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i've just now become aware of this board, so i read old messages, but i'm sure people are still suffering from this problem. i've been suffering from crackling, popping, sometimes cellophane sounds in my right ear for about a month & a half now & it's driving me crazy!!! i'm trying to concentrate on my final exams in medicine (stressful period!), & it's making it even more difficult. as a 6th year medical student i've never heard of this problem before, neither has my family doctor & my ENT doctor didn't sound like she was too familiar with it. i've gone through all the tests, including hearing test & head CT- all normal, which of course is a great relief, but still doesn't solve my problem. my ENT doctor said i should come again in 4 months without offering any treatment!! i've just realized that it might have to do with my chronic vasomotor rhinitis that i've suffered from for the last few years. i've started seeing a kinesiologist, who found that the noises are due to some allergic reaction & gave me a homeopathy, which i'm taking now hoping for good results. if anyone is interested in hearing about the progress of my condition or has any suggestions for treatment please write to me- i'm willing to try anything!!!
good luck to you all & don't let it take over you,


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