud enough the distortion starts. I also experience ear pressure problems from time to time where I can't unpop them. Also I noticed that I get a weird hearing sensation to low toned sounds. Almost if it feels I'm underwater.

I'm wondering if this is a eustachian tube dysfunction or perhaps my TMJ condition (my right jaw pops in and out of place everytime I open my mouth) is the culprit. The mandibular bone is very close to the ear and it seems feesable that it could be preventing my ears to be functioning correctly.

I've gotten the run around from every doctor I've been to so far. The first one gives me muscle relaxers. Nothing. So I went to a oral surgeon. He took X-Rays and confirmed TMJ but also said he doubted my ear problems were being caused by it. I then went to a ENT and he gave me over the counter allergy medicine which of course did nothing.

Now I'm stuck, do I see the TMJ doctor again and try fixing my jaw problem and hopefully having the ear symtoms go away, or do I go back to the ENT and try to convince him to do extensive testing?

If anyone has any idea on which could be causing the problem and what step I should take now, please reply.


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