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Re: Ear flutters
Mar 12, 2001
Wow, I thought I was the only one! I have the fluttering too. It happens mostly when there is a noise close to my ear. It's most noticeable at night, especially when I move my head on the pillow. Seems like it happens in the opposite ear of the one the noise is in. It does it occasionally while on the phone too. My mom said it happens to her too, sometimes. Someone help us flutterers!!!
Re: Ear flutters
Jun 25, 2002
The fluttering that you all are getting may be caused by a muscle in the middle ear. I have these horrible thumping sensations in both ears. The ENT said they are caused by this muscle. I had the muscle in my L/H ear cut (The surgery was pretty gruesome, cutting through the ear drum to get at the muscle) and now I only get isolated thumping sensations in that ear. My R/H ear also only gets isolated thumping sensations. Only ask about the surgery if this problem is really bothering you. It's better to go without surgery if that is possible. Also, beware of botox injections. I had botox injections done in both ear muscles and I got patulous eustachian tube dysfunction in my L/H ear, a condition you don't want to get! The best of luck to you all>
Re: Ear flutters
May 20, 2005
Am new to this thread and forum.

I would like to comment on this thumping, drumming and fluttering in the inner ear, including the humming in the ear. I have the thumping in my left ear and the humming in my right ear. The humming is constant, but the thumping like a jumping nerve or spasm comes and goes.

I have been experiencing these symptoms since November 2004, after my 4th episode with MS. Of course I did not know I had MS until my eyes were affected and then more testings were done.

It amazes me that people who experience this know more of what is happening then the Dr.s and Neuros. My neuro is checking for everything else but Tinnitis, go figure. So I printed up info and am going to send it to him, maybe a hint.

Hello all and hope all are doing great.


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